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[The view is actually settled on his face for once. He's getting better at managing this form of technology. Instead of his room which is usually filled with pillows and a messy bed he's sitting on a couch. The room is rather barren and seems to be filled with only basic necessities. It's a little depressing for Tyki's taste but he's sitting comfortably on it like it is his own.

It's not. It's actually the current residence of Yu Kanda and he's here completely uninvited.

Now that things have settled down it almost feels like everything has normalized. Well, almost everything. I do apologize if my double has done anything rather damaging either to your residence or your person. I ran into him a few times but was unable to stop him. [Due to reasons he doesn't want to discuss. That would mean giving away his abilities.]

I have just two questions today. One, has anyone been to the bottom of the lake? Two, can anyone understand me? [The second question is entirely in Portuguese. It's more of a curiosity than anything.] And lastly, cigarettes. Annoy Hope for cigarettes and I will offer any favor I can whether it is hunting or trading if you are the one to succeed. In any case, I am bored and will gladly travel with you for company if you have anything to do. I do rath-

[Oh, sorry, were you speaking to the public? Kanda doesn't care. Enjoy that boot aiming right for the back of your head there, Tyki, because this was certainly the face of someone walking into intruders. He won't quite stab his couch, not yet, though his little hole in the ground doesn't provide much room in the way of fighting. He's very quick about getting onto Tyki and getting straight to the point. He doesn't care if his phone is still recording. Doesn't care if he catches the Guard's attention. He just wants the bastard out of his sancuary. Which, of course, is no longer such.]

Get off your lazy ass, get the hell out, and go do your dirty work yourself!

[He's moving quickly off the couch and onto his feet in case that sword does come into play and with a rather bright smile he's holding his hands out wide to make himself less of a threat.] Oh come now, Exorcist. I thought we could have a little chat~♥
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[Oh, man. You said the magic word.]

If you can get cigarettes out of any of these assholes, it will be a fucking miracle.
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Hope's a dick and a half. You'd be better off asking Delight - she's at least halfway reasonable.

[Also Nick sort of works for her, at her bar, so she's not gonna badmouth her sorta-boss.]

I'd offer to share, but my little evil twin smoked the last of mine. Bitch.
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Hey, that's like, the smoker's code of honor or whatever - you never refuse a cigarette to a fellow smoker, right? Well, unless they're you're evil twin, hellbent on making your life shit, I guess. That I'd make an exception for.
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Well ... it's the thought that counts, right? Anyway, I'm on pretty good terms with Delight, I'll ask if she can help us out at all. Way back when I first got here, I got a carton in some weird fuckin' Christmas present, so someone around here has to know what they are and how to get them.
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Oh, I dunno about that ... you prob'ly wouldn't want me for a friend. I'm apparently a pretty shitty friend, according to my friends - well, a friend, anyway.

[Her best friend. Former. Nick goes quiet for a moment - it's been at least two years for her, and that loss still stings.]

Well, anyway, I'll see what I can do. You'll be the first to know if I have any luck.