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[ there's a moment of fumbling as cullen uses the voice function. it's not one he uses often. in the background, there's a small, pained whine. ]

I know we've healers here that can take care of our people. But is there anyone here who can help with animals? I've been trying to keep him away from the fighting, but my mabari-- [ as if on cue, pup whines again ] We got into a bit of a scrape and I think he may have eaten a bit of undead.

[ and commander grumpycat is very worried about his dog. ]

At the very least, does anyone know if any of the native plants can be used relatively safely as an emetic?
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[Chris smiles and gives a small wave at the camera when the feed starts, then turns his hand to show Hope's blessing on the back of it.]

So uh, who else got one? And are they all from Hope, or...?

[This is so cool you guys he wants to see who else got what. And for something else slightly less important by still cool--]

Oh, also, my iPhone was up and working for a bit thanks to Pell, and I managed to get some music off it. I'll share on the condition no one makes fun of my taste.

[The last comment is a joke--he's really not going to be too hurt by jabs about his choice in music--but the offer is serious, and attached is a download of the music he's copied off so far. It's kind of a slow process, so there's still more on the phone that he can transfer later.]
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[ It's not that Kate hates video or voice, but generally - for posting - she prefers text. It's easier to sound together when you have time to think of your content.

However, text doesn't really work for what she's about to do here. She's sat in a spire apartment that a few eagle-eyed people may recognise as her own, twirling a pen between her fingers.

The words that come out of her mouth begin awkward and stilted. Although this should be easy, should just be as simple as advertising a new item for the clinic - that's what it was, on the surface, anyway - this is the first public post she's made since the entire mess with the fog, and she's not sure what kind of reaction to expect at all. ]


[ She clears her throat, gets rid of some of the jerkiness in her tone and fiddles with something that's just off camera. This needs to be announced, now that she and Carlisle have finished it. He isn't here with her right now, but she's asked him to keep an eye out for any questions that might arise about how his powers work. ] We've been working on something.

[ She holds up the pen between her thumb and forefinger. ] This is a healing cell - it stores healing power. It can heal your injuries when activated. [ The explanation comes relatively easily, like she's reciting an answer to Dagny. But there's still the distinct, nagging thought that if she doesn't demonstrate it - and, hell, maybe even if she does - that there'll be a million questions from people who know how she was involved last month all asking 'how do we know we can trust you? or this thing?' ] Like this:

[ She drops the pen into her lap and takes out a small knife, and - with a sharp intake of breath - drags it across her palm until it bleeds. Then she picks the pen back up, clicks the bottom and presses it along the cut.

After a moment - and a wince, as Carlisle's healing power burns out of the pen - the injury has disappeared entirely. She clicks the pen once more and withdraws it from where the injury was, almost immediately wiping her bloody hand on her jeans and swallowing. ]

It won't perform surgery but it can heal most basic injuries. Wouldn't recommend it for more than a minor fracture. [ The original prototypes made back home had a tendency to overheat dramatically if used for something more serious, and she expects it to be the same here. ] At most, you'll get thirty uses out of it before it's empty. Needs to be recharged every month, as well. [ Yeah, there's a good amount of drawbacks, but it beats having to panic about first aid supplies? Sort of?

She picks up a handful of other trinkets - a stone here, a ring there - and holds them up. ]
We've got ten so far - making more. If you want one, stop by the clinic. Located opposite the Colosseum.

[ And that, Hadriel, is as close as Kate is gonna get to publicly saying sorry for breaking the murdercave. ]
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I'm taking Pup out for most of the day today--he could use more time outside the house and there's something I want to try with him. There's food in the icebox if you get hungry before I get back home. I'm thinking of stopping by the orchard and bringing back some fruit as well. It won't be anything familiar, but Maker willing it won't be too terrible.

Let me know if you need me back sooner than this evening.

All my love,


[ in case it wasn't obvious, this message was intended for one recipient instead of, well. the entirety of hadriel. but thanks to rage mixing up things with communicators, all of the murdercave gets to see the commander be a domestic sap. and he is going to be so pissed about it. ]
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Motherfucking Jamie Lannister jesus christ fuck dude motherfucking Dragon mummer bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit

Goddamn created Dragons and fucking maesters and shit right fucking Rhoynar Twins goddamn rowing the boat fuck yo shit i can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just watched this shit fuck Jamie Lannister man

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No man i’ll just talk about the Dragon mummers all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit i have to say about the Dragon mummers fuck dude i just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jamie Lannister man he fucked over Direwolf crazy Rhoynar Twins rowing trent resin or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Dragons i don’t like dying i can’t think of who the fuck invented Dragons all i can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Dragons who the fuck invented Dragons AEGON TARGARYEN
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Attention: Hadriel Residents
Subject: Additional Phone Applications

Please find attached two additional applications for the phones:

[1] Clock. I have spent the last 26 days timing the light intensify and de-intensify periods. Despite the imprecision of my tools (and the impediment of the fog for that period), I am 92.58% confident that the current settings are accurate. I observed 17 hours of light, 7 of dark. The light intensifies and de-intensifies at apparently the same time each day. The days are not getting longer or shorter, which is perhaps unsurprising, given the light does not imitate the movements of the/a sun. As such, I have set the clock such that light intensify ('sunrise') begins at 04:30 and light de-intensify ('sunset') begins at 21:30. I will continue to monitor and make updates as necessary.
Other features: Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm.

[2] Pedometer. The hardware of these phones contains composite sensors enabling step detection and counting, as reliant on the accelerometer. This 'app' when active will do as its title suggests: count your steps. It will also calculate distance traveled. That feature has been less accurate in testing, but suffices for an approximation. You may reset and/or save a record of both as you like. If you download the clock, it will reset each day at 00:00 and keep a record of the previous day's activity, with the number of days stored theoretically limitless.

Both applications permit user choice between constant background service and activity on selection alone. Obviously I recommend the former for the clock in particular, but it will sync via the network upon opening should you choose the latter and close then open it.

Final notes: If you have no use for either or both, then do not download them. There is no need to comment to that effect.

Admittedly, the daily reset and recording of steps and distance may be especially frivolous. I doubt any of you are on a fitness track. I added it because such applications tend to have that feature and for organization's sake. You may also turn that off. If for whatever daft reason you want that, but not the clock, too bad. I could do it, but at that point, you might as well download the clock.

Please do comment if you have any serious suggestions.

[ Attached: | ]

[ ooc: Posts/permissions re: clock app (note certain idiosyncrasies re: the alarm and time format), pedometer ]
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[So, turns out Sorrow-induced insomnia combined with generally staying inside so as not to tell everyone in the whole world everything awful that you've ever done has an upside. It's great for getting things done, especially when that thing is something he feels guilty about not having finished sooner.

He hasn't actually figured out the event is over by the time he makes this post, having been awake all night, though he does feel a little bit better than before and so offers a small smile to start the whole thing off.]

Hey, um, everyone.

[And he pauses, because he probably should've thought this announcement out a little more, but whatever.]

So I uh, finished something less fun than emojis, but probably a little more practical? I mean, it'd be better if we had a GPS system [--come on guys you totally voted for the wrong god--] but we can always add that part into it later.

Basically, um, it's a program that lets you set up an emergency message and who you want to send it to, and then just hit one button to send it. So if you're like, in danger or hurt or something and can't type or call someone but can hit a button, someone'll at least know you need help and go looking for you.

[And hopefully that could help someone, even a little, whenever the next horrible thing happens here.]

If anyone needs help like, setting it up, just let me know and I can probably get it going for you. It should be pretty simple though, so don't worry if you're not like, super tech savvy.

[And attached is a download for the program, which installs simply enough and includes a customizable message and a list of people to send it to. Once set up, a button will appear on the lock screen of the phone, and hitting it is all that's needed to send a message; any future changes to the message or receiver list can still be made through the main app.]
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[ The room behind her is ensconced in darkness, and only her face and neck are visible, lit only by the cold light of her phone. She's clearly apprehensive, and uncertain, filled with new doubts, and worries.   This is not a post she had ever thought she would have to make, but now, with Hope announcing the safety of the temples (safety that comes with a price, she believes), she has no real choice.  She swallows, suddenly all nerves. ]

I know it's tempting, but... [  Is there any way to say this where people will listen? ] don't use the temples, don't hide in them.  If you have to hide, then pick a building, find a room, and hunker down.  When the Darkness comes, you might have to move, but... [ She licks her lips, expression pained for a moment before she shakes her head, as if giving up on something.  ]

This is for the best.

[ ...Maybe. ]
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ota for action )

[ Some time later, the battered Inquisitor appears over the network, not looking much different physically save for the obvious green light that makes its way into the picture, reflected in her dark eyes. Her expression is an attempt at concealing an agonizing pain, so her mouth is drawn into a tight, thin line, brow occasionally twitching downward. ]

I think it's settled... That is, I don't think it's expanding anymore. [ "And isn't going to kill me, yet." ] But, if there's anyone who has healing abilities, or... some medicine to dull the absurd amount of hurt it's doing, I really would like to speak with you. I'm considering just chopping off my hand, but I don't think the thing would go without a fight.

[ Cecily starts to move to end the call, but she glances downward and mutters: ]

It's still dangerous. I've got to do something to get the flare-ups under control, too. [ She then looks upward, exhausted, and adds: ] Don't come and investigate the mysterious lights, if you see them. Unless you like... I don't know, intense nerve pain. In that case, come over; we'll shake hands.

03 | video

May. 19th, 2016 03:45 pm
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[Good morning, Hadriel! And by 'morning', we mean approximately... 4:30 in the morning.

Lilith, sitting at what's evidently the kitchen table in her apartment, doesn't look especially concerned that she's waking anybody with this post. Seeing as she's very, very sure that she's not the only one still up in these wee hours, futilely fighting the nightly waves of Fear-induced exhaustion by trying to sleep as little as possible while she is affected. Accordingly, she's rocking eyebags, """smoky""" eyeliner, and a mug of coffee approximately the size of her head. (Thanks, Chris and crew-- she owes you guys big.)

'Sup. [is her deadpan opener. Yep, just a ''sup'. She stares, blankly, into the camera for a second, takes a huge swig from the giant mug of coffee, and continues in the same dispassionate tone.]

First off-- Fear, you're a dickhead.

[Cue another, smaller, gulp of coffee. Charming as ever, she flicks her middle finger up at the camera while she drinks.] Delight's cool, though, thanks for the breaks every other-- ooooooh my God, caffeine, this is definitely helping! Hoooly crap.

[Can you tell she hasn't slept very much.]

Secondly. Good luck to everybody in Slumbertown tonight, but I'm sick of Fear's fresh new mental scarring every damn time I try to go to sleep: I'm sitting up tonight. Who's with me? 'Cause if you are, could you bring me some more coffee? And, um, some of those little video game things, 'cause the wimpy stone age batteries in all of mine have died already.

[Sigh.] 'Least I already got used to 30-hour days on Pandora.


May. 14th, 2016 08:34 am
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[The video shows Maketh and Henry sitting next to each other. Maketh’s uniform has been ironed half to death, all of the angles sharp enough to cut, and she quite possibly has never looked so professional in her life.]

Hello, Hadriel. Many of you have been patrolling and protecting the city on your own. It’s time to make that official. We have taken one of the unoccupied buildings to serve as a headquarters and would invite anyone and everyone who wishes to help to come and sign up. We are going to start patrolling on a schedule, with regular reports and check-ins. It appears that we’re going to be stuck here for a while, so we ought to do this right.

We are also looking for anyone willing to teach self-defense to the civilians. Speak to myself or Henry Percy if you are interested.

[Henry wears full plate armour, of late fourteenth century craftsmanship. There is assurance in his posture throughout Maketh's address. He speaks only after she has said all that needs to be said.]

The strength of any community is bestowed in part by its unity. To that end, we aim to make a worthy contribution. Soon those who seek assistance may easily avail themselves of ours.

[Attached to the message is a map, with the location guard headquarters marked.]
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So uh... Hey everyone. Again.

[He could probably get a better opening line, but whatever. Moving on.]

I know like, a bunch of people just arrived so... Welcome, I guess. We're still working on the newbie's guide to waking up in a cave-city run by gods, but until then like, if you have any questions I can try and help? Also uh, it's probably safe at this point and we're just being paranoid, but you may want to avoid eating any meat products you find here. For reasons.


Also uh, sort of related, but I was thinking that maybe before next month we should really... Plan some way to help out? I mean, people just sort of show up and half the time there's monsters too, and... Maybe some sort of organized thing for helping the new people not get like, eaten or whatever would be a good idea.

[This is not exactly his area of expertise, so if other people want to take charge on this he's more than happy to let them, but otherwise he'll try and figure something out. It really seems like something important to get established.]

In uh, a rare moment of good news though, the whole coffee thing worked out. So if you want coffee there's some at Delight's bar now, though you'll have to like... Be kind of patient with me and the others being possibly terrible baristas. Still kind of getting the hang of the whole thing.

[But surely coffee itself is well worth any less-than-practiced customer service; they're at least pretty good at making coffee, including somewhat elaborate drinks, and as far as Chris is aware they're all trying. That's what counts, right?


I think that's about it, except for that like... If anyone's curious, the handheld games from the arena this month are just normal games. I thought maybe they'd be some sort of weird alien-versions of them, but I guess not; I took one apart and it was all the expected stuff inside it.

That said I'm totally betting I can beat anyone's high scores.


May. 5th, 2016 07:42 pm
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[ Dean's got his device set up so that this isn't all Blair Witch Project (thank god) but he's got a jar of his own, which he's... gently shaking around a couple of fireflies in. Not like Sid and his toys or anything here, considering they're still alive, but he's cheerfully giving them a rock and roll. ]

I don't get the bug thing, I really don't--

[ After which he sets the jar down with a slight clatter, where the fireflies can finally carry on flitting about. ]

I mean, this is like crack to kids, right? Catching these things, watching 'em fly around? Never understood the appeal. [ Says the man with fireflies in a jar but he's curious okay, don't judge. ]

And then with the warm and fuzzies... I mean- C'mon. Never known a God to offer that up without some kinda hand being played.
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[ This video opens with an up close and personal view of a dark brown eye. ]

How do we know if it’s even working? I could be speaking to no one right now.

[ The eye narrows, and then the camera wheels back to show a large, dark-haired man next to a smaller, paler, and much prettier blond. The first looks, at the very least, invested in what he’s doing. The second looks like he’d rather be examining his nails. ]

My name is Damianos of Akielos. This – [ Gesturing to the blond beside him. ] – is Laurent of Vere.

These…devices show people speaking to us. Assuming that this is how you all talk to each other, we wanted to introduce ourselves. We have questions, if you can answer.

[ With a show of reluctance, Laurent draws himself up to answer the camera. ] The typical answers you give to newcomers will suffice. How are we here, why are we here, how do we leave. So on and so forth. [ He waves his hand in dismissal. ] If you need a truer list, I can continue. I am sure you've heard all of it before.

[ With a moment of thought, he adds. ] As well as where I can get in-depth information. If anyone has consolidated any information I may read or any other materials I can look through.

[ With that, he falls back to a more relaxed and bored pose. That's all he's got. He's in no mood to give more. Or even thank anyone for the effort. He leaves the rest to Damen. His requests have little to do with books. ]

Beyond that, I want to know the state of your defence. [ He’s seen monsters in caves and general mayhem. It seems unlikely there’d be no organisation at all. ] To whom do I speak about rotation of guards, weapons and drills? If there is someone in charge, direct me to them. If not, the Captain of the guard will do.

[ ooc: Damen is red and Laurent is blue. ]

001 | Text

Apr. 11th, 2016 10:34 am
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[ Text is about the only way Sharon feels comfortable posting this. She feels like an idiot even daring to ask on the network. ]

Does anyone here have experience in teaching people 'magic'? Or in helping out someone who has trouble controlling their own 'magical' abilities?

Because I might need some help.
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Normally, I would think what I'm about to ask is an odd question, but given the location and the circumstances, maybe not so much.

( this is gonna make for a good first poke at the network, innit, sammy? )

How many of you actually know about monsters? Spirits, things that go bump in the night, that sort of thing? Because where I'm from, they're pretty common, and I've noticed from meeting others here that it isn't that way for everyone.

( which is how it should be, if you ask him. nobody should know that the thing in their closet is real. )

Next question. Would anyone be interested in learning about things like that, and how to protect yourself against them?

( there. it's out there. he's doing a good thing. )
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[Hopefully everyone has recovered from their hangovers and energy drink comas by now, but if not he's using text to be courteous. Also because it's really late, and because this message works better in text anyway.]

So this isn't exactly a huge important development or whatever, but if your usual texting back home involved emojis I'm sure you'll be ecstatic to know that you can send them here now, too.

[There's a link to install a small program on the phones, which enables a smiling face, a scowling face, and a hand giving the finger.]

Options are kind of limited to happy, unhappy, and pissed off, but never fear. Any additional emoji requests can be submitted to Emily, who I'm sure will totally love fulfilling them for you since she's the master artist here; I just do the scripting. Definitely request as many inane emojis as you could possibly want. Make sure to ask her every time you talk to her if they're done yet, too.

[Sorry Emily. Harmless revenge is sweet.]

So yeah. Have fun.
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[ thankfully, the partying has finally died down. ciri has actually been able to enjoy some restful sleep in silence without the sudden explosions of fireworks or the deep bass of constant music. she still looks tired but settles the device in a safe place, sitting back with her silver sword in hand and carefully beginning to clean the blade. ]

A lot of us here have powers. Magic, alchemy and other such skills but I find myself curious. Has anyone else suffered having their powers taken from them? I've only had a portion of mine fully removed while the rest has been... dampened, I suppose.

[ she's pretty sure she knows why she was stripped of a portion of her powers. after all, it wouldn't be good if she could just leave this world when they were clearly brought here for some reason. still, she is curious if it was this 'door' or those 'gods' that are the cause. ]

Also: there are those here that wish to learn how to wield a sword, yes? I can help with that if you're serious. I can also teach others how to make bombs and potions. We had many potions back home that proved useful against monsters and other beasts, I am hoping they can prove useful here as well.

[ there's a move to end it but she pauses just before— ] And my name is Ciri.
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[There are two failed attempts at posting this photo, both of which are still sent to everyone: the first is completely dark, and the second is half thumb and half dark red hair. The third's still got some thumb in it, but at least you can see what Lilith's trying to get a picture of. In the tiny crack of an open door is the inside of Lilith's apartment. It's not that trashed, which is great!

There's also a coeurl in there, square in the center of the shot.

Which. Isn't so great.

coeurl in room

hlep ;hel p pls
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does anyone here know how to sew?

newt and i think we can get supplies from hope to start making good clothes. you know, better than the rags in the shops here, which fyi are worse than department store clothes

i'm going to learn how to sew
[maybe] too. fashion is my thing. if nothing else, i can tell anyone who cares what works and what doesn't

i'll basically be a fashion consultant. for free
[now nobody can say emily wouldn't consider doing pro bono work]

anyway, let us know here if you're interested. we'll probably do it anyway, but it's not like we'll be hoarding whatever we make. at least with me around, you can be sure you'll get something that works for you


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