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Sally Malik ([personal profile] unmakes) wrote in [community profile] hadriel2016-02-19 09:07 pm


hey so

i know shit's going down but i've done this solo thing way too long, i'm pretty sure i'm going actual crazy

free booze for whoever wants to come hang out with me in this shithole i've decided is totally the new bar. but i'm cutting you off if you're shitty company or try to eat me alive (this is me, pointing to my eyes and then pointing to you wiggy infected motherfuckers)

incoming attachment: cometothebar.jpg. it's a map. a really shitty one with a big circle drawn around a building somewhere in the business-ish area.
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[Because typing takes too long.]

Where the hell did you find booze in this shithole?
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And they let you bring it with you? That's hardly fucking fair.
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Seems like bein' dead would solve your problems, actually.
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No, I haven't. But I'm guessing I'll get my chance sooner or later, the longer I'm stuck here.
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At this point, I'd drink to just about anything.