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(Oh how he wishes he could simply write this instead of speaking to the populace directly. But his conscience will not allow him to take the easy way out.)

I wish to apologize profusely for my behavior. (He will not name anyone specifically - and further embarrass them - but his dark head is hanging dejectedly.)

For those who desired an Elvish sword, I have made five. You are welcome to come by the Forge to test them for yourself. I am certain you will not damage them.

(Because he made them and his works last.)
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[She knows nothing about how to use swords, but is highly proficient with knives. Knowing how difficult it is to find ammo here, Ellie can't just ignore the video.]

I wasn't one of the people who asked for those, but would you be willing to trade something with me for a weapon? Something smaller, if you have that. Or I could- owe you a favor? Shit, what do people even trade with here?
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[Yessss, she can do that! She's a master of scavenging!]

A knife would be great. I can definitely find some stuff if you're able to do that.
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video > action

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Got it!

[She swings by a in the middle of the day, slinging a small bag of materials just inside the door behind her. She's picked the time on purpose- figures it's safer to meet a stranger at a busier hour when more people are likely to come by.

The bag she's brought along (really just a torn up piece of cloth) doesn't have much in it, but it's more a gesture of good faith since she's only here to get her measurements at this point. She'll do her best to find something really useful later.]


[Ah. She forgot to get a name.]
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[Geez, dude. She'd normally have some smarmy comment about it- or how she was not a child- but this guy is offering to make her a weapon. She should be nice.]

Uh, hey. I'm Ellie. I talked to you on the network?
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[It'd blow her mind to learn that.]

Uhhhhh... Sort of. I left 'em by the door. It's not much yet, but I'm gonna bring more.

[She's aware it doesn't sound great, but Ellie's steely eyes say she's good for it.]

I swear.
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[She nods and rocks up on her heels once before following him, thrumming with contained enthusiasm. A proper weapon. Made for her. Holy shit.]

Right. Yeah. Let's do this.