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four ☠ video

Ah... don't mind the lights. I thought they might set the mood a little.

[Fear smiles into the camera. His face is eerily lit by some type of hanging lamp above him, which seems to sway gently in the nonexistent wind. The smile is predatory, the tone is light, yet sinister.]

To all of you new humans, my name is Fear. I opened the Door, and now I've decided to stop your light that has been so generously provided to you since your arrival. For this next few days, I'd like to promote a contest: whoever can scare their fellow friends the most, be it through stories, jokes, or bodily harm- will receive a blessing from me. I'll only give out three blessings.

[There's a pause.]

-ah, and you have five days. Good luck.

[The feed shuts off there. A few minutes later, a new text post from Fear arrives on the network]

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was afraid of death. Whenever he went out to play, he would hide in a small cave near his home and hope that none of the predators came to eat him up. One day he found a small pathway in the cave, just big enough to fit his body through. He thought he heard the thump of footsteps from outside so he forced himself into the pathway. It twisted and turned so much that light no longer shone through and he was alone in the dark- or so he thought.

He began to hear a soft thump in the wall that he was pressed against. And again. And again. And it came louder and louder, faster and faster. The boy scrambled backward, trying to get back to the surface of the cave, but when he reached the entrance, he only found another wall. In complete darkness, with the thumping sounding like a giant drum in his ears, he screamed.

Some days later, a search party finally found a trace of him when they found... a human heart, still thumping on the ground next to a crumbling rock wall!!!
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You're an asshole.
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Yeah, we're real fuckin' irrational like that, getting all pissed off when you sick fucks pull fucked-up shit like this. Why don't you just fuck back off to whatever rock you crawled out from under, huh?
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Oh, so it's everyone else's fault this time? You're so full of shit, anyone ever tell you that?
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No. Go fuck yourself.

[That's all she has to say.]