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第8: text

chris is gone

[And it's a testament to how close they'd gotten in Hadriel that she noticed so quickly. They shittexted and realtexted regularly, to say nothing of when she crashed with him after the demon thing. They've been through so much shit here. He'd been here longer than her. Now, of her friends from home, she's the veteran here, so to speak.

So here she is, doing her first official duty as such. Or whatever.

Goddamnit, nerdbrain.]

i know he had a lot of friends here. i'm sorry
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[Nick is too upset to take the time for texting, and it's obvious from the choked way the single word she manages to scrape out of her throat sounds.]

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Shit ...

[It hurts so much more than Nick wants to acknowledge - more than when Kamina left for good, even more than when she was the one who left. It's a long, slow tear through her heart, because she knows enough about the world he's likely gone back to, full of monsters and permanent death, and because he was her first friend in this godforsaken hellhole, the first person she opened up to after Andy and Kennedy were through ripping holes in her heart back in Chicago.

There's a clattering sound as Nick drops the phone on a counter, and then a quiet, muffled sound that Emily should be able to place as crying, if she is paying attention. Yep, that's right; this heartless bitch is crying because Chris is gone. Enjoy that, Emily.

The crying lasts an uncomfortably long minute or so, until Nick realizes she didn't actually hang up when she set her phone down. Then there's shuffling, an irritated, tearful "Goddammit," then silence.]