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new phone who this

[Yep, that's it.]

[Action - Apartments]
[Looks like someone is taking it upon himself to move into the last empty 1-bedroom apartment. Of course, Prussia has to find out if any of them are unoccupied first. That means you might find a mysterious person with white hair and red eyes peeking through a window of your own apartment, or maybe he'd be caught on the outside looking in by someone visiting or coming home. He's trying to not get caught, but he also doesn't care all that much.

Eventually he'll be found in apartment 801 in spire 1, front door slightly open, as he inspects the place. Though the place is fully furnished, it looks like it's otherwise unoccupied. Prussia doesn't have much to fill it with other than some food he got from the store, and a pizza-shaped blanket he got in the coliseum. Still, he looks pleased with himself. His own apartment! All on his own!]

This is a good place to start over!
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sorry this device doesn't pick up worthless texts that well. you're going to have to be more specific.
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krrrkkhjhkkkk sorry can't see your message rgrghhggkkkkkkgh breaking up kkhkhkkkohnojgjjgjgkkk
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sorry not sorry.