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( video )

I asked Hope for a camera. I want to find the good things about this place, and I know it sounds pretty impossible but not everything here is shit.

( The place maybe, but not everything else. The video jerks for a moment as the view changes from Beth to some photos laid out on her bed. There's one of her sister, Hannah, one of across the lake, and one of the orchard )

My friends make this place better for me, and there are some nice things to look at here, places that are kind of peaceful when nothing's going on. I want to take more pictures of things that makes us happy -- make a record or something. Even if our friends leave we'd have something showing when we were happy. Considering how much this place can scare the crap out of us I think we need some happiness.

If there's something you want a picture of let me know.
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[She's surprisingly solemn and supportive of this.]

Sometimes you need that kinda shit to get by. I think it's a good idea.
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Definitely. It's really cool of you to offer them to people, too.

I, uh... There's a couple of people I wouldn't mind having a photo with.
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Yeah. I mean, uh. I guess I hope so?

It's kind of weird. I didn't really have friends before I got here. Not for a long time, anyway.
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Um. Thanks. That's nice of you to say.

Do you have people here?