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Jul. 26th, 2017 04:10 pm
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[ It's obvious this is being filmed in one of the many temples, all cool hard stone behind her, and, given the subject matter of the video, most likely to be Hope's. Sharon does not look pleased. Furious might be the better descriptor but it's a calm sort of fury. There are a few spatters of dark blood on her cheeks, dried and cracking; old. She has no wounds just stains and memories. She leans in towards the lens and whispers: ]

So, which one of you fuckers killed me? [ Her killer could reply, he might not, but she won't stop until she finds him and returns the favor. ]

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Apr. 10th, 2016 04:50 pm
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Um. Hi. I'm Henry.

[ He knows full well how to use a smartphone so there's no awkwardness there, it's more the fact that he's addressing people he can't see and hasn't even met in person yet. They all do it so it's nothing new, it's just figuring out how to start this that has him fumbling for words for a moment. Some people might not even really care who he is and what his name is, but he likes to be friendly. Might as well be authentic, even in a place like this. ]

I've been here for a few weeks now, I...haven't met a lot of people yet. And I was thinking about where we all come from.

[ There's a lot to fear or at least be worried about when it comes to this place, so idle chitchat like what he's initiating might not be super welcomed by everyone, but messages like these are easy to ignore, he figures. He's curious and he wants to know people better; the ones who are willing to listen and respond, anyway. ]

I know of a lot of places, some of them...kind of bad. But I didn't know a place like this could exist. So. I was thinking maybe there are places even worse than this out there. Or maybe more places like where I come from, where things are more...normal. Ish. [ The 'ish' is because, well, his hometown doesn't even technically exist. But that's a story for another time. ] What's your home like? Is this place better than what you left behind?

[ And, because he is a teenage boy: ] What do you miss most? I miss really good New York pizza. And my family. I really miss my family, but at least my mom's here. Well, one of them, at least. [ Oh. Right. That's another story. That'll have to wait. ]
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Normally, I would think what I'm about to ask is an odd question, but given the location and the circumstances, maybe not so much.

( this is gonna make for a good first poke at the network, innit, sammy? )

How many of you actually know about monsters? Spirits, things that go bump in the night, that sort of thing? Because where I'm from, they're pretty common, and I've noticed from meeting others here that it isn't that way for everyone.

( which is how it should be, if you ask him. nobody should know that the thing in their closet is real. )

Next question. Would anyone be interested in learning about things like that, and how to protect yourself against them?

( there. it's out there. he's doing a good thing. )
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[It's not that Bianca hasn't been enjoying the party. She's been everywhere, but fleetingly: pouring drinks, drinking toasts, absorbing the ambience, drinking some more. She has made no effort to take centre stage - till now.

It's during the last days, when everyone is feeling the worse for wear and the riotousness has died down some, that Bianca appears on the network.

She is not on a stage, not using one of the karaoke machines. She's in her house, the lights low, and one of her pet hyenas props her back up while the other acts as a footrest. She has an open bottle of tequila in one hand, and the carcasses of several empties lie around her. When she stares into the video feed, the unfocused look in her eyes suggests that standing up might currently be beyond her power. Her mirror lies on her lap.

Instead of speaking, Bianca starts to sing. Her voice is deep, powerful and true, and she doesn't speak until the song is finished.]

My cavemates. My friends. I fell here from a great ship between the stars, one just as inescapable and dark as these tunnels, just as full of monsters.

It had its own mirror, its own equal and opposing force. I shall not bore you with the tale of the two ships' struggle for dominance, of how I changed sides and fought at my own side for love and redemption.

[She says these words with derisive emphasis, and then smiles.]

I was sure I would die. What does one do, after one's great heroic sacrifice is rejected? After one wakes from the final battlefield to find oneself on another battlefield, ridden by yet more gods and monsters?

[She answers her own question by raising her bottle shakily to take another deep swallow.]

I am Bianca. Tell me, my children, where did you arrive here from? Where is your home?
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The upset children are right. Do not eat anything with meat in it. This is the last time I accept any help from the others.

Healing the bodies isn't so difficult - anyone I've given a blessing to can do it, and perhaps others who can heal, as well. Separating the spirits from the bodies is much more time-consuming and tedious, however. If you bring them to the altar of my temple, I should be able to do it. Otherwise, we'll find some other way to take care of these monsters.

I cannot believe I have to tell my colleagues not to feed you human meat. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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[The last few days have been... A little strange. At first no one had thought much of Emily being a little more difficult than usual, and Josh is always a bit unpredictable, but it had quickly grown apparent there was something wrong. By the morning of the 17th it had become clear what.

Chris appears on camera first, looking very forcibly composed. This is not going to be good news, but it has to be said and the sooner the better; he isn't sure exactly what kind of timescale they're looking at, but the quicker everyone knows what they're dealing with hopefully less people will get hurt.]

Okay, so, everyone is probably starting to like... Figure out something weird is going on.

[Something weird. Yeah. That's one way to put it. He glances off-camera a bit nervously, then back.]

It's um... We know what it is. So we're going to tell you what we know, and try to figure out what to do from there.

Cut for pro wendigo-hunting tips )


Jan. 22nd, 2016 06:49 pm
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Has anyone else experienced death here? Have you had any side-effects?

Not sure if I'm supposed to be waiting for the punchline or not. Guess Hope wasn't yanking our chains about revival.
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[ It's not as if Miller's pleased that half of Hadriel's captives have apparently been buried alive, but this also grants him an opportunity he'd been craving. It places him back into a position that he's come to miss and yearn for since his arrival here. He can't fight the monsters who come with the newcomers, he can't convince the gods to send them home when they don't even know how the process works, but he can organize people. And this situation, with Hope's set of coordinates? This is his bread and butter.

The broadcast comes from a desk in the main living area of Kaz's apartment. He's propped his phone and adjusted it so that it shows him from the shoulders up. A number of people here already know about his disabilities, but anyone who doesn't should stay that way for now. They might see his missing limbs and his need for a crutch as a weakness, which will make them less likely to listen to him. ]

Fear's really done a number on us this time, hasn't he?

[ He shakes his head, dismayed but not defeated. He assumes it's Fear, anyway. Who else would be behind this? Sitting with his back straight and his beret set in place, Miller takes on the air of command. ]

This we can do something about, though, unlike the blizzard. Anyone who's above ground and willing to help dig someone up, report in. I'll assign you a set of coordinates. Then, report back with whether or not you were successful in digging someone up -- and if so, who it was.

[ That's all simple enough, but Kaz can guess that both those who've been buried and those who haven't are in a panic, and a good leader needs to address something like that. ]

I'm sure that many of you have friends who are in need of your help. [ His brow knits, a quiet show of empathy. ] But right now, we need to focus on getting each and every person dug up, so even if you end up rescuing a stranger, just keep in mind that I'll have probably sent someone else to free your loved one. The important thing is that we make sure each plot is covered so that no one is overlooked.

[ Someone just made a helpful announcement about how awful it would be to suffocate in one of those coffins, after all. ]

For those who are curious, my name is Kazuhira Miller, and I have experience with organizing an army. Getting a few people dug up should be a cakewalk if everyone keeps their calm -- and if enough people want to help.

[ Maybe he's guilting people a little with that last point. It might have to do with the fact that he's self-conscious that he can't contribute to any of the physical requirements of this particular crisis. Then again, that had been the case with taking down Cipher too, and they'd still pulled it off. ]

And if anyone who's trapped is watching this... hang in there. We're on our way.

[ With a firm nod, he ends the feed. ]
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[Beyond quit giving network-wide addresses long before he ended up here, but - someone needs to be the voice of reason, apparently, and he is something of an expert on death.]

Those of you who have been buried alive - please listen closely. You have a very limited supply of oxygen to work with, and it would be in your best interest to conserve it as long as you can. Stop talking.

[He's already counted two other broadcasts from people who seem to have been buried; he can only imagine there are more that haven't been open to the entire network.]

If you must communicate, do so by texting. Otherwise, lie still and try not to breathe until you're rescued.

[He pauses for a moment, weighing whether what else he wants to say will ultimately be helpful. He decides it is, and continues:]

You may find it a comfort to know that if you do happen to die before anyone reaches you, it's unlikely you will remain dead. However, death by asphyxiation is supposed to be quite unpleasant, so it's best to avoid the experience if you can.

[He sighs. He doesn't know this from experience, exactly; while he has died twice, it happened quickly both times. A prolonged exposure to death is torturous, and he finds the back of his neck prickling with anger over it. It doesn't take a genius intellect to deduce that Fear is behind this, or what he aims to gain from it.]

Those of us who've not been buried - has anyone made anything resembling a strategic plan for rescue efforts, or is everyone running amok with shovels in hand and hoping for the best?

[Shortly after this exchange with Chris, Beyond sends out an additional message via text:]

If you've been buried, please refrain from starting fires with matches or a lighter. At best, you'll only expend your oxygen supply that much faster. Use your phone for light if necessary.
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[The woman who appears on-screen does not look particularly angry, or even that getting angry is something she makes a habit of beyond possibly rolling her eyes when a barista writes her name wrong on a Starbucks cup. She's standing against a nondescript stone wall much like Hope was in his first broadcast.

After a moment, a mildly curious expression resolves itself into a perfectly pleasant smile that appears to be entirely sincere in nature.]

While I can't say I enjoyed having to be brought back at all, that was a wonderful welcome you creatures gave me and I wanted to thank you for it. It's like you couldn't even control how much rage you were expelling.

I see many of you have had a look at my armory, I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good work and I'll keep you as well stocked as you keep me.


Dec. 16th, 2015 08:54 pm
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Is there a priest?

[Bob Saginowski wonders into the feed for a moment, with a long, self-conscious pause. He waits, then he clarifies.]

I mean to a real faith, to something more than Hope or Fear. Is there any kind of a Christian, or a Catholic, or even a, a Rabbi or Imam?

Back home, there was mass every morning at eight am, where you could go, where you could hear something worth believing in.

I'll be-

[Well. He'll have to decide what he'll do, what he'll be, or whether anyone else is invited. But he won't be praying at these altars.]
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I've been told that if you keep a body cold enough, it will retain its features for years, frozen in time. Can you imagine yourself like that? Your blood and your bone frozen solid, with skin and hair and everything, eyes open and wide and staring sightless into the world. I'd like you to really think about it- dying in the cold, that is. Preserved perfectly forever.

It would be an interesting way to keep you all from complaining, don't you think? A quick snap freeze and you're all immobile. If we're being honest, I think that would probably be the best solution to our interpersonal problems- but I'd want to keep you just barely alive somehow, conscious enough to still feel fear. Frozen and screaming. Take a minute and think about it. I rather like the idea.

...oh, also, Rage apparently won Hope's stupid poll. He's making the preparations to revive her and you should expect her to awaken at the end of the month.


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