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003 | Video + Action

[ The video starts out shaking, the view beginning with a brief shot of Sharon's stained boots (brilliant red spatters) and the dirt floor beneath, but it's soon shifted up. The focus settles on a fire engine red box, nearly a foot in length, that rests against the wall of one of the buildings. The lid has a strange symbol painted on it, a triple moon, and after she's certain people have gotten a good look, she kicks open the box, lid flopping back. The workmanship on the box is shoddy at best, but that's not what you're supposed to be noticing.

No, what you're supposed to be noticing is that the rectangular box is filled with a variety of items. There appears to be cloth, canned goods, a blade, and a canteen stuffed within, among other things. ]

There are a handful of these caches throughout the city. You spot the symbol [ She kicks the box again, and it rattles as the lid falls shut, the symbol back into frame. ] You'll find a box nearby. In it should be enough goodies to help you survive if you're ever caught off guard when the shit hits the fan here. There's also a healing trinket in each one, thanks to Kate and Carlisle, along with instructions on how to use it.

[ She pulls back, lifting the camera up to show another of the triple moon symbols on the wall in red paint. It's not large, but the bright red is enough to catch an eye or two. She doesn't turn the camera to her face as she continues to speak, leaving everyone to enjoy paint drying. ]

You use something from it, you put it back when you can. I won't be doing rounds to check on these things often, so if you fuck someone over by being a dick, that's on you. [ This is obviously the perfect place to end the post. No goodbye. No sign off. Yeah. She's good at this. ]


[ And, for those who wish to encounter Sharon in person, she can be found throughout the city, painting the symbol on various walls, about eye level for those of an average height. She may also be found stocking any one of the red boxes. So, come over, have a chat, or criticize her on her shoddy workmanship. ]
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[This time, Rey isn't doing any rounds for the Guard. Instead, she's bored, strolling towards the bar or the orchard or the dam, whichever her feet take her to first. Her continued insomnia shows in her paled complexion and the darkness around her eyes, but she somehow is able to carry herself around with little trouble. That's just how Rey is.

[Of course, she's also taken the time to examine the network every now and then, having taken the time to read and review and process it all. Mostly process the fact that she is still here, and that is arguably a good thing.

[She's staring down at her phone when she passes by a figure, which catches her attention out the corner of her eye. That is when Rey finds herself slowing down.

[While hardly concerned with the petty "crime" of graffiti (not like that's ever been a misconduct in this city), she does see some irony in Sharon's attempt at lending a helping hand towards her fellows. Rey pauses, contemplating the prudence of sharing words after their most recent discourse. It would certainly suit her more to keep walking, wouldn't it?

[But she doesn't. Rather than words, she just stops to make an unflattering snort at Sharon's current endeavors, her expression blank and uninspired.]
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[If Rey is angry, it doesn't show. Her tone is emotionless when she speaks:]

Just find it ironic to see you acting like you give a shit.
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Let's see, how did you phrase it exactly...?

[She feigns a contemplative pause.]

Oh, yes. "Boo fucking hoo".