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This is Inquisitor Trevelyan.

[ Not that she's able to do any inquisiting here, but the title has long since stuck to her, despite Cecily's original complaints. ]

Dorian Pavus has gone, if you knew him, and--... it all makes me wonder, really, what the patterns are with the disappearances. A handful of our people have gone and not come back. Dorian came back, but without his memories of his time here. I came back with my memories. Has anyone been able to figure out any sort of method to it all?

It could be that the Door is just choosing without meaning, but it does seem that it can be more cruel to some than others, doesn't it?
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Doesn't mean anything. It's all just bullshit. Saying it's choosing is like saying God has a plan for everyone and that's somehow supposed to explain why shitty things keep happening.

[Yeah, someone's having a rough time with one recent disappearance in particular.]

For what it's worth, if you're - as they say - collating data, I got sent back and I was there for six months before I ended up back here, and I remember every awful fucking minute of this place from before.
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Got that right. Not like any of these fuckers here are any different, right? "Ooh, my name is Fear and I really wanna scare all of you!" Bitch, please.
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Anyone who's friends with any of these assholes is a complete fucking idiot.

[Well ... ]

Except for Delight. She's OK.
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Yeah, I guess it's better than all of them bein' out to fuck us all up. Still, y'know, leaving us all the fuck alone would be even better.
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If this shithole is their idea of a gift, I wanna know where to fuckin' return it.

[Nick's not bitter, you're bitter!!]

How long? Hard to say ... I think I was here for at least a year, the first time. Pretty much felt like forever. Then I got sent back, was there for six months before some asshole brought me back here again. Just long enough to start getting my shit together before getting the rug yanked out from under me again. That was ... a couple, three months ago, I guess.
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Yeah ...

[Not only does it suck beyond the telling of it to be returned home and then cruelly wrenched back, it's hard for those who are left behind to carry on without the people who make this place bearable.]

Say, d'you believe all that bullshit they tell us about having no control about who comes and goes? Like this Door thing has a mind of its own?