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The upset children are right. Do not eat anything with meat in it. This is the last time I accept any help from the others.

Healing the bodies isn't so difficult - anyone I've given a blessing to can do it, and perhaps others who can heal, as well. Separating the spirits from the bodies is much more time-consuming and tedious, however. If you bring them to the altar of my temple, I should be able to do it. Otherwise, we'll find some other way to take care of these monsters.

I cannot believe I have to tell my colleagues not to feed you human meat. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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[ literally just screaming. It's high pitched and horrible. She is not happy. ]
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Can't you? They purport to be personifications of fear and rage, and it surprises you that they find a way to make everyone here angry and afraid?

I've always maintained that Hope was vicious, cruel and deceptive, sir, but I hadn't expected you to be quite this naïve.
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You simply can't help yourselves, can you.

[It's not a real question, more a statement of fact - infuriated in a way that comes out sounding taut and flat.]
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[WELP THAT DOES IT. Rey is never eating god food again.]

is there a certain point in which even the blessing won't be able to heal the bodies? [Just in case she's working on limited time here.]
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[smh. just. smh.]

great job
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[Okay, great, they were right. Awesome. It'd be nice if being right didn't always mean something awful lately, but whatever, at least they know what they're dealing with.

And, most importantly--]

You can remove the wendigo spirit? And get the person back to normal?

How long would we have to keep them at the altar for you to do it?
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"Children?" Fuck you, buddy.
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....I thought some of the new food smelled nauseatingly familiar. :c
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So, my healing magic might be able to help. Possibly enough to get them to your temple so the spirit can be removed and won't have to die because of your colleagues?

At least it's giving them something of a chance.
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They are Fear and Rage, aren't they? I hardly think they have our best interests at heart. They'd not be trying to keep us healthy.

Is there anything we can do to help you? I don't have healing power, but if there's a way I can strengthen you, I'll do it.
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Do you know Reynard?
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It's a little late for your warning.

[ Comes the irate, strained response. ]
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You should've known better that to deal with the others, given one of them buried us alive.

[Nick's got a great opinion of all you gods, yep.]
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Just loud uncontrollable laughing.

For minutes.

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I don't have one of your blessings but I can probably help with healing people.
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They're being possessed by spirits? It's not just the cannibalism causing this?