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Video/Action; Sleep with one eye open

[The video opens up to Ushahin. He's looking a little more ruffled than usual, though only those who know him well will notice the signs. He's breathing hard, like he just finished running, and keeps pushing his hair back with one hand. Every couple of seconds, his eyes dart off to the left. There's a rhythmic banging sound in the background.]

If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate some assistance. I seem to have found myself trapped by these creatures. Damnable thing aren't affected by my powers.

[It was a move borne of stupidity on his part. He'd known his powers didn't affect the dead and still he'd gone out. Now he was paying the price for it.]

I have found shelter in one of the shops for now, but I don't know how long it will take them to break through. If anyone can arrive in less than twenty minutes-- [There's a loud splintering sound and the video is dropped as he scrambles for something else to barricade the entrance with. He returns shortly, looking decidedly unnerved.] --perhaps it would be best to make that fifteen minutes. I would be greatly appreciative. If not, well...

[Eaten by zombies. What a terrible ending for someone who's lived as long as he.]
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[This is a bad idea.

This is a bad idea, and Nick knows it; this is exactly where every goddamn zombie movie protagonist she's ever seen goes wrong, by caring too much and trying to help. And it never works out, does it.

Still ...]

Where are you?
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[The shops aren't so far away. She could probably make it in time. She fought off a few zombies on her way back home from the bar, so she knows that if she aims for their heads, her energy bolts are enough to stop them.]

Don't leave unless you have to. I'm coming.
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[She makes it there in twelve minutes, because she runs her way through the crowds of zombies and doesn't stop to fight any of them. She moves slower in Morphus, and speed is the main advantage she has over zombies. Once she arrives at the shop, she circles around to a window at the side of the building and knocks loudly on the glass.]

Hey! I'm here. Let's get going.
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[Can a doll-shaped thing bristle? If so, that's what Nick's doing. She may be making an attempt at making peace with her Nightbane self, and some of that comes in the form of self-describing as a monster. Hearing it from someone else, though ... that's a different story.]

Yeah ... surprise, I guess.

[Her words have a hollow, echoing quality, but Nick's voice is still recognizable as her own,for those who know the cadence of her voice and the patterns her speech take.]

Come on, we need to get out of here and get to high ground, someplace they can't follow.