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Your legs are fine! Stop whining!

[ That's the first thing people might hear before they see anything else but the ceiling of the cave. For anyone who knows that voice, it is obviously Shadow's, though the name label says otherwise. ]

What if it's broken... and I'm hardly whining, you pathetic... [But he pauses, then and groans in pain.] This was... a friendly spar... you took it too far... [Yeah, right, he's one to talk, he also puts in just as much effort as he would in a real battle.]

[At last, the hedgehog comes to view, picking up the phone, he stares at it briefly before he realizes the video feature is on. ]

Someone come heal this idiot before he bleeds out.

[ Hah, it doesn't even sound like a plea, more like an order of sorts... Nope, he's not taking him to the clinic. Kate is not there anyway, and she might never will, hopefully, no matter how much Shadow would want her to. Ah, but this isn't about her, is it? Nope, this is about that stupid dragoon, and not about being unable to deal with people being gone, right?

Then he tosses the device to the ground--it lands on something... er... someone, actually. That someone is Kain, who's got quite a lot of blood covering him at the moment. His own. Damn it, he'd just gotten back to full strength! Why does Shadow have to complicate everything for him?]

No need for anyone to panic... it's... not quite as bad as it seems...

[Except, you know, there's all that blood.]
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Typically, when sparring, you're not supposed to try to kill your partner.
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You mean that shit was intentional?
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[ Oh come on Kain! You were as bad as he was! Shadow was just... faster. ]

What if it was?
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Then this is your own damn mess. If you dumbasses were planning a deathmatch instead of an actual spar, you would have better prepared for it. But guess you'd rather make a spectacle out of yourselves.
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No one is making a damn spectacle. If you cannot help this idiot then why do you waste your time responding?
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Beating the shit out of your partner with an inch of his life and then openly demanding for someone else to clean up after you is a spectacle.

You should take him to the clinic if you can't bother to help him yourself.
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Fine, you don't have to watch.

It's funny you assume everything is on me.
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It'd be on both of you if you weren't carrying his sad bloody sack while vaguely insinuating that this was done on purpose.
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I said, if.

[ Good grief, why can't he have a normal conversation?

Ah, yep. ]

You know... I could have left him there, to bleed out, I don't know why I even bother.


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Wow, doesn't that make you the shining philanthropist.
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Hmph... Whatever.
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Then you should probably look for a different sparring partner.
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What kind of progress?

[Combat progress, or whatever it is that led to this situation in the first place, she can't help but wonder.]