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the music is gone and with it
the small favors and familiars they brought
do you miss it?
do you miss them?
the colors were brighter
the sounds were louder
and some trick of the mind forgot
we were in a cage
or didn't and just
observed the decorations on the bars
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Citizens of Hadriel! ( henry. henry it's too early for anyone to be able to handle you. let them have their coffee first. or their beverage of choice. before you start rambling on about whatever it is you're about to ramble on about.

( except that isn't going to happen, and everyone knows it, so just … go ahead and resign yourself to an early-morning headache. we'll make it up to you somehow. )

now, anyone that is actually paying attention to the video might notice our friend here is looking a little unkempt; two months in this place, and he's done the best he can without his hair products of choice, which is to say none at all and while he likes to think he's creative in the best of ways, in a pinch when it calls for it, there's only so much he can do with nothing.

( oh, and for those paying particularly close attention, they might notice a certain piece of art on the wall in the background. the gift from hope, right there in the main room of ravenhaus, for everyone to see. we're sure ronan hates it. we're sure that's why it stays there. )

for all his unkempt glory, henry looks particularly chipper, especially for only just getting to his cup of instant coffee. ( another gift from hope, thanks bro, you're a pal. ) he takes a sip, sets his cup down, and folds his hands in front of him.
) I have a question for you. Well, two – and they are, probably, the two most important things one could think about in a place like this.

( one might wonder, briefly, what henry thinks is so important – but those that know him at all, or at least in passing? are probably about to groan out loud in realization.

there's a pause for dramatic effect, which looks downright goofy with his hair looking as it does, but this one doesn't ever do things by halves.

One: you fine-haired denizens, how do you manage the upkeep? I have personal standards to uphold, here, and I find myself slipping. It doesn't look good. ( really, he's just beginning to look normal instead of pretentiously coiffed, but we can't have that, now can we? ) And two –

Has anybody ever thought about starting a newsletter? Vlog about the goings-on? It sounds like a pretty nifty idea, doesn't it?

( basically: give him something to do. )
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In the interest of having it completed some time this century, I'm taking over the project to create a guide document for new arrivals.

[And he's starting it from scratch, no thanks to Chris.]

If you can tear yourselves away from telling ghost stories long enough to reply, I'm interested to know what information you found most helpful when you first arrived, as well as what you would have liked to know sooner rather than later.
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[ The video turns on showing someone in vibrantly pink armor. ]

Ah, man. I am so lost.

[ If you take a look at the background it'll be easy to figure out that he's in some kind of store. ]

Is there a map on this thing? I don't think it's working.

[ There's a loud sound in the background as if something not quite human is lurking around the area which has Donut looking at the door a little too quickly. ]

Heeey guuys.... Can someone tell me how to get back to base?

[ He's not scared, you're scared! ]

Pretty please?
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At the rate these monsters arrive, before long there will be too many of them for me to effectively keep them within the caves. As such, I would appreciate it if those of you who can fight would help out your fellows by venturing into the caves and killing a few monsters. Naturally, you would be rewarded for this.

Additionally, the state of the city itself is quite poor, and I am unable to waste energy on improving it. Anyone who might wish to assist on that point will find supplies in the shops for a period of time. Any help there will not go unrewarded either.

You do not have to participate, and I have no doubt that some of you will refuse to for petty reasons, but to those who do - you have my thanks.
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[Sorrow's voice is slow and stern, easily authoritative without any pretense or false airs.]

It would seem that Hope has gathered the energy necessary to bring me back. I'm told that our new guests have had a say in it- if that is the case, then you have my thanks.

[There's a thoughtful pause before he continues.]

As a token of my gratitude, I have created an garden of food to lessen your burden on Hope. Both parties will benefit from its creation, and so I trust that it will be tended with respect.

It will grow as the week goes on and I return to my former strength. Do let me know if anything disagrees with your systems and I'll remove it.
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[The video opens to view Amos perched on top of a mostly-crumbled building. He’s grinning widely, but it’s the kind of guilty grin that suggests while he finds this funny, he knows other people won’t be happy. There are several jabberjays around him, pecking at crumbs he’s scattered around on the rooftop.]

Ya’ll, I am so, so sorry. I really wasn’t thinking.

[See Amos has this bad habit of trying to teach all animals he comes across tricks, as one does with treats and too much time on one’s hands. Little things, like teaching a parrot to wolf-whistle, a dog to shake paws, a squirrel to bow...all in return for food. He’s slightly more successful at it than your average trainer, simply because he can explain the desired nonsense behavior.]

[As for the jabberjays, only two actually like him, so he’s been playing with them and teaching them small things, different phrases in different languages, a Latin prayer or two, and the occasional children’s song.]

[This was probably not the song to teach them, in retrospect.]

[Amos points at the nearest bird, and it happily starts singing in a lovely woman’s voice:

This is the song that never ends…!
Yes it goes on and on my friends!
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was!
And they’ll continue singing it forever just because…!

[The rest of the birds take up the chorus, in the different voices of the inhabitants of Hadriel, and Amos doubles over with laughter. People are going to kill him for this but Lord help him it’s hilarious. This is what he gets for having watched that singalong puppet show with the farm animals as a child….]

NOTE: Most of the birds will only repeat this once or twice, but the two that hang around Amos will repeat it back if you sing or hum it or offer them breadcrumbs.


May. 25th, 2016 02:06 pm
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So I got a question.

[ He drags a hand down his face; he's tired and not entirely sure why he has to be the one to ask this. But apparently he has to be the one to ask this because he's worried and people should be informed.

But seriously, this is so far out of his comfort zone that we're in the Andromeda galaxy, so just... give him a second. He's not used to talking about this to the mass public.

How many of you've had something shitty from home show up here? [ .... Sigh. Okay. Too vague. Try again.

-- Once again, he does not like this.
] And by something I mean a creature, a being, some fucker you never wanted to see again. Not some person you've decided is the scum of the Earth- [ here's lookin' at you, Ruby. And yes, he means that rather purposefully ] - because i'm not up here to ask you about that chick you didn't like that one time who's made an entrance.

I mean monsters. Shit that does more than go bump in the night. Because if we all start bringing this kinda crap from where we come from, we're gonna have a problem and not nearly enough people are gonna know what to do with it. I mean, just counting what could come outta my own world-- [ grumble grumble. ]

So what I wanna know is if this's happened more than once. We already got enough here to keep track of, I just wanna know if anything that people know more about's followed you here.


May. 14th, 2016 08:34 am
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[The video shows Maketh and Henry sitting next to each other. Maketh’s uniform has been ironed half to death, all of the angles sharp enough to cut, and she quite possibly has never looked so professional in her life.]

Hello, Hadriel. Many of you have been patrolling and protecting the city on your own. It’s time to make that official. We have taken one of the unoccupied buildings to serve as a headquarters and would invite anyone and everyone who wishes to help to come and sign up. We are going to start patrolling on a schedule, with regular reports and check-ins. It appears that we’re going to be stuck here for a while, so we ought to do this right.

We are also looking for anyone willing to teach self-defense to the civilians. Speak to myself or Henry Percy if you are interested.

[Henry wears full plate armour, of late fourteenth century craftsmanship. There is assurance in his posture throughout Maketh's address. He speaks only after she has said all that needs to be said.]

The strength of any community is bestowed in part by its unity. To that end, we aim to make a worthy contribution. Soon those who seek assistance may easily avail themselves of ours.

[Attached to the message is a map, with the location guard headquarters marked.]

(001) voice

May. 6th, 2016 01:08 pm
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[ So there might be a lot of concerns and whatnot about these fireflies but Vaiz has his priorities straight, so he just has to ask what people think about this one specific thing. ]

Ah... Do you think they're edible?

[ The fireflies. ]
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Normally, I would think what I'm about to ask is an odd question, but given the location and the circumstances, maybe not so much.

( this is gonna make for a good first poke at the network, innit, sammy? )

How many of you actually know about monsters? Spirits, things that go bump in the night, that sort of thing? Because where I'm from, they're pretty common, and I've noticed from meeting others here that it isn't that way for everyone.

( which is how it should be, if you ask him. nobody should know that the thing in their closet is real. )

Next question. Would anyone be interested in learning about things like that, and how to protect yourself against them?

( there. it's out there. he's doing a good thing. )
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(Newt's sitting cross-legged on the floor and has his phone set up to be set on him in a very steady image. He's got a sheet of paper with what looks like a map drawn on it next to another, slightly more different map. For anyone who bothers to look at the floor anyway. Newt, however, is not looking at the floor but at the camera itself.)

You know, I've been thinkin' bout the monsters here lately. Went explorin' out in the caves the other night and I kinda realized something. I know it's gonna sound bloody insane but hear me out.

I kind of feel for the monsters. I mean, think about it. They're being treated just as unfairly as all of us, aren't they? They were dragged outta their worlds too and thrown into this place. I know they're violent but they don't seem...that bad? Mostly they stick to the caves and yet we go on in there slaughtering them all of the time and not always for food. Maybe I'm wrong but...that doesn't feel right to me somehow. Throwing all these creatures into a small section of this place then just tearing them apart because the gods tell us they'll give us rewards for it.

And trust me, I'm no bloody saint there - I'm guilty of it too but now that I've taken a step back and really thought about it, I have no idea why I ever thought that was okay. They're not robots. They're living creatures. They feel pain too, don't they?

(Newt frowns, twisting at the ends of his sleeves.)

Half the time- no. More than half of the time they don't even do anything to us. So maybe we should stop killing them unless it's for food. I 'unno.

(He sighs, looking off to the side of his room. Maybe he doesn't understand the world enough to understand something like that. But then he looks as if he's remembered something and grabs the two pieces of paper and holds them up to the camera so that everyone can see. The maps are of the tunnels.

Except one is different.)

By the way, the tunnels change. Discovered that. I'm kind of disappointed. That's how our Maze was too so I can't say I'm all that shocked here. Our Maze would change every night and it turned out that if you aligned the patterns, they spelled out words. So if anyone cares about seeing why the tunnels change- there you go. Wish you luck.

(Annnnd that's about it actually. He flips the video off after that casual reveal.)
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[ thankfully, the partying has finally died down. ciri has actually been able to enjoy some restful sleep in silence without the sudden explosions of fireworks or the deep bass of constant music. she still looks tired but settles the device in a safe place, sitting back with her silver sword in hand and carefully beginning to clean the blade. ]

A lot of us here have powers. Magic, alchemy and other such skills but I find myself curious. Has anyone else suffered having their powers taken from them? I've only had a portion of mine fully removed while the rest has been... dampened, I suppose.

[ she's pretty sure she knows why she was stripped of a portion of her powers. after all, it wouldn't be good if she could just leave this world when they were clearly brought here for some reason. still, she is curious if it was this 'door' or those 'gods' that are the cause. ]

Also: there are those here that wish to learn how to wield a sword, yes? I can help with that if you're serious. I can also teach others how to make bombs and potions. We had many potions back home that proved useful against monsters and other beasts, I am hoping they can prove useful here as well.

[ there's a move to end it but she pauses just before— ] And my name is Ciri.
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[On the screen is a woman, maybe in her mid twenties. When she sees that the feed is on, her face lights up into a wide smile. The shelf behind her has a few bottles on it, and the whole place seems to glow with a warm light.]

Oh. Hello! I'm Delight. Hope has seen it fit to bring me back, and I want to thank you all for your part in my resurrection.

I created this bar for you. The things you'll find in here are safer than the things you might discover wandering around, and I'll do my part in keeping it stocked. Come down if you'd like to chat- I look forward to meeting you all!


Mar. 22nd, 2016 10:38 pm
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[The video is showing two very different men sitting side by side on a couch in one of the apartments. The soldier, big, strong, metal arm, and still in his tactical gear but without his mask and goggles, seems to be showing the other, Steve, how to use the phone. The video joins this demonstration already in progress.]

Like that. See?

[He hands the phone over to Steve.]

And now it’s showing to everyone else.

[Steve’s figured out...well, most of the basics. Those that he could on his own. He was too stubborn to ask for help, but somehow Bucky must’ve known that he needed a little more instruction.]

Huh. [He takes the phone from the larger man.] So you’re saying that everyone can see and hear us right now? [The same way Steve has seen and heard others over the network. He blinks, expression brightening with an idea.] To everyone I haven’t met yet, my name’s Steve Rogers. And this is Bucky.

[Steve nods his head in his direction, but he never looks away from the phone.]

He used to like dancing. I don’t know if he does or not anymore, but if anyone needs a partner, it can’t hurt to ask.

[See what happens when you teach him things, Barnes.

For the soldier’s part, he turns his head to glare at Steve, then leans back into the couch, crossing his arms and scowling. He sure as hell isn’t going dancing with anyone.

No one else calls me Bucky.

[The way it’s phrased, it’s clearly not a statement or a request. More like an order.

Only Steve gets to call him Bucky.]

(Bucky is red and Steve is blue. Replies will come from both.)
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Hello everyone. My name is Doctor Banner, and I help organize the clinic here in Hadriel. About a month back, I talked on here about wound care, given the shortage of effective antibiotics in the city.

Now, since none of us can do the normal thing and just google this, I'd like to go on a bit more today about what to do if you or someone you know is bleeding.

content continuing in that ahaha vein )
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[Adam is not terribly fond of posting on the network, where anyone can hear and respond, but this is kind of important. He doesn't sound nervous, just - very controlled as he jumps right into it.]

So, I know of at least a couple of people who were here in Hadriel before, left, and then came back. Neither of them have memories of their initial time here.

I'm interested in anyone else who's had the same thing happen, but - I guess this is also a warning. The Door must do something to us when we leave, something that makes us forget the things that happened here. It's up to you whether you think that's good or bad, but everyone deserves to know.

And if anyone has left and come back but does remember things, say something. So far this seems universal, but there's no way to be sure yet.

two | video

Mar. 3rd, 2016 03:29 pm
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[ Arya has gotten much better at using the camera on this thing since she arrived, and she's able to keep the camera focused on herself this time without much effort. Which is good, because she knows she needs to be taken seriously if this is going to work.

Arya is standing in the charred remains of what looks like was once a kitchen. The setting is on purpose -- it's a reminder to what happened, and what needs to be done because of it. ]

Hello, Hadriel.

You all know what happened last month. You know how the food was contaminated, and you saw the sickness that took many of us, and caused the sick to feed upon the healthy whether they liked it or not. This happened because we are too dependent on food from beings we do not see and do not fully understand.

[ She says, firmly. ]

We cannot afford to rely on the gods like we are children, and they are parents. There is enough of us here to survive on our own, all of us, if we work for it. We share one thing: whatever each person may think about this place, none of us were brought here willingly. That, I think, is enough to trust one another if not work together.

There are other ways to get food. There is a man named Newt here who knows how to grow it, and if that is your interest or specialty, it may be a good idea to talk to him. I can hunt, and I think there are a few more of us here who can as well. There is certainly enough of us to find food for everyone. Monsters can be meat, and more and more monsters are brought in every month. We need not go hungry, and we need not be helpless.

[ Arya swallows. Off-camera, she's digging her nails into her palms, not wanting to say her last piece, but knowing she can't keep hiding it forever. There's a brief pause before she gathers herself enough to continue. ]

My name is Arya Stark. If you would like to contact me. If you are interested in hunting, in learning, in teaching others, or even simply becoming independent as a city.
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The upset children are right. Do not eat anything with meat in it. This is the last time I accept any help from the others.

Healing the bodies isn't so difficult - anyone I've given a blessing to can do it, and perhaps others who can heal, as well. Separating the spirits from the bodies is much more time-consuming and tedious, however. If you bring them to the altar of my temple, I should be able to do it. Otherwise, we'll find some other way to take care of these monsters.

I cannot believe I have to tell my colleagues not to feed you human meat. This is absolutely ridiculous.

oo2 | text

Feb. 17th, 2016 06:49 pm
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Okay, so I totally get that some of you are turning into horrific monsters hellbent on murdering everyone. And like, I feel super bad for you and I hope that gets fixed.

But guys, I finally managed to figure out Hope's OS and I coded Pong!

[File Attachment: rhy5_1s_gr8.exe]

You can download and play it on your phones. I just finished an option that lets you change the color of your paddles and I'm working on a multiplayer so you can link up to your friends and play against them. Maybe someday we can have tournaments!

And uh... yeah, sorry about the whole cannibalism thing. That really sucks.


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