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video | side B

[Low image quality and poor light combine to leave Natasha almost unrecognizable. It's mostly the red in her hair and the sound of her voice when she speaks that identify her, for those who know her.]

In light of our current situation, I'm hoping to get a rough idea what we have to work with.

Specifically, two priorities.

First, anyone who wants to let us know how much food they have on hand and whether or not they'd be willing to share. We might have to tighten our belts a little here, but we can at least try to make what we have last as long as possible and get to as many people as possible.

[A pause, filled with fuzzy static. Then:]

Second, who has access to guns and how much ammo they have on hand.

I've got about a clip and a half left.
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I don't have any food, and I'm almost outta ammo.

[She does a quick count.]

Seven rounds. I can fight without it, though, and I'm used to rationing.
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[Ellie nods firmly, pleased to find Natasha isn't talking down to her.]

Yeah, for sure. I've got a bunch on me already, so I don't need to raid the armory or anything.

[A shadow of worry crosses her face.]

Hey, there's at least a couple of kids on this side, and I don't know if they can all take care of themselves. Maybe we should make sure they stay with someone capable.
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[It's both refreshing and a good way to instantly get on Ellie's good side.]

Sounds like you're suggesting a buddy system. Which uh, is probably a really good idea.