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第2: [text] -- backdated to 4/8, about 1 hour after chris's post

because everybody keeps asking, i am going to tell you what an emoji is

it's a few things:

1) fancy emoticons (before anyone asks, that's emotions + icons, pretty self-explanatory)

2) it's a japanese word: 絵文字 (e mo ji) - that means picture character

TECHNICALLY 絵文字 is also a chinese word, but i don't speak or read chinese, so i can't tell you how to say it. the word "emoji" is JAPANESE, though. and before you ask about THAT, since some of you are from who the fuck knows where, japanese and chinese share a little of their written language, but they are DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. do NOT fight me on this, DO NOT

so don't fucking ask again. if you do, i won't draw any emojis for you

but chris will, so go give him shit about that

[middle finger emoji; smiling emoji; middle finger emoji]
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Oh, Christ. Nobody fucking cares!
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voice; cw nick is a racist piece of shit, i'm so sorry about her /o\

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Only because you're blowing up everyone's fucking phones with this stupid shit.

[She adopts a mocking, high-pitched, INCREDIBLY BAD, incredibly racist fake Japanese accent for her imitation of Emily:]

"Japanese not same as Chinese! Everyone care about emojis!"
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[After a brief conversation with Emily, Chris' attempt to not get involved with this is apparently over. Which he's not super pleased about--more that the situation exists at all than anything else--and it gets across in his tone when he replies.]

Nick, seriously, shut the fuck up. You have got to have something better to be doing.
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[OK, well. That's probably the harshest she's ever heard Chris, much less what he's directed at her - of course she's stunned silent, because it feels just like a slap in the face. Of course he'd side with Emily, against her - they've been friends for who knows how long. Nick's an outsider, and she always will be. She was stupid to believe otherwise, so stupid - no matter how close she allows people, no matter what they've been through together or what secrets they've told each other, it's never enough. She's always going to be the one left behind for someone else. Kennedy and Andy both did that to her - why would she expect Chris to be any different? Nick's better off alone, and she knows it, has always known it. The only person she can always count on to have her back is herself.]


[She hisses out that single word and hangs up. Sure, she's got better things to do. There's a whole bar full of alcohol that isn't going to drink itself, right? That sounds like a good place to start.]