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[01] Video

[Misa is nervous, scared that she might be revealing too much and that this isn't the right move to make, isn't what Light would want her to do. But none of that shows on her face as she beams at the camera, as if she isn't trapped alone in a realm of her own nightmares. All smiles here!]

Hi, my name is Misa! This place is super scary, isn't it? Dead people walking around and monsters, I hope everyone is okay.

[She takes a moment to look genuinely concerned.]

Are there other people here who are still alive? I'd like to meet you. It... seems like we don't belong in a place like this, right?

[She could leave it there, a call for faces and names that may be of use to her. Or...]

Also, I'm worried that there is a dangerous criminal here.

[She lets her smile fade, fear creeping into her tone.]

His name is M, or Mello. He kidnapped my boyfriend's sister and held her hostage at home, I think he could be connected to all of us being trapped here.
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i hope you don't mind a super late tag-in. voice.

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What kinda fuckin' stupid-ass name is Mello anyway?
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nick sticks with audio because lazy

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Well, yeah, probably, if he's the kinda guy who picks a name like that on purpose.
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noooope, sticking with voice, sorry misa

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Yeah, 'cause I totally have time to keep track of every asshole who ends up here.

[Sarcasm, obviously.]