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002 | Video

[ The room behind her is ensconced in darkness, and only her face and neck are visible, lit only by the cold light of her phone. She's clearly apprehensive, and uncertain, filled with new doubts, and worries.   This is not a post she had ever thought she would have to make, but now, with Hope announcing the safety of the temples (safety that comes with a price, she believes), she has no real choice.  She swallows, suddenly all nerves. ]

I know it's tempting, but... [  Is there any way to say this where people will listen? ] don't use the temples, don't hide in them.  If you have to hide, then pick a building, find a room, and hunker down.  When the Darkness comes, you might have to move, but... [ She licks her lips, expression pained for a moment before she shakes her head, as if giving up on something.  ]

This is for the best.

[ ...Maybe. ]
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Have no intention of hiding.

[Neither does Rey have any desire to supply the gods with more food than necessary.

[That's it, though. No queries or accusations. Is that really such a surprise?]
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[Sadly Rey would have different opinions on what she "deserves".]

Of course not.

[She never looks to get hurt. It just tends to happen. A lot.]
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Same goes for you, too. If anything can be done.

[Rey really wishes she could say she's been through worse, but this is weird even for her.]
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You can be thankful if we survive this.


At least try not to go full out kamikaze and blow everything up. That never ends well.