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o1. → text;

Normally, I would think what I'm about to ask is an odd question, but given the location and the circumstances, maybe not so much.

( this is gonna make for a good first poke at the network, innit, sammy? )

How many of you actually know about monsters? Spirits, things that go bump in the night, that sort of thing? Because where I'm from, they're pretty common, and I've noticed from meeting others here that it isn't that way for everyone.

( which is how it should be, if you ask him. nobody should know that the thing in their closet is real. )

Next question. Would anyone be interested in learning about things like that, and how to protect yourself against them?

( there. it's out there. he's doing a good thing. )
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[Texting is just too much effort right now, so.]

What kinds of monsters?
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deal w it sammy >:3

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Yeah? How 'bout wendigos? 'Cause - I dunno if you're new here or just been comatose this whole time, but we had a pretty big fucking wendigo problem a few weeks back. If you're such a fucking expert, you might've said something then.
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Yeah, well, guess what - I got 99 problems and your bitching ain't one.
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lmao he is not wrong ...

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Yeah? I think you can go fuck yourself, Ghost Hunter.
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well that logic is debateable ...

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You gotta be fucking kidding me - kids aren't all that delicate. I knew what "fuck" meant before I was in first fucking grade.
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shhh nope

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Then plug your fucking ears.
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shhh your mom

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Do you have anything helpful to add, or are you just gonna be a bitch the whole time?
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Yeah, I won my high school personality contest all four years in a row.


Is that seriously the best you got?
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Hit me with your best shot, jackass.
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cw misogynistic slur because she's awful :c

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Yeah, I figured you were too much of a pussy.
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i'm legit sorry about her, she's terrible 8c same cw as above

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Yeah, spoken like a true pussy. Whatever, dude, go play with your Ouija board or something.