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[ Since the City seemed to be back to normal again or at least it was whole once more, Will had decided to come out of hiding. He'd been held up in his apartment, eating very little and trying not to exert much energy. He'd never really been all that good at fighting, so he left hunting monsters to Hannibal. Now that he had access to the other side of the City, Will had spent the last few days working on a little project of his.

He was down by the lake when the video feed came on. Sleeves rolled up, sweat sticking curls of hair to his forehead and there was a healthy layer of dirt covering him too. A small axe he'd borrowed from the armory, some homemade rope, and stacks of wood he'd already scavenged or cut down. He was making a small hut to use when out fishing originally but had extended the project upon some thought. ]

Almost done... I er, my apartment was becoming a little over populated... What with all of these fellas , Winston, myself and Hannibal all living there so... I mean, I'm not exactly okay with the idea of people adopting them... I'd hate to think some of you tried to eat them after claiming them so... So I've built a little habitat for them. Please, please respect it?

[ Will turns his phone around, letting you see the 14+ Fennic fox and pair of Nugs he'd rescued when the demons arrived. He'd made a very small compound for them, much like a chicken coop and run. A few small huts for them to take shelter in and a small fence to hopefully keep things out. It was right next to his fishing hut too! So he could keep an eye on them of course. ]

I'd say you're all welcome to come and keep them company, they like to play... Er, you're also welcome to use the trapper shack too, but I mean, I'm there most days catching fish anyways so... Yeah.

[ Awkward as ever he cuts the feed. Closing his eyes and sighing. He'd forgotten to ask if anyone wanted to help him build it up a little bigger or to see if he needed permission from the Gods to start with. Oh well~ Never mind, right? ]
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[She's not here to argue with him about food, even if Ellie has killed her fair share of fluffy friendlies in order to survive, before. It's clear Will cares about them, and besides, they have other sources of food. Speaking of which...]

Hey, uh. Do you need anything? I would kill for some fish. Like really really.

[A grin.]

Might come visit those little guys, too. Jack has a pet Nug. They're cute.
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I'm alright. Glad everything is back to normal. Or like, what passes for normal here. You?

[She appreciates him asking, even if she's definitely not getting into talking about the whole dying thing again. Ellie smiles back warmly.]

You're asking the right person, dude. I've got tons. Guaranteed tickled funny bones. When are you free?
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[She'd probably feel unsure about that if she knew, but... ignorance really is bliss.]

Aw man. I'm kinda used a more low brow audience. [No offense, Sans.] Might have to pull out the big guns.

[Ellie would like that. Anything to stop feeling lonely for awhile.]

Nice. I'll hit you up and come visit real soon, then. What do Nugs eat, anyway? I wanna bring something.
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Well, at least you're aware of it. You know, looking stuffy.

[She sticks her tongue out the corner of her mouth, obviously teasing.

God, she would just die. She's never had her own pet. Ever. The closest she ever got was taking care of Winston's horse, back in her military days.]

Roots and grubs. Easy.
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[She just smirks at him, totally pleased with herself.

It seems Ellie has a talent in this cave for collecting not!dads. Not that it's something she'll object to, missing Joel and being as lonesome as she is.]

Du-uuu-uuude! [Alright, now she's laughing.] That's disgusting! I'm gonna feed 'em with a ten foot pole!
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[So long as she never found out about the whole cannibal thing. She's had experience with those. Traumatic experience.]

I'll still hug 'em and stuff! Just not while they're eating!