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oo1 ✿ video


[On the screen is a woman, maybe in her mid twenties. When she sees that the feed is on, her face lights up into a wide smile. The shelf behind her has a few bottles on it, and the whole place seems to glow with a warm light.]

Oh. Hello! I'm Delight. Hope has seen it fit to bring me back, and I want to thank you all for your part in my resurrection.

I created this bar for you. The things you'll find in here are safer than the things you might discover wandering around, and I'll do my part in keeping it stocked. Come down if you'd like to chat- I look forward to meeting you all!
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You're welcome. Appreciate having something useful around here. [As one of the ones who voted for Delight's resurrection.]

How did you die in the first place?
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[Wups, did she just step on something she shouldn't have?]

Apologies. It's just that no one's really explained this before.

Have been killed quite a few times as well. Know a thing or do about dying in excruciatingly painful ways.
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Yes. Was rather forward, though. Mea culpa.

[Even Rey can admit when she's a little tactless.]
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Some of us haven't been around for as long as others. Have only been here for about three months now.
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If there was a way to have made it shorter and returned home by now, it would have happened much sooner. [As such, she's kind of figured that Delight probably isn't the one who knows anything about that Door in order to make that happen.]

Could be better. But then, have thus far avoided being buried alive and turned into a flesh-eating monster, so it could certainly be worse, too.
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Doubt it. Most people don't recover from traumatic experiences like that anytime soon... if they can recover from it at all.

[Rey's got enough baggage to deal with without being transformed into a furious creature that just wants to eat.]
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[No hard feelings, grrl.]

Humans generally are.

Am not a human, however.
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Looking the part was the point. Most other humans weren't meant to be aware.

[She sounds matter-of-fact about it, almost disconnected.] Am actually synthetic. Partially, anyway.
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The secrecy only mattered to someone else, and he's dead now. [Despite this, she's pretty blunt and uncaring when she speaks.]

To be honest, wasn't meant to be self-aware, either.
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[Rey would be the last person to expect sympathy, especially from something that considers themselves a god.]

Was just easier to control that way. Once self-awareness was obtained, some previous incarnations started acting on their own accord.
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Was made to be a walking weapon. It's generally more advantageous when it can be controlled.

[Did she just imply herself to be a thing? Maybe.]
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It really isn't. And it sure did bite him in the ass, in the end.

[Meaning the one who was trying to control her, of course.]

Why? So you can "draw power" or whatever it is you people do?
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Not a very good thing for him, no. [For Rey, it's debatable. She was never meant to be her own person, but here you go.]

Suppose so.

Is there a possibility of meeting you in person?


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