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[There's a very remorseful looking Jill Valentine addressing the network today. As terrible a she feels, she's not going to shrink from this moment. She looks right into the camera and speaks with the true feeling in her heart.]

Hi, everyone. I want to formally apologize for my words and actions during the last couple of weeks. I just... I know I'm not the only one who was affected by the choosing of the gods, but I can't hide behind that as an excuse for my behavior.

[She feels absolutely terrible for the way she treated some people in particular.]

I especially want to apologize to Danse, Jo, Sharon, and Curufin. I want you to know I would never normally say those things to you. And I'm so very, very sorry. If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, or anyone else I offended, just tell me and you have my word it'll be done.

Thanks for listening.
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Geez. What the heck did you do?

[Sorry, Jill. She's nosy.]
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Well, apologizing is a good first step. It'll probably be fine.
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[Ellie pauses a moment, considering her words. They're a little more subdued than normal.]

Everyone says things they don't mean, sometimes. I think good friends understand that.
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[Ellie winces. Ah.]

Uh, yeah. Don't mention it.

[She's awkward at accepting thanks, but she gives Jill a smile anyway.]

Hope it works out okay.