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[ It's Hannah's network debut! The teen looks cheerful enough, for a person trapped in a monster-infested cave nightmare, standing in front of one of her city-decoration projects. ]

Does it work? I know everyone hates when people hit "reply to all" on e-mail, but I haven't really used this thing yet, and I thought I should introduce myself to everyone. We're all stuck here, so... better to have names to go with the faces, right?

[ Hannah, no, this isn't an online college course. ]

My name's Hannah - Hannah Washington. My brother Josh is here, too, and... I'm from the same place as Chris, Ashley, and Emily, if you've met them.

[ She isn't exactly sure how long her friends have been in Hadriel, but it's been longer than her own one-month period for sure. ]

Um - So, I got some cookies for painting, I guess. From Hope, maybe? Are they safe to eat? I know that the "gods" aren't all the same in how bad they are, but if there's any chance of them being risky, maybe it'd be better to throw them away.

[ Hannah pauses, tucking some hair behind her ear. Behind her, occasionally visible, are paintings of butterflies on the walls. ]

Any tips for a cave-city newbie?
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I didn't know Josh had a sister.

[Chris hadn't mentioned it either ... weird.]
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voice ~> video.

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Yeah ... not super well, but I know him. Chris and Ashley too.

[And Emily, but they don't get along. At all. So best not to say much about that.]

I'm Nick. Oh, uh - one sec.

[She switches over to video, waving halfheartedly at the camera. She doesn't smile, but that's mostly because it's just not her default.]

This's me. [She may be recognizable from her very public drunken meltdown a few weeks back.] Welcome to Monstercave City, I guess.
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Yeah, join the club. Pretty much everyone hates it here. I mean, what's not to hate about this place, right?
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I got nothin'. Well, I mean, I guess Chris is OK. Doesn't sound like I would've met any of you all otherwise.
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Yeah, he's all right.

[She smiles, though, in that way people do when they're trying to play it cool about having something nice to say about someone else.]

So I guess you had to deal with all that bullshit in Canada too, right?
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That's really fucked up.

[Nick's been told about Josh's "pranks," and the idea that he'd pull those same stunts on his own sister is unsettling. Maybe they're not on good terms? Maybe that's why no one mentioned Josh even has a sister. How does having a sibling even work? Nick's an only child; she doesn't know.]

Look, this place is bullshit, but we all have enough to deal with from the assholes running this place. If anyone tries starting shit like that again, I can show you how to throw a decent punch, if you want.
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It comes in handy all over. Best thing my dad ever taught me, honestly.