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008 [Video]

[Chris smiles and gives a small wave at the camera when the feed starts, then turns his hand to show Hope's blessing on the back of it.]

So uh, who else got one? And are they all from Hope, or...?

[This is so cool you guys he wants to see who else got what. And for something else slightly less important by still cool--]

Oh, also, my iPhone was up and working for a bit thanks to Pell, and I managed to get some music off it. I'll share on the condition no one makes fun of my taste.

[The last comment is a joke--he's really not going to be too hurt by jabs about his choice in music--but the offer is serious, and attached is a download of the music he's copied off so far. It's kind of a slow process, so there's still more on the phone that he can transfer later.]
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[Nick's response is delayed, because you better believe she downloaded the music and listened to all of it once through.]

I only know like, two of these songs, but Jesus, Chris, this sounds good.
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Yeah, man, I miss the shit outta music. You don't know what you got 'til it's gone, right?

[She laughs quietly at her own joke.]

You had all this on your phone, huh? Some kinda space phone from the future?
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Yeah, but I don't know anyone except for like, rich yuppie assholes who can afford one, much less the phone plan for it. I used to have an old as shit iPod, though, and that had 10 gig for space. I don't think I ever got through all the music on that.
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Beats a Walkman, at least. I mean, don't get me wrong, I liked my Walkman, and I may've cried the day it finally broke down, but that iPod was a lot easier to carry around.
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Yeah, I heard that was a problem with those things. My Walkman played tapes. I didn't have a CD player of my own 'til I moved to Chicago, if you can believe that.
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... OK, now I officially feel old, thanks.

[But she's laughing about it, at least.]
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Yeah, when you kids start talking about your parents having stuff I grew up with as a kid, that makes me feel old. Like I should be someone's parent or something.

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Yeah, well, when your money's going to keeping the lights on and food on the table, you don't really worry about upgrading your technology, y'know? If it ain't broke, you don't replace it.
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[Oops. Well, it's not the first time she's had to point out that particular difference between her and someone else, but it is probably the first time she's felt bad about it afterwards.]

It's all right, man. Not like it really matters here anyway, right?
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At least you get it. Shit like that used to go right over my ex's head.
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Kinda. Her parents were rich - like, send your kids to boarding school abroad, mansions on multiple continents rich. She couldn't really wrap her mind around the concept of not being able to afford things - like, I had some trouble with my wisdom teeth coming in, right, hurt like a motherfucker. She was like, "Nick, just go see a dentist." Didn't occur to her that I literally couldn't because I didn't have money to pay for insurance, must less fronting the cost of surgery to get 'em taken out. Hell, she never even had a job until after I met her. [Nick laughs quietly.] And me, I've been working since I was fifteen. I dunno why she ever thought we were a good idea together. We didn't really have a lot in common, outside of music and Andy.
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Maybe. I dunno, maybe she just liked the idea of slumming it with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks for a while to get back at her parents.
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Yeah, well, she mostly grew up in Europe. Drinking age is a lot lower there, I guess.

[Kennedy was incredibly fickle, and childish in a lot of ways. She absolutely would do something like pursue a girl who was in almost every way her opposite out of spite to her parents for the perceived punishment of sending her back to the States. Nick's been thinking - and talking - about Kennedy a lot more than she has since before she left Chicago, ever since that public display of drunken idiocy. Maybe this is a good thing? She just doesn't know.]

Anyway, enough of my dumb sob story. Thanks for the music.

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