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fifth; video + action (give me a shot to remember and you can take all the pain away from me)

[Nick is infinitely more sober than the last time she appeared on the network, though the location is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the same. The only difference is that this time, Nick is standing behind the bar, not sitting at it with a drink in hand. She appears slightly uncomfortable, no doubt due to regret over her past broadcast. She clears her throat and nods at the camera.]

So if you didn't already know, I'm working at the bar now. Delight asked me to help out, and it's what I used to do back in Chicago, so.

[She shrugs. Obvious connection is obvious.]

I know I said a lot of shit last time I talked to everyone on this thing, but as I'm sure you all noticed, I was pretty fucking drunk. [She sighs, rolling her eyes, mildly irritated with herself.] I didn't mean most of it, and I'm not gonna, like, poison anyone's drink while I'm working. I also don't drink when I'm on the job, so you don't have to worry about any more dumb bullshit like before. I'm a professional, OK? Just so we got that out there. And yeah, that does mean I'll cut you off if I see you acting like an asshole.

[She reaches over to kill the feed, then remembers she has one more thing to say.]

Oh yeah - leave your fucking pets or whatever at home. I know we don't got health inspections to pass or anything, but that shit still ain't sanitary.

[There, now she's done. She hangs up, but will respond to any replies in between serving patrons of Delight's bar. Perhaps you're even one of them?]
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[It's video, because there's no way he's going to all the time and effort to blink over to the bar unless he's got a reason to.]

You serve condiments?
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Any kind. Ketchup, mustard, mayo, that kinda thing.

[He is actually not trolling okay.]
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Hey, look, not everybody can drink your run-of-the-mill alcohol. Goes right through me. I gotta have somethin' with a little magic to it.

[He waves a packet of mustard in front of the screen briefly.]
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[He manages to look, for a moment, offended. If one can look offended while wearing a placid grin.]

Do you ask everyone if they have a biological need to drown their sorrows?

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[Simon has managed to miss Nick's broadcast by being incredibly appalled at the sudden lack of actual functional water in the city. At least the water from the tap had seemed reasonably clean by all his testing standards, but you can't exactly wash or irrigate with candy, can you?

Hence his appearance in the bar, not a place he commonly spends time just yet, sliding up to the counter and clearing his throat politely.]

Ah, excuse me. Would you by any chance have a bottle of grain alcohol back there? The higher proof, the better.
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[It takes him a second to make the connection with the assumption, after which begins the backpedaling.]

No, I think you misunderstood. I'm a doctor.

[That's probably not helping.]
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[His mouth works for a second, attempting to form words, before he finally manages a sentence that seems to come together.]

I love my job. It's very necessary and I'm very good at it. But I'm less good when we don't even have running water. I'm looking for anything that can be used as an emergency antiseptic, in case this keeps up. That's why I'm looking for grain alcohol.

[Although by the time this conversation is over, he could probably use a drink.]

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[action] Forward-dated to late on the 29th

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[Enough time has passed that he really can't deny it anymore.

In two weeks, both Ashley and Josh had disappeared. Ashley returning home had been difficult, but in a selfish way; he knows she survived at home, and despite that things won't exactly be over when she gets off the mountain--it might never be over--she's alive. She's somewhere safer than this place.

But Josh isn't. There's the faint chance he might've survived and that the police would find him, but somewhere in Chris' mind of heart or intuition he knows they won't. Unless Josh returns to this place at some point, Chris will never see him again.

Chris might've been able to handle Josh leaving if Ashley hadn't just before, or maybe he wouldn't have been able to after all. He doesn't know and it really doesn't matter; there's no end to the awful things that happen here, and if it weren't this it'd be something else. He's just so tired of trying to accept and understand and move on, and deal with his problems like he's a well-adjusted adult. He isn't.

This event is harmless. Everyone is as safe as they'll ever be, and Hannah and Emily are probably asleep anyway at this hour; it's nearly midnight when he leaves the house, a note left in the kitchen in case one of his roommates did wake up and worry about him.

It doesn't take long to reach the bar and he steps in quietly, hoping it's relatively deserted, and it is. Except for Nick, anyway, who is behind the bar, and Chris hesitates in his plan for a brief moment before deciding he doesn't care. Like she'd have any room to judge anyway, he thinks, and then immediately feels a combination of guilt and anger towards himself for it.

He takes a seat at the bar, not even bothering to attempt a smile at his friend, gaze flickering toward the bottles on the wall behind her.]

What is the strongest stuff they have here anyway?

[Is it even alcohol he'd recognize? He doesn't really know, considering he hasn't had any of it since the night of Delight's party, and that had just been shots other people had already ordered.]
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[Chris watches her set the bottle on the bar, and it's... Definitely unusual looking stuff as far as alcohol goes, but in this place it hardly even registers on the strange scale. Same thing with the described flavor.]

That sounds gross.

[He says it casually, distantly, and it doesn't really match with his actions as he pulls the lid off out of curiosity at what the stuff smells like. It's... Pretty much what she described.


He has enough sense to realize that if it's that strong he really should be careful with drinking it--or reconsider the idea entirely--but it's only a passing thought; he wouldn't have really cared at the moment even if he didn't have a way to heal himself if he gave himself alcohol poisoning. But he does, so there's really no risk at all, except the risk of Nick cutting him off at the three shots she mentioned.

So he'll just take a drink straight from the bottle, and maybe a second if he can manage it before she takes it away.]
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[Well, that's no surprise. He just kind of sighs, putting up no opposition to her taking the bottle, though he isn't really expecting the lecture; it's not like she's paying for stock and he doubts Delight will think twice about replacing the bottle.

Still, he's pretty sure he circumvented the three shot rule with the stunt, which is what he'd been going for. It's a bonus that she gives him another glass anyway, and he knows he really shouldn't take it but is far past backing out of things now.

So he downs it immediately, especially when he hears her question. Part of him doesn't want to talk about it--any of it--but the larger part that's prompted him to come here in the first place does want to. He suddenly understands why Nick had made her drunken broadcast the month before.]

Ash and Josh are both gone.

[It's as distant as before, because he's more focused on feeling the alcohol kick in. It's definitely as strong as she said, and hopefully that's strong enough.]

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Very good. I am pleased to see you finding a useful occupation for your time.

[No sarcasm here. Ushahin actually means it. He'd been concerned that the girl was a bit of a drunken fool, but if it was a one-off, he has less to worry about. Humans should be allowed their foolishness once in a while.]
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I don't know if that would be wise. My powers and alcohol are not a good mixture.

[If Nick thinks her public meltdown was bad, just imagine what Ushahin's would be like. Everyone within projecting distance would be feeling every bit of pain, anger, despair, and whatever else he was feeling at the time.]
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Somehow, drinking surrounded by those fools who wish to while away their time with alcohol doesn't precisely appeal to me.

[Their minds, numbed and sluggish from their drinks, don't sound like something he wants to expose himself to.]

I can go into men's minds and see their thoughts. I can break them or change them as I see fit, even when they sleep. That's why I named myself Dreamspinner.

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