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I think that, um, with all those portals being closed, that's the last of the things that the Door brought through. I can't sense anything else, anyway.

Whew!!! What a crazy couple of weeks! You guys were all real troopers for hanging in there with us. I really thought we might be able to send you home!

I'd say "drinks are on me", but they kind of always are... so stop by for some drinks if you want! I've got some Delight shots ready to serve up too if any of you want to party all night with me!!! It's gonna be really fun, okay? We can forget all about that weird Door/demon/disaster stuff for awhile and just have a good time.

I'm already looking forward to it!
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next time you guys decide to try and mess around with that shit, you should really give us a heads up first.

[pls and thank]
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told you before that isn't the case for everyone.
pretty sure you people don't care enough to remember that, so just thought to remind you.
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then don't do it again. ever.
anyone who wants to go home probably will eventually.

[Hell, that logic applies even for those who don't want to.]
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/gently threadjacks

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Fuck you, Rey. [ whelp ]
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)

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not everyone has a happy home life with loving family and friends to return to.

all some of us have to look forward to is being dead or worse.

so unless there's an alternative, fuck off, because what they've been trying to do is a literal death sentence for some stuck here.
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Oh, boo fucking hoo. You think I'm going to go home to sunshine and daisies? To some happy fucking ending? Big surprise, but I'm not.

Some of us have the balls to accept that.
[ she's going to regret this a lot in the next hour or so ]
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and this isn't just about me or you.
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You think I'm not aware of that. [ Yes, she is that selfish. Her dad means everything to her, more than Mello, and Cecily, and Rey, and all of the people in this place put together. It hurts so much to place the people she cares about on a scale like that, but her father gave up everything to protect her and she'll do the same. Her own life means nothing if she can't protect his. ]
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if you're willing to throw away the lives of friends and others here, then no. don't think you really are.

because right now all you're thinking of is yourself and how much YOU want to go home, aren't you? you couldn't care any less about what that could mean for someone else so long as you get what you want.
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You're right. [ She does understand the consequences of what she wants, understands it so incredibly well, but sacrifices have to be made. They always have to be made, and she's willing to make them. ]
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and if that's how you feel, then we have nothing more to talk about.
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[ Good job, Sharon. A+. She's going to go drink her self-hatred away after this. ]
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unless the option to "pick and choose" somehow becomes possible, then yes.
it'll be an unpopular opinion, but don't really care about that.
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if we are ever liberated from this place, darling, I can take you with me.
circumitus: She was stuck there, we simply exchanged rides. (it's not like i paid for sex)


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that isn't a promise that anyone can make at this time.
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if I have my ship back I can cross worlds and timelines. I can at least promise that I won't abandon you by choice.
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guess that's better than anything else so far.

[It still doesn't quell her concerns completely, as there are others that are left with shitty deals.]

do you need to know my location or is it possible to just

somehow narrow in on my coordinates in the world?
[She doesn't know how this world-hopping shit works.]
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timeship can work off a DNA sample. i could go all Victorian and wear a locket with your hair in it or something.
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a little bit of hair is a small sacrifice.


if you could make it to arkhangelsk, that would be the best time. think it was october- something.
october 24?

[Just before she got made into a shish kabob, but after she managed to take care of some unfinished business.]
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that's close to the memory I saw, yes?


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thank you.

[So what if this makes her unpopular? I DO WHAT I WAAANT.]