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[Voice] glitchy network time!

[There's a whole lot of static, and then, for those over in Group A, it's followed by A REALLY ANNOYING high-pitched electric squealing sound. Sorry about that. Bad connection and all. He's on the side with a crap network and no food, how fun.]

[Eventually, Kain's voice can be somewhat heard. At least it sounds like Kain for now. Though it's muffled and the static drowns out most of what he's saying.]


.......tried to....... [LOOOONG BURST OF STATIC, which sounds even louder and more grating on side A. Ouch, hope you don't mind your new headache.]

.....food.......may not.......supplies.......[The static just sounds creepier right now. And additionally it's followed by a whole lot of RANDOM BEEPS on side A. Kain's voice starts sounding more distorted too.]

....mon...... repeat, MO........under atta.......warn.......

[There's one long beep... then it fades into static.]
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[Ellie decides it's maybe best to try something a little easier for the network to handle- unbeknownst to her, being on the same side will help as well. The message is concerning to say the least, and she worries someone out there needs help and isn't getting it.]

hey i have no fucking idea who this is or whats happening but tell me how i can help you
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[They can only hope.]

got it. ill spread the word. good luck reaching the others

i havent had any luck yet aside from some glitchy messes