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video/action (forward-dated to 4/20); while collecting the stars, i connected the dots

[The video wobbles a minute before it steadies, locking onto a grinning skull. It's your friendly neighborhood skeleton, Sans, looking undeniably pleased with himself as he comments to someone just off screen:]

'S lookin' great so far.

[There's a fumbling tapping as the feed gets jostled, and Sans is forced to set the thing onto the ground, face-down. At least the audio filters through, unimpeded if a bit muffled.]

All right. We ready?

[There's a distant sound of affirmation - two, actually, though one sounds a mite more stammered than the first. Kate, it seems, hadn't much wanted to take part in the announcement itself. So when the feed swings up again, there's two distinctively non-human shapes in the periphery - a yellow, lizardlike creature and a small black hedgehog that sharp-eyed cave-dwellers might recognize as Alphys and Shadow, respectively. The video jerks again, blurring the twin blazes of color into smeared linear streaks, and the cave gets a lovely shot of Sans's pink fuzzy slippers in preparation for the finale.

There's a click of fleshless fingers snapping; hundreds of tiny, glowing objects being displaced and then replaced, buried into the rock of the ceiling. Takes a lot out of a skeleton and leaves him a bit stooped from the effort, but it's worth it.

The camera swings up again to pan across the ceiling, now lit with a vast array of blue sparkling stones.]

It ain't Tranquility's illusions, but... [One last whip-pan back to Sans's face, and he winks at the camera, lookin' just a tiny bit more on the edge of exhaustion than usual. Just a hair.] You can consider it a good constellation prize.

[Enjoy the night sky, Hadriel. It'll last for quite a while. Sans, for his part, plans to be stargazing all night. Feel free to find him at the lake, if you're real interested.]
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This is the fucking coolest. That Alphys over there?

[SHE IS VIBRATING, SANS. Do you know how much she's missed an open sky to look up to? It was practically all she had inside the wall.]
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hes such a good trash dad

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[She laughs, despite him not having said anything even remotely happy, but rather just out of pure joy.]

I'd be giving you guys a round of applause right now if both my hands were free.
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he passes all of her low standards

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Shit! Don't go anywhere!

[She hangs up abruptly, and flat out runs to meet them. She's hard pressed to not sneak a peek mid-run, but resists. Ellie wants her first look at the 'stars' that's not through a camera to be next to the people who helped make them a reality.

She waves wildly at Sans, and beams.]

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[Seeing Sans sprawled out lazily is such a familiar sight by now. It almost makes it feel like none of that horrible shit happened. Almost.]

Well, I dunno. 'Bout to find out, though.

[She's kidding, of course, having already seen it through the camera, but this moment deserves some theatricality. Ellie closes her eyes tight, tips her head up, and opens them to the stars.]


[No curse words. Good job, Sans.]
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[Her neck is probably gonna complain about it later, but she's not looking down any time soon. She really shoulda laid down.

As always, she cackles at his pun.]

Hey, wasn't the first joke I ever told you about meteors? Full circle. Speaking of, I guess the next thing we need is a moon.
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[Joel used to grunt and grumble and roll his eyes. It's wildly different to have her jokes appreciated like this, even if both make Ellie happy in their own way.

Well. Did.]

Mmmm. I believe in hellcave to come up with something. Or is that too cheesy?

[Get it. Like... cheese. Moon.]
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I think it'll be a brieze.

[She glances at him out the corner of her eye.]

That is a cheese, right?