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eighth; video + action (heartbreaker, heartbreaker, i wanna tear your world apart)


[Nick hasn't been absent from Hadriel for very long in Hadriel days, but for her, it's been months since she's seen the all-too familiar walls of the colosseum, and finding herself within them once again feels nothing short of catastrophic. She's sure she's been angrier than she is now at some previous point in her life, but at the moment, she's having a hard time pulling such an instance from her memory. Shaking and tense, she turns to her phone.]

Which one of you fuckers brought me back?

[She knows exactly who and what are responsible for her being here; this is nothing more than a defiant swing in the dark.]


[Later, once the shock of being returned to Hadriel has begun to fade, Nick can be found right back at Delight's bar, serving drinks as if she never left. There are slight differences, for those who know her well enough to notice - her hair is grown out past her shoulders, and underneath the anger and irrational feeling of betrayal at being brought back after managing to make an escape, there is something like calm, an almost-peace that wasn't present before.]
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[He can feel it. She's returned after being away for over a week. Ushahin had begun to despair he might never see his friend again. She had left and he hadn't even gotten a chance to say goodbye. Loss was a familiar feeling for the old immortal, but it was never an easy process. Though he rarely comes to the bar, he makes an exception so that he might look on Nick once again.

His gaze, usually so unfocused, gazes right at her as soon as he walks through the door. There's a tight feeling in his chest and it won't go away.]

You came back.
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I was worried. I thought you might never come back.

[He takes a few swift steps around the edge of the bar and pulls her into a hug. Ushahin never touches people if he can help it. He's got too many hang-ups about physical contact. But in this case, he'll make an exception. The tight feeling in his chest finally goes away as he hugs her tight.]

Once I lose someone, I almost never see them again. But here you are.

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What happened?
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I thought they couldn't do that?


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Not it

[ unless "it" is a smart-ass brat, in which case yes that is her ]
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[ Cashmere roll her eyes right back. ]

You're welcome.

Are you okay?

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I think it helps if you ask nicely.

[ He's. Y'know. Teasing. ]
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[ Yeah, okay- he got the message loud and clear. ]

And gods have a habit of not giving a shit- even when they don't seem to have anything to do with it.
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[Oh hey. It's her again. He was wondering why the bar was a bit emptier than usual.]

Uh, welcome back?
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You weren't really gone that long. Unless it was...different for you.

[Time, he knows, can be an obnoxiously difficult little shit when it wants to be, and he long since stopped puttin' any kinda stock in the concept of linearity.]


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You were gone?

I didn't notice.
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[ He missed you too. ]

Well you give some shits if you're on the network complaining.


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[ Will had only been here for about a month now, felt like much longer but still, it was hardly any time at all. and out of that time, he'd spent a good few nights in this very bar. He was slowly becoming a regular, which is arguably a bad thing, not that Will was bothered about that.

So here he was, unaware of what troubles the barmaid had recently been, though, he just wanted his whiskey and try to drown his sleepless nights in the bottom of the bottle.

It was kind of late now, Will had shown up near closing time, he just wanted to grab a night cap, then he could go back to his bed and hope to avoid the nightmares a little longer. Tossing a look at Nick as he nodded, pushing a small, quick smile over his lips as he ordered his drink. ]
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[ Great, she wanted to talk? Will had to compose himself. He took a deep breath and raised up from slumped shoulders. His sleepy eyebrows raised and he dragged his eyes over to her direction. There was no direct eye contact but he did glance over her face briefly. ]

Mhm... Feels like it's going to be a long one. Here's to late nights and plenty of whisky.

[ Raising his glass to her before taking a large gulp from it. ]


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