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Aug. 16th, 2017 05:39 pm
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[She knows—because how could she not?—that all of these things are just more wayward debris brought in by accident or design. The timing’s a little different, but the geometries of the furniture that keeps showing up must mean that it, like everything else, is coming through from somewhere else. She knows; she knows. But it would be so unfair to treat this as if it were as terrible as everything else that’s happened to her so far. Why not choose to be pleased, just once?

Irisviel is filming herself from inside the apartment she shares with Saber. She looks pleased as punch.

Look what I found! [Her voice is filled with pride. A dramatic pan down of the camera reveals… a papasan-shaped chair made entirely of interlocking metal hands. Just hands. There are at least 13 hands here. Irisviel ducks back into the frame, beaming.]

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? I’ve never seen anything like it, even in the catalogs I used to look through! Ah, but getting it was a little different than ordering from a catalog, though.

There’s this, too! [The camera snaps back down to what is probably a tea table. It’s short enough and rectangular enough. It’s going to do a very good job holding tea, though: There are large pockmarks in the top surface, and the entire thing tilts to the left at a forty-five degree angle.] I think this is what’s called ‘true modern design!”

[After clapping a hand to her cheek and sighing dreamily, she continues.] I know the tone of this video is a little different, isn’t it? I haven’t forgotten what’s happening; I just thought, for a moment, something good might have come from it.

These things may not be able to stay forever...but I would like to see what you’ve found! And please tell me if you have any ideas for how to use this [the camera goes back to the “tea” “table”] or how to get the rest into the apartment!

[Wait, the rest?]
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[ He's drawn to water, he always has been, and it's no different here. This world is strange, and although it is joyful to see again the dead, it is very strange, too, and he retreats, away from the bustle of his family, down to the water's edge with his harp, to try and get his balance back.

(He has to be well. Maedhros and Curufin will worry, if he's not. Elrond too. He can't let them see)

Anyone who walks past will hear it, although they might not realise that it is a harp, at first, but the song ripples, moonlight on the water, the stars clear above, the emotion carried through on clear notes that seem to blend into the sounds of the world around them despite there being no stars or moon, here. And then the voice, deep as the rolling sea, full of heartrending sorrow, but climbing to defiant hope.

Sometime during the performance the phone flips on, bumped, maybe, to reveal Maglor crouched over his harp, singing.

Pay attention, and the song will tell you a story, even if you don't know the language he sings in - war and blood and tears and light-against-the-dark. ]
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I am providing some collected information suitable for those who prefer an unbiased report, those with particularly short attention spans, or both, in an additional effort to reduce the amount of redundant queries taking up space on the network.

Bullet points for inserting into a copy of Powerpoint 2025 )

Additional factual or clearly-marked speculative, but useful, additions welcome.
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[Lance is looking a little more awake than he has been the past two weeks or so, and also in a better mood; his expression and tone are both lighter as well when he addresses the camera.]

I guess everyone is working on solving mysteries at the moment, and I actually had something I'd been meaning to ask for a little while, so this seems like a good a time as any; I'm interested anything anyone is willing to tell me about their experiences regarding being skipped over during an event. Or, similarly, if anyone was affected by one and it didn't last the entire time; I know several people began to see through the latest one while it was still going on.

[Including himself, though he doesn't know if that's something that happens often or it was kind of a special case. He does know, though, that people sometimes get skipped over completely, and why that happens seems like a mystery worth looking into.

And, for a completely different subject--]

I also wanted to ask about how someone would go about getting more bullets, because I know they aren't stocked at the armoury. I'm not out yet, but I'd prefer to solve this issue before I am.

[Thinking ahead, and whatever. He'd had to use a lot more than expected during new arrival day this month.]

I heard something about a deal with Rage, but that doesn't seem to be an option right now, so I was hoping someone else might have an idea or be willing to trade for something.

[It's worth a shot, no pun intended.]


Aug. 15th, 2017 10:23 am
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Hey everyone. One of the new kids in town here—I'm Elena Fisher. It's nice to meet you. Well, smartphone-meet you.

[The video shows a blonde woman in a borrowed Henley shirt who apparently scaled some structure before deciding to introduce herself. It's not as high up as her husband's first network post, but apparently "arrive, go higher" is just something members of their household do.]

I get that there's a lot going on here—Nate's been catching me up, and I've been trying to get myself up to date. So I'll try not to ask any dumb questions.

[She read the guide, she saw Chris's post. So far her basic response is: yikes.]

Hopefully this doesn't immediately contradict myself, but has anyone been able to figure out if there's some kind of pattern as to who comes through the Door, and when they come from? It's a pretty small sample set, but so far half the people I've talked to know someone else here from their home—which strikes me as pretty unlikely, considering how few people are here and how many different places the Door could be drawing from. What's more, those people aren't even from the same point in time, so whatever power brought them here didn't scoop everyone up at once. Pretty inefficient.

I don't know. Even if there is an identifiable pattern, I can't say what it would mean, what the goal would be. But suddenly I've got a lot of time on my hands, so...it's something I wouldn't mind figuring out.
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Hey, everyone. So uh, I've got a few things to go over, but for everyone who's new, hi. I'm Chris, and I've been here way too long.

[He says it with a grin, clearly finding some humor; he's not as upset about being here as a lot of people are, for a few different reasons.]

I guess that's the main reason why I'm making this post, because um... You've all seen the Null stuff, and Fear's post, and I know that like... A lot of you are missing parts of the story, which you kind of need to make good decisions.

So I figured like, Mello's guide is great about what the hell we're doing here and what to expect, and he and Sharon put together a list of past events, but that's not the big picture stuff. It's all super important, but we also kind of need to be on the same page about everything.

So... Yeah. )

But yeah, all of that out of the way, I also wanted to let people know that Hannah went home. Which um... Sucks, for a lot of reasons. But yeah, people should know.

On less shitty news, I finished a game; you can now all play chess against each other. No computer AI opponents since Deep Blue's kind of beyond me, but you can at least challenge each other and then brag about what a nerd you are. And you know if I'm saying that, it's pretty damn nerdy.

[Private to Duck]

[One last thing to address here--]

Hey, bro, still up for alpha testing a text-adventure game for me?


Aug. 13th, 2017 05:13 pm
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[Magnus starts the video with a friendly wave, grin wide, in the living room of his shared Spire Four apartment. He's apparently in a very good mood.]

Hey! Magnus here. If you haven't met me yet, what's up? You're in for a treat. I'm a delight. Anyway, I've got someone way better than me to introduce to you all! She's kind of shy, but she's a very good girl.

[He turns away from the screen to call whoever she is over.]

Peanut! Hey, Peanut!

[He waits for a couple seconds, then turns back sheepishly.]

She's still learning her name. Hang on. Peanut!

[Suddenly what looks like a black and grey dog covered in way more scales than fur and incredibly large red eyes jumps Magnus and he yelps and laughs, cut off when "Peanut" grabs the phone in her mouth and somehow turns it off.

After a short cut to black, Magnus reappears again, covered in awful scratches. He doesn't seem to mind, though.

Hey, I got her to calm down! She's super playful. Don't worry, I got her under control now. Look!

[He turns to point the camera at the varren, who is now sitting on the couch looking much calmer than before. The couch, though, happens to have a slash through one of its cushions, and Peanut happens to only be calm because she is currently in the process of chewing through a half-eaten throw pillow.]

Her name's Peanut and she's kind of a handful, but I think it's just 'cause she's young. She's super sweet, though. Man, my roommates are going to love her! Say hi, Peanut!

[Peanut doesn't say hi. Magnus reenters the frame then to take one of her paws and wave it at the camera. She snaps at him and bites his wrist painfully, and he yelps and kicks the phone trying to pull away. Everyone is treated to a final view of the ceiling, the backdrop a series of snarls and shrieks that descend into laughter.]


Aug. 13th, 2017 03:27 pm
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[Meditation is essential to communing with the Force, no matter how chaotic and crippled it feels in the cave. He is sitting in a ruin of a building, perched on what used to be a wall, legs crossed.]

We are all protected here. More than you think. [Against futures they do not want to face.] My visions haven't changed. It might be impossible to rectify anything.

[How cruel to stand on the precipice, see the monsters within and have no weapon; no defense.

"Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you."]

I think it's time I bite the bullet and accept -

[Oh boy. He chuckles shakily.]

It was a nice dream.
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[Private to Annabeth Chase and Nico di Angelo]

I have an idea that might help us protect Hope and see who makes a move against him. Annabeth, do you still have your cap?


Aug. 9th, 2017 04:21 am
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(Housework is rather boring, but it needs to be done. Celebrimbor is setting the rather chaotic mostly-Fëanorian house to rights, frowning faintly at the odd bits and ends he comes across. There really is no explaining his father and uncles, but he loves them dearly.)

Man cerig?

(Of course the shoe in the bathroom has no answer for him. Tutting, he picks it up and tries to determine which of his family members it belongs to. And, more importantly, why there is only one of them.

Quite the mystery! What? Not every day can be filled with sorrow and wonder and madness! Though Celebrimbor's day is about to become a little more complicated based on the playful chitter that follows.)

Elbereth above! What are you? (No, he has never seen a raccoon and this one is rather...large. And animated! But who can blame her - definitely a her - when Celebrimbor spies two little faces peeking out of a cabinet.)

...ah... I think I might need assistance.
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[Lup can only keep her fury in check for so long.

After an intensely emotional conversation with her brother, Lup is left needing to find a proper way to channel this energy surging through her before their apartment catches fire. She's used to having a more frequent outlet for these outbursts of hers, and simply waiting until the door drags in more monsters is not going to cut it. She needs action now.

Which is precisely why she ends up on the network feed, quickly blocking her brother from this post before hitting record. The elven woman grins wide as she addresses her audience, but the anger under her smile would be difficult for anyone to miss.]

Sooo, I need to let off some steam in a major way. Like, pronto. There's monsters roaming in the caves that no one will miss if they go up in flames, right? [Sure, it's dangerous, but isn't that half the fun?] Anyone want to join in for a little tag team action?

[OOC: The linked conversation with Taako has TAZ spoilers up to the 67th episode, so avoid if you're still dodging spoilers!]
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Well... seems like there's a few of you who are ready to sell us out.

[His voice is soft- not really angry, but there's a sinister lilt to it.]

And here I thought we were all growing to be one big, happy family. I can't say I'm fond of the necessity of weeding out spies in our city, but... listen, we're all in a flurry about this. We need to do something, and everyone wants a say in how we're supposed to move forward from here.

[Which has been a headache and a half for all of the gods. Sure, they get along in the grand scheme of things, but there's definitely a little clash of ideals going on, and frankly, Fear is tired of the arguing.]

So what I thought we'd do is to have you vote on who's in charge here. Who takes action and comes up with a game plan on how we're going to suss out what the Null are planning. Obviously, Sorrow wants to be our fearless leader, but his methods are a little... direct. Delight and Rage would probably have a little murder mystery party when they get back, Tranquility and Confusion- I'm not sure if they'd actually do anything at all, come to think of it.

[Christ, this is a mess.]

As far as Love and myself go... I can think of a few people I'd like to personally interrogate.

Anyway, cast your votes or ask your standard slew of questions. Yes, I realize that some of the dissenters will be voting, yeah I know that you all want to be in charge instead- there's probably a few of us who might bend our ears to you, but as we can't put a hundred people in charge, it's gonna be one of us.

[A pause.]


[Happy voting?]

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 39

Who should lead the investigation?

View Answers

Sorrow and Hope
23 (59.0%)

Rage and Delight
2 (5.1%)

Fear and Love
6 (15.4%)

Confusion and Tranquility
8 (20.5%)

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[Rosen's face appears weary and thin as he blinks into the camera, the bags beneath his eyes deep and he does not make his usual attempt to put on an awkward smile. He doesn't have the energy or the wherewithal to pretend so he just looks tired.] 

When he left, Sans asked me to--

[He draws his lower lip beneath his front teeth and eases back heavily into the park bench where he sits before choosing a different course to take]


[That's not important]

Does anyone know where I can get carving knives, wood... [His voice trails in thought] I also need paint, also small bits of scrap metal and screws...  I suppose what I'm getting at is essentially a tool kit and small craft materials. If anyone knows where I can get them, I'd appreciate it. 

[Video End]



Aug. 3rd, 2017 10:38 am
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[Ol' Gil is a lot more upset about what happened than he's letting on, but he's going to attempt to Play It Cool. That's a lot easier to do over text.]

hey gods

if you're going to turn this place into an actual livable town, how about keeping it that way

it was a nice change from the whole gross dark cave thing. you know, grass and sky and all that.

except for the fake memories. that was pretty shitty of you guys. like i would ever marry *some guy* and *sell insurance*?! you must have done a really good job faking us out, cuz it's hard to believe i'd go along with that for so long haha wow

there's no way i'd forever forget who i really am


it at least gave me the idea of capture the flag. would anyone be interested in forming some teams and kicking some asses? bet it would get pretty crazy since like most people here seem to have weirdo superpowers and stuff

let me know. it'll be awesome and you know it!!


Aug. 2nd, 2017 11:58 am
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Hello, fellow abductees,

It has come to my attention that a number of you do not like Dr. Sweets. I did not like him either when I first met him, so this is understandable.

In an effort to help strengthen his standing within the community, I am requesting that you please state if you do or do not like Dr. Sweets, and why. Please also respond if you are indifferent on him, as more data will allow me to form a more complete and accurate conclusion.

Thank you for your assistance.


Aug. 1st, 2017 10:42 pm
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I'm Abigail. I'm new here. Well, new-ish. I think I've been here around three weeks.

[She paused for a moment, not wanting to say too much about her hallucinations from the stings, or the days after when she was convinced she had become mentally ill and everything was a hallucination. She has the worry that she's inherited something from her father, something seriously wrong with her and this place is so strange that a part of her still thinks she's lost her mind.]

I wasn't myself for a while. I thought I had this other life and was back in high school. And I was taking piano lessons too, which was cool. I was learning to play the harpsichord before I came here.

[She paused again.]

I haven't used social media in a while.

[She wasn't sure how long she was in hiding in her old life. It's strange to be interacting publicly again.]

I guess I just want to say hi. So, hi.
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[Originally, it started out as a well-meaning adventurous foray for personal edification, yadda, yadda, yadda. Time moves so slowly in Hadriel that Nate has been clawing at ways to occupy it, and since he's exhausted the library of any texts that aren't in gibberish it stands to reason he might seek personal fulfillment elsewhere. After waking up with the usual restlessness he considered the wide expanse of lakeside real estate out his window and thought, yeah, a swim sounds nice.

The swim was less than nice.

Several minor explosions and some (honestly) impressive spell-work later sees him soaked to the skin but otherwise unscathed outside of minor lacerations on one arm - there's really only so much you can do when trying to evade a shark with two fucking heads - scribbling quickly in a notebook with the sort of fervor reserved for the truly mad. Lake-adjacent, blessedly on the shore with a towel slung around bare shoulders, he quickly snaps a photograph of his work with his phone and hits SEND TO ALL.

The message is as follows:

does anyone know what the hell this is
i found it at the bottom of the lake

Attachment: [monster.jpg]

p.s. don't go swimming in the lake
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[ It took Malkus ages to work what should be a simple function on the phone. But soon enough his picture flashed over the network... For just a second, before his thumb obscured the camera. Much like an old man, he gripped the device awkwardly in both hands. ]

It doesn't seem to work. If I broke this I'm going to have hell to pay, oh goodness.

[ Well at least his voice was pretty clear... muffled and barely audible through his mask and that thumb covering the mic. ]

Well. Hellfire. I was going to... Maybe I can type it.

[ His thumb moved and revealed a look of concentration in the doctor's eyes as he fumbled with the keyboard. Soon enough an accompanying text message appeared beside the oblivious man's active video feed. He spoke the words slowly to himself as he typed. ]

what do folks need around here ? what is a hot commodity that may serve as say currency or a bartering tool as i may also need assistance one of these days

send message

[ Action/Audio 2 ]

[ Later in the day, Malkus can be found hanging upside down from his robes in one of the few trees in Hadriel's park. He seemed tired by now, but periodically let out a yell.

And if the man weren't clogging up the network enough, his voice rang out over the audio feed. ]

Help! I need aid! Help!
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If anyone has information about the Door that is not yet public knowledge, now would be a good time to share it.

Additionally, if you are capable of fending off the types of creatures that appear in the Colosseum and have at least some modicum of intellectual capacity... or at least the ability to read and not touch things you've been told not to, I'm looking for assistance. Contact me.
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[How long has it been since the former King of Light last addressed the public at large? Too long. Regis had resigned himself to silence when this fiasco begun and held steadfast to his silence until now. For those who know of him and remember the Caelum, Regis isn't the type to speak much in regards to the matters of Hadriel. He's not king here. It would make no sense for him to speak since this is not his kingdom nor his subjects but many of the people here, he deems as friends. They are friends and colleagues he's come to respect over the long months, many of which he honestly cherish like members of his own family.

That's why he speaks after holding onto his silence for so long. He knows he must do so in hopes of warding the chaos that is bound to brew. Unfortunately, this might spark quite the debate.

Do not be so quick to cut off your noses in spite of your face. [His tone is stern and sincere without a hint of mirth.] Your desperation will lead you to sorrow if you act with haste.

We mustn't fall prey to their schemes. If they seek a life, let them take it. We are not mere pawns to used as butchers.

[He's being quite cryptic & vague for a reason. Be mindful in how you answer. Regis is aware that certain 'people' might be listening.]


The city of Hadriel

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