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two | video

[ Arya has gotten much better at using the camera on this thing since she arrived, and she's able to keep the camera focused on herself this time without much effort. Which is good, because she knows she needs to be taken seriously if this is going to work.

Arya is standing in the charred remains of what looks like was once a kitchen. The setting is on purpose -- it's a reminder to what happened, and what needs to be done because of it. ]

Hello, Hadriel.

You all know what happened last month. You know how the food was contaminated, and you saw the sickness that took many of us, and caused the sick to feed upon the healthy whether they liked it or not. This happened because we are too dependent on food from beings we do not see and do not fully understand.

[ She says, firmly. ]

We cannot afford to rely on the gods like we are children, and they are parents. There is enough of us here to survive on our own, all of us, if we work for it. We share one thing: whatever each person may think about this place, none of us were brought here willingly. That, I think, is enough to trust one another if not work together.

There are other ways to get food. There is a man named Newt here who knows how to grow it, and if that is your interest or specialty, it may be a good idea to talk to him. I can hunt, and I think there are a few more of us here who can as well. There is certainly enough of us to find food for everyone. Monsters can be meat, and more and more monsters are brought in every month. We need not go hungry, and we need not be helpless.

[ Arya swallows. Off-camera, she's digging her nails into her palms, not wanting to say her last piece, but knowing she can't keep hiding it forever. There's a brief pause before she gathers herself enough to continue. ]

My name is Arya Stark. If you would like to contact me. If you are interested in hunting, in learning, in teaching others, or even simply becoming independent as a city.
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Like the way you think. [Especially the part about not wanting to become dependent on the gods like they're accepting handouts. Before long, they're going to start acting like they're doing everyone here a favor. That's a sort of debt Rey would rather not find herself owing.]

Am no farmer, but can't hunt. Can teach others how to hunt. Easy.

[Good thing she was actually considering on doing so, recently.]

Name's Rey, by the way. [Since Arya so kindly introduced herself.]
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Am more adept with firearms and close quarters combat, such as hand-to-hand and bayonets. Not much of a sword user, though... or have made much use of most of the things found in Rage's arsenal.
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...Wouldn't be opposed to picking up a new skill.

[She may not be much of one for swords, but it doesn't mean she can't learn.]
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Fair trade. Can teach you some hand-to-hand as well, if you'd like, since that doesn't involve using up ammunition.

[Done deal. She's not even going to comment on the fact that Arya looks so damned young. Rey's seen child soldiers to know what they're also capable of.]
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That's the idea. Can show you how to throw someone twice your size, even. Perhaps bigger.

[Rey may not sound excited with her perpetual monotone she's got going, but she is feeling rather optimistic.]

Likewise. [It isn't often that Rey gets to play teacher. It's rather interesting.]
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Is it? That's funny. Was under the impression you'd probably be bigger.

[Is it a joke? Is she serious? She sounds serious. But let's just say it's a joke. It isn't like Rey's met Arya yet to have a size estimate of the kid.]
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[Welp, that puts Rey at about seven inches taller. But size deters her none.]

Long as you've the dedication, it doesn't matter how small and skinny you are.
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Then we won't have any trouble.

[Dedication is all you need, right?]