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Video| In all my dreams, it's never quite as it seems

[When the video opens up, Ushahin is lying once again inside his bathtub. It's about five o' clock in the morning, so at least he's only waking up the resident of Hadriel up at the crack of dawn instead of the middle of the night this time. He's considerate that way.]

Does anyone else hear it? The music? It's so lovely.

[There is, of course, no music. What he's hearing is the tune he's caught from passing through someone's mind while they sleep. It's had quite the effect on him.]

Music makes everything quiet inside.

[He starts humming to himself, tapping his fingers to keep rhythm. If that tune sounds somewhat familiar, well, it might have been your mind he was tapping into.]
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There isn't any music here.

[It's the thing she misses the most from home.]
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You sound just like my ex.
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[Pretty much the latter.]

It's not like it's the worst thing. We were in a band together for a while, and she used to say dippy shit like that all the time. Just reminds me, that's all.
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What, the band? Same reason bands usually break up, everyone got sick of everyone else's bullshit. "Creative differences" is the technical term.
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[There's a bit of a pause while Nick breathes through the pain of that question. Her words take a harder edge when she speaks again.]

No. She decided she wanted to marry this guy she was hung up on and move back to England.
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That's a stupid fucking question.

[One that cuts entirely too close, is what she means.]
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Draw whatever you want, man. Love's a big cosmic joke. Everything's all just hormones and shit anyway.
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What, you're some kinda expert on love?

[Nick scoffs loudly. He's not wrong about her, though, and it hurts that she's so apparently transparent. Nick has worked hard to convince everyone who knows her - and herself - that the breakup with Kennedy wasn't a big deal, and this guy she's talked with exactly one other time has seen right through the front she's carefully constructed.]

It's great for stories and songs, but in real life, it's total bullshit.
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[She's been this hard since she was much younger. It's what happens when you grow up with an excess of pain and a lack of love and parental involvement - you learn to expect the worst of people and see the world as something that will only hurt you if you allow it.

Nick knows, deep down, that what she felt was real, and that's why it hurt so much when Kennedy left her, just like it hurt when her best friend Andy decided that they weren't really friends anymore.]

You never told me your name, y'know. If you're gonna be all weirdly fuckin' insightful, I think I should know what to call you. I'm Nick.
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[Underneath the angry, callous exterior is a sad, frightened little girl, the Nick who lost her father at eight years of age and never knew love from her mother, only disdain and antipathy and casual violence. She's spent the better part of nearly two decades building herself a facade of the most indestructible materials she can find, hardened her own heart, taught herself not to care, to hate everyone first so it wouldn't hurt her when they turned on her with the same.]

Yeah? I'm known for being a huge bitch and making perfect cappuccino foam. I guess we all got talents, huh.
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[Nick breaks into an abrupt peal of laughter. She's not the sort of person that people like, and that's mostly by her own design. The idea of anyone coming out saying this just seems silly to her.]

You barely even know me, man. You didn't even know my name until like, five seconds ago and I was completely shitfaced the first time you talked to me.
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OK, Master Yoda, if you say so.

[There's an edge of sarcasm in that, but it's not as harsh as she could be. She's trying to turn over a new leaf and at least make an attempt at being more agreeable since her drunken public meltdown.]

I didn't really mean to say a lot of what I said when I was drunk that time. I mean, I did at the time, but I kinda wish I hadn't, now.
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Yeah, don't worry - I'm swearing off booze for a good long time after that. I'm prob'ly gettin' too old for that kinda dumb bullshit anyway.

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