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Your legs are fine! Stop whining!

[ That's the first thing people might hear before they see anything else but the ceiling of the cave. For anyone who knows that voice, it is obviously Shadow's, though the name label says otherwise. ]

What if it's broken... and I'm hardly whining, you pathetic... [But he pauses, then and groans in pain.] This was... a friendly spar... you took it too far... [Yeah, right, he's one to talk, he also puts in just as much effort as he would in a real battle.]

[At last, the hedgehog comes to view, picking up the phone, he stares at it briefly before he realizes the video feature is on. ]

Someone come heal this idiot before he bleeds out.

[ Hah, it doesn't even sound like a plea, more like an order of sorts... Nope, he's not taking him to the clinic. Kate is not there anyway, and she might never will, hopefully, no matter how much Shadow would want her to. Ah, but this isn't about her, is it? Nope, this is about that stupid dragoon, and not about being unable to deal with people being gone, right?

Then he tosses the device to the ground--it lands on something... er... someone, actually. That someone is Kain, who's got quite a lot of blood covering him at the moment. His own. Damn it, he'd just gotten back to full strength! Why does Shadow have to complicate everything for him?]

No need for anyone to panic... it's... not quite as bad as it seems...

[Except, you know, there's all that blood.]
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[It's time for someone who rarely accesses the network to rear his head again, driven to desperation as the days have ticked by and he's failed to find even a trace of one of his closest friends. That being said when Glacius speaks there's an uncharacteristic urgency tinting his voice, worry bubbling just underneath the surface.] Kate Galloway. Has--has anyone seen or heard from her recently?

[Realizing that in his haste to get to the point he's left out some details, he dials it back a bit:] She's, ah, a human woman. Brightly-colored hair. Worked at the clinic, primarily. I... haven't seen a trace of her ever since the masquerade and...

... Please. [His voice finally wavers noticeably, resignation clashing up against his innate tendency to hope again hope. This can't be how it goes.] I need someone to tell me she's still here.


Apr. 28th, 2017 09:21 pm
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It's a shame we don't have any new games. Although they're both very nostalgic, I'm getting quite tired of Pong and Ms. Pac-man. Is there anyone around who'd be willing and able to make a new one? I have lots of suggestions, and I think we'd all like a little more entertainment here.

Oh! Or perhaps someone would be able to fix my Vita? It's been broken for a long time now, but I'd appreciate any help.
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[Well, it's definitely been an interesting two weeks.

Too interesting, maybe, because after two weeks he's learned a little about a lot of things regarding this place, but not nearly enough on any one subject. Most information comes from individual sources too, with little to no corroboration from others, making it less reliable.

And then there's the people themselves.

So, being no stranger to the internet, he decided to try out making a post on Hadriel's network. Figuring out how to do it isn't too difficult, especially since he's already spoken to Will over video--that was certainly a thing--and so he's soon broadcasting from the spare room in the apartment he claimed; it's not particularly decorated yet, mostly because he can't move or lift anything heavy at the moment, but it'll get there.

He offers a small, genuine smile to the camera as the video starts, and to those that met him on the first day he looks a lot better now, still a bit bruised but bright-eyed and not nearly as pale. He's also found a new suit--or a few of them, actually, thanks to the whole ball thing--and so appears more put together, even if the way he talks doesn't necessarily match his appearance.]

So um, hi everyone. My name's Lance, and I just got here a few weeks ago.

[He'd debated for a bit with himself about how formally to introduce himself and decided to with the most casual for a few reasons.]

You all probably get this a lot, but I have a few specific questions I was hoping to get different takes on. I read the guide for new arrivals and several people here have been really helpful in explaining things, but the more perspectives the better.

[Although he can't directly ask some of the things he's most interested in, answers from enough people about other subjects might tell him something. However, on that note--]

Before I start, though, I feel like I should be upfront with the fact that I'm a psychologist. I know not everyone is comfortable talking to psychologists or psychiatrists or any other mental health professionals, so full disclosure.

That said, I'm just as lost being here as anyone else was when they first got here. I mean, I can't exactly psychoanalyze my way out of a cave in another dimension.

[Not that he thinks that's actually what's going on, but that's an issue for another time. Point is that sure, he fully intends to read into people's answers and pick up as much of what they're not saying as what they are, but that's no reason not to answer his questions. He does genuinely need the help and insight.]

So I guess my first question is what exactly is 'normal' here. I've heard that a lot of occurrences that have happened in the past were difficult or outright dangerous, but few specifics on anything that's happened so far or what can be done to manage the situations that arise.

I'm also interested in what people do in this place when something specific isn't happening.

[Aka he feels like boredom might become a problem, and boredom is the last thing he wants to deal with at the moment.]

The last thing is about the supposed Door that brought us here. I've heard there's certain criteria for who it brings through, but does anyone know anything more about that?

[Because he's not taking Will's word for it alone, that's for sure. Also, ow. That's more talking in one short span of time that he probably should've done, so he'll just end things there.]

[[ooc: I have a permissions post up here for Lance's shrinky psychologist analyzings, so anyone willing to fill it out would help me a lot! ♥]]
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What is one supposed to do on a date?
What should one expect?
Are there some kind of rules one should follow?

[ You can bet he posted this as fast as he could (pretty fast) after he accepted to go on one... bloody hell. LET'S HOPE SHE DOESN'T FIND OUT, let's face it, he's not the only one going on a date today, is he?

Oh good Chaos, help him.

Why does he even care? He shouldn't! He should have said no! Get the hell off! But, nope, here we are because he actually cares a lot about that stupid fire bird... also known as Faith. He owes her, he might as well try a little harder than usual, just for her. ]

{{ ooc; every single response from him will be anon unless stated! }}

( video )

Apr. 19th, 2017 01:13 am
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I asked Hope for a camera. I want to find the good things about this place, and I know it sounds pretty impossible but not everything here is shit.

( The place maybe, but not everything else. The video jerks for a moment as the view changes from Beth to some photos laid out on her bed. There's one of her sister, Hannah, one of across the lake, and one of the orchard )

My friends make this place better for me, and there are some nice things to look at here, places that are kind of peaceful when nothing's going on. I want to take more pictures of things that makes us happy -- make a record or something. Even if our friends leave we'd have something showing when we were happy. Considering how much this place can scare the crap out of us I think we need some happiness.

If there's something you want a picture of let me know.
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[The video wobbles a minute before it steadies, locking onto a grinning skull. It's your friendly neighborhood skeleton, Sans, looking undeniably pleased with himself as he comments to someone just off screen:]

'S lookin' great so far.

[There's a fumbling tapping as the feed gets jostled, and Sans is forced to set the thing onto the ground, face-down. At least the audio filters through, unimpeded if a bit muffled.]

All right. We ready?

[There's a distant sound of affirmation - two, actually, though one sounds a mite more stammered than the first. Kate, it seems, hadn't much wanted to take part in the announcement itself. So when the feed swings up again, there's two distinctively non-human shapes in the periphery - a yellow, lizardlike creature and a small black hedgehog that sharp-eyed cave-dwellers might recognize as Alphys and Shadow, respectively. The video jerks again, blurring the twin blazes of color into smeared linear streaks, and the cave gets a lovely shot of Sans's pink fuzzy slippers in preparation for the finale.

There's a click of fleshless fingers snapping; hundreds of tiny, glowing objects being displaced and then replaced, buried into the rock of the ceiling. Takes a lot out of a skeleton and leaves him a bit stooped from the effort, but it's worth it.

The camera swings up again to pan across the ceiling, now lit with a vast array of blue sparkling stones.]

It ain't Tranquility's illusions, but... [One last whip-pan back to Sans's face, and he winks at the camera, lookin' just a tiny bit more on the edge of exhaustion than usual. Just a hair.] You can consider it a good constellation prize.

[Enjoy the night sky, Hadriel. It'll last for quite a while. Sans, for his part, plans to be stargazing all night. Feel free to find him at the lake, if you're real interested.]


Apr. 17th, 2017 04:09 pm
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[ Since the City seemed to be back to normal again or at least it was whole once more, Will had decided to come out of hiding. He'd been held up in his apartment, eating very little and trying not to exert much energy. He'd never really been all that good at fighting, so he left hunting monsters to Hannibal. Now that he had access to the other side of the City, Will had spent the last few days working on a little project of his.

He was down by the lake when the video feed came on. Sleeves rolled up, sweat sticking curls of hair to his forehead and there was a healthy layer of dirt covering him too. A small axe he'd borrowed from the armory, some homemade rope, and stacks of wood he'd already scavenged or cut down. He was making a small hut to use when out fishing originally but had extended the project upon some thought. ]

Almost done... I er, my apartment was becoming a little over populated... What with all of these fellas , Winston, myself and Hannibal all living there so... I mean, I'm not exactly okay with the idea of people adopting them... I'd hate to think some of you tried to eat them after claiming them so... So I've built a little habitat for them. Please, please respect it?

[ Will turns his phone around, letting you see the 14+ Fennic fox and pair of Nugs he'd rescued when the demons arrived. He'd made a very small compound for them, much like a chicken coop and run. A few small huts for them to take shelter in and a small fence to hopefully keep things out. It was right next to his fishing hut too! So he could keep an eye on them of course. ]

I'd say you're all welcome to come and keep them company, they like to play... Er, you're also welcome to use the trapper shack too, but I mean, I'm there most days catching fish anyways so... Yeah.

[ Awkward as ever he cuts the feed. Closing his eyes and sighing. He'd forgotten to ask if anyone wanted to help him build it up a little bigger or to see if he needed permission from the Gods to start with. Oh well~ Never mind, right? ]

Dual Video

Apr. 15th, 2017 02:50 pm
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[ Caroline has perfected the fine art of selfies and video chat angles, so there's but a small tumble of her hands when she gets the phone's recording rolling. A shot of her face, not offensively close since she knows technology, honed gaze and blonde waves all about. Then, she holds the phone farther out, squinting just so and making sure that the brunette beside her, Elena Gilbert, is also in the frame.

The lighting outside really isn't optimum for the best pictures on these things, though. Either way. ]
Hi, Hadriel. I'm Caroline, and this is -- [ she shoots a glance and smile over to her friend, her best friend, waiting for her to fill in her own name. Caroline doesn't actually want to hog the whole debut video! ]

[ Oh, her turn? A smile from her, too. ] I’m Elena. We’re new.

And, as we think happens to maybe anyone new around here, we could use a bit of help from someone when it comes to the weird -- [ back to Elena, nose scrunching ] kind of an understatement, but, anyway. The stove. And microwave. We can't get them to work. Correctly. So, we'd like to meet someone who knows how, and afterward... [ she's always the more generous talker, but they're doing this together. ]

[ She knew they’d be broadcasting together, but she didn’t expect ending whole sentences. Maybe she should say more. ] Caroline will make you dinner. [ Caroline will. If anything, Elena can chop. Or, handle the salad. Nobody wants Elena cooking for them. ] Or, lunch if you can’t make it until tomorrow, but we really need the help. We’ve never seen symbols like these and I froze our last attempt at breakfast. Literally.

[ Caroline's eyes go extremely wide at that, lips pressing together as she holds her head back from fully nodding. ] Kind of alarming. So, if you're up for it, let us know. We'll be...around, and we can always meet you somewhere to talk -- first. And, if this is a regularity with creepy cave appliances to the point that no one ever gets to do any cooking, [ annoying, if so ] let us know and tell us some recommendations for where we should go to eat instead.

[ A beat. ] Thanks! [ She gives a final look to Elena, along with a teeny, quick, and pleased shrug of her shoulders, giving Elena a chance to smile in parting. Just as Caroline does before the message cuts off. ]

[ Caroline is blue, Elena is green. Replies will come from both Caroline, and Elena! ]


Apr. 12th, 2017 01:56 pm
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[Miriam smiles a little for the camera, though she's tired and it doesn't have the same warmth that you might expect. She's hanging out in her new digs, one of the spire rooms. There are pillows everywhere and soft blankets and a large Rottweiler with his head in her lap.]

Uh, hey people. I was here before and then I wasn't, and now I'm here again. Weird, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that this dude is Barnaby. [She tilts the camera toward Barnaby. He grunts.] And he's my dude. So don't shoot him or you'll be really sorry. He won't be nice if you try anything.

[She smiles again.]

So, any of you with freaky voodoo powers? 'cause I could use some of that right 'bout now.
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[Fear looks... well, a good deal worse than he did a few weeks ago, if such a thing is even possible. He doesn't even really look like a concrete person any longer- large portions of his skin are just missing, revealing his form to be distressingly hollow on the inside, with a green mist seeping in through the gaps.

It's a bit of a horrific sight. His remaining eye isn't focused remotely on the screen anymore, and his mouth no longer moves when he talks- the sound just booms out of him in his usual voice.]

...it's done.

Don't bother me for awhile.

[The feed cuts a little abruptly. Time to celebrate Hadriel, you're all safe for now.]
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[There's a worry line creasing at Sorrow's forehead as he speaks. His voice is still as measured as ever, but there's still mounting tension in his posture, distress visible even though he's remaining as calm as he can.

The message still has a lot of static, but it's thankfully decipherable.]

Those of you with me, in the Eastern half of the city- we can't do much to help the others. Accept that. What we can do is make things easier for them and ourselves, should they return to us. Without Hope, we have limited resources, little light, and no option of revival, should you die.

[So that's pretty bad.]

Confusion is trying to keep the monsters in the caves but there's only so much she can do. Expect to see more of them flooding the city. If we want to ensure that Hope and Fear do not return to a destroyed city, we need to organize ourselves and avoid starvation and death as much as possible.

Some of you have already been organizing. I suggest you break off into groups- defense, hunting, food allocation. Tranquility's temple will likely be the most defensible, as it's between the armory and your clinic and has the river blocking one side. It would be prudent to set up barricades outside of the doors- I can supply you with materials for those.

[He pauses to let that sink in before continuing.]

Stalkers, Varren, and Wampa should be your prime animals to hunt, as they have a good source of meat and will be least likely to make you sick.

If there is anything else, I'll see to it.
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[In the background can be heard the thudding, drilling noises that started early this morning and haven't stopped for a moment since. While they're still faint enough that it's possible to ignore them, that won't be the case for long.

Hope looks determined, but there's worry visible there too.]

They've found us. If you are on this side, with Fear and I, we need your help. I would ask you to venture into the caves around the city and collapse them - Rage will provide explosives for this, or if you have abilities that make it possible, use them. Go as deep as you can and destroy them on the way back in. We need it to be as difficult as possible for them to get here.

[He winces as a particularly loud noise echoes through the cave.]

It will be dangerous. There are still monsters in there. But we have no other choice - this is the only way to ensure our survival until Fear can transport us out. Thank you for your help.

[The video flickers off. Hope's responses will be brief and limited, as he is quite busy trying to keep everyone alive.]
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[Low image quality and poor light combine to leave Natasha almost unrecognizable. It's mostly the red in her hair and the sound of her voice when she speaks that identify her, for those who know her.]

In light of our current situation, I'm hoping to get a rough idea what we have to work with.

Specifically, two priorities.

First, anyone who wants to let us know how much food they have on hand and whether or not they'd be willing to share. We might have to tighten our belts a little here, but we can at least try to make what we have last as long as possible and get to as many people as possible.

[A pause, filled with fuzzy static. Then:]

Second, who has access to guns and how much ammo they have on hand.

I've got about a clip and a half left.
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[ This feels a little too similar to the post she'd made so many months ago, asking people not to enter the gods' temples as she tried to wreck havoc on the city and upon them, but now her reason is different and it feels wrong. The last thing she wants to really do is help most of the gods—the majority of them could die and she would celebrate with a wicked grin and a glass of whiskey—but not helping them out right now would also result in her own death, along with those she actually cares about.

The video that comes to life shows off one Sharon da Silva, dark circles beneath her eyes, and dark bruising visible along her brow bone, hidden only partially by bleached bangs. Her expression is tight and serious. ]

Hey, Sharon da Silva, Heather Mason, whatever the fuck you want to call me here. I know shit is kind of getting shittier but I'm going to need those of you not heading into the caves to blow shit to smithereens to start wandering and looking for foggy areas to sit your asses in. I'd recommend you take a weapon with you because it's not going to be a walk in the park. In fact, I suggest you learn to use the flashlight on your phone because once the fog goes away and the siren sounds, it gets dark as fuck and then you can't leave.

There are monsters in the fog, in the darkness, and they're not just something you're hallucinating. In fact, they likely exist because you did something horrible in your life and deserve a moment of suffering. But, that's not what this is about: you saw Fear's post and you know that if he doesn't get enough of his particular emotion, we're all probably toast.

So, go do your civic duty. Be glad I'm doing mine.

[ Questions. Comments. Concerns. Ask away. ]
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[With only dim light and glitching network access it's not the best feed. But with Henry and Maketh standing together, it may well be obvious what this is even before Henry speaks. His voice carries a sharp edge.]

Guardsmen, report in. Start with which half of the city you occupy. Those of you who are able to, make your way to headquarters.

[Maketh's eyes are ringed with dark circles, though her expression is sharp and pointed.]

We all know what the situation is. Stay alert. I trust you all to perform your duty admirably. That is all.
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[For once Amos’s face is dead-set serious, with his usual friendly grin gone. His dark eyes are steady and his voice level and collected...but his New Orleans Yat accent is a little heavier and sharper, highlighting his distress despite his composure. The picture is staticky and a little grainy.]

Sorrow says the west half of the city is in more trouble, an’ we got Fear, Hope, Rage, an’ Delight with us.

That means the east half’s got Sorrow, Confusion, Love, an’ Tranquility with them. Dey also got the armory, the city guard HQ, an’ the clinic.

I need three things from all’a’ya’ll: a headcount for dis side, the west side, who got experience fighting, an’ who got any medical trainin’ or healin’ talents.

Also if there’s gonna be a fight, we better pick a central location to put folks as can’t fight, an’ any left-behind pets, better to protect ‘em. I vote one o’ de temples, Delight’s is middlemost.

I’m Amos, by the by, an’ I’ve got combat experience but only field first aid trainin’.
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[There's a whole lot of static, and then, for those over in Group A, it's followed by A REALLY ANNOYING high-pitched electric squealing sound. Sorry about that. Bad connection and all. He's on the side with a crap network and no food, how fun.]

[Eventually, Kain's voice can be somewhat heard. At least it sounds like Kain for now. Though it's muffled and the static drowns out most of what he's saying.]


.......tried to....... [LOOOONG BURST OF STATIC, which sounds even louder and more grating on side A. Ouch, hope you don't mind your new headache.]

.....food.......may not.......supplies.......[The static just sounds creepier right now. And additionally it's followed by a whole lot of RANDOM BEEPS on side A. Kain's voice starts sounding more distorted too.]

....mon...... repeat, MO........under atta.......warn.......

[There's one long beep... then it fades into static.]
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[There's something distinctly different about Fear when he turns the video on this time. He seems even less human than normal, not breathing, not blinking, as if he's forgotten how to manipulate his form so that it actually appears lifelike.

He manages to move his mouth as he speaks, but the motion doesn't quite sync up with the words echoed in through the mic.]

...so I've finally failed.

[His eyes are unfocused, but he looks downward, contemplative.]

I only got half the city out. It won't be enough- we can't start over, not without Hope. So it ends here, I suppose.

[He takes in his first breath since beginning the recording, letting it out in a long sigh.]

I'm sorry.
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Anyone come here with sedatives? Sleeping pills, specifically.

Need to make use of them.


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