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[In the background can be heard the thudding, drilling noises that started early this morning and haven't stopped for a moment since. While they're still faint enough that it's possible to ignore them, that won't be the case for long.

Hope looks determined, but there's worry visible there too.]

They've found us. If you are on this side, with Fear and I, we need your help. I would ask you to venture into the caves around the city and collapse them - Rage will provide explosives for this, or if you have abilities that make it possible, use them. Go as deep as you can and destroy them on the way back in. We need it to be as difficult as possible for them to get here.

[He winces as a particularly loud noise echoes through the cave.]

It will be dangerous. There are still monsters in there. But we have no other choice - this is the only way to ensure our survival until Fear can transport us out. Thank you for your help.

[The video flickers off. Hope's responses will be brief and limited, as he is quite busy trying to keep everyone alive.]
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[There's something distinctly different about Fear when he turns the video on this time. He seems even less human than normal, not breathing, not blinking, as if he's forgotten how to manipulate his form so that it actually appears lifelike.

He manages to move his mouth as he speaks, but the motion doesn't quite sync up with the words echoed in through the mic.] I've finally failed.

[His eyes are unfocused, but he looks downward, contemplative.]

I only got half the city out. It won't be enough- we can't start over, not without Hope. So it ends here, I suppose.

[He takes in his first breath since beginning the recording, letting it out in a long sigh.]

I'm sorry.
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You may have noticed some abnormal behavior regarding the Door. Normally it doesn't bring in anything so large, and we did not expect it to do so this time. Delight and I have been attempting to alter the Door to send you home, as you have so often requested, but as I have said again and again, we have very little knowledge in this area. We will try again.

My appreciation for those who slew the dragons. We did not intend on their arrival, and I would be willing to grant you a favor in return for your efforts - if it's within my power, and not too foolish.
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At the rate these monsters arrive, before long there will be too many of them for me to effectively keep them within the caves. As such, I would appreciate it if those of you who can fight would help out your fellows by venturing into the caves and killing a few monsters. Naturally, you would be rewarded for this.

Additionally, the state of the city itself is quite poor, and I am unable to waste energy on improving it. Anyone who might wish to assist on that point will find supplies in the shops for a period of time. Any help there will not go unrewarded either.

You do not have to participate, and I have no doubt that some of you will refuse to for petty reasons, but to those who do - you have my thanks.
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[The feed opens with Bianca. She stands in Delight's bar, the lighting rearranged to get as close as she can to the appearance of being on stage, and she glares into the camera and takes a large swig of the glass in her hand before she makes any sound.

Then she sings. Inside the bar, her voice is strong enough to rattle glasses.

People listening to the feed on the network may hear the familiar Lancastrian accent of Kate, grumbling almost inaudible complaints. Most of them seem to be along the lines of why did I agree to this and why did I give up booze.

The song ends and Bianca casts a grateful look at Kate before launching into speech.]

I have lived a long time, my friends. I am sorry for many things. I've been unforgivably careless of people's hearts and hopes. I've allied myself with the most treacherous of worms - I have trusted too much, cared too much, and -

[She stops.]

Or not cared enough. I have broken people for my own gain. I have sold myself to a power I knew to be malevolent, to buy my own life. I have tormented those I believed I loved, and abandoned those I know I did. Kate -

[She gazes, stricken, past the camera.]

I pulled you into this scheme. You almost died. Sharon and Maketh did die. I'm sorry, so sorry, for that.

[And then she lifts her chin, defiant.]

But I'm not sorry we made the attempt. I'm not sorry for taking a risk on the chance of buying all our freedom. Are you watching, Hope? Did you feel it, just when it started? The only real hope I've felt since coming here? I hoped so hard to end you.

I'm only sorry we failed.

[There's a brief resigned sigh from behind the camera as the feed goes out.]
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[ The room behind her is ensconced in darkness, and only her face and neck are visible, lit only by the cold light of her phone. She's clearly apprehensive, and uncertain, filled with new doubts, and worries.   This is not a post she had ever thought she would have to make, but now, with Hope announcing the safety of the temples (safety that comes with a price, she believes), she has no real choice.  She swallows, suddenly all nerves. ]

I know it's tempting, but... [  Is there any way to say this where people will listen? ] don't use the temples, don't hide in them.  If you have to hide, then pick a building, find a room, and hunker down.  When the Darkness comes, you might have to move, but... [ She licks her lips, expression pained for a moment before she shakes her head, as if giving up on something.  ]

This is for the best.

[ ...Maybe. ]
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It is safe within our temples. Go there if you need protection from - whatever this is.

And to the one who has caused it, I certainly hope you are pleased with yourself.
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Hey again!!!

Hope just told me that he'll be able to resurrect another god by the end of the month! I guess everyone's been sort of letting you guys pick who we get to bring back, right? That's so great for you guys! I'm glad we're doing it this way, I'd definitely hate to have to be the one to choose between my friends...

Anyway! Your three options this go-round are:

Confusion! Again... poor Confusion. She's pretty cool, actually- I don't know if you guys knew this, but she's the one who made the tunnels all around the city! I think Hope was going to try to get her to make a clinic, but since you guys seem to already have one of those up and running, I think it'd be more helpful to make what you guys have been calling a, um, GPS? She could make it so you guys could find one another, even if you're in the tunnels, and you'd be able to tell when someone is gone from this place. Super cool!

Love would be your next option! Last time Love was up, you guys got the choice of hot springs. I still think that's kind of important? Everybody loves (haha) hot springs! I could see about some nice soaps and things too if you want? Love and I aren't super tight, but there's usually a bit of overlap between love and delight so I'd super appreciate voting that way!

And last and newest is gonna be Sorrow! Sorrow is a good guy, he's the oldest of us and he takes care of us. He's really responsible... so I think he'd definitely like to bring something in that can help you guys out. Maybe a really big garden and orchard, across the river so there's more space. He'd have enough power to make sure it was big enough to feed a lot of people, so Hope wouldn't have to make so much food. Doesn't that sound nice?

Anyway, those are your options! Let me see if I can fiddle with the polling system here, um...

Poll #17502 Third god resurrection
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Go ahead and pick!

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19 (32.8%)

15 (25.9%)

24 (41.4%)

There we go! Okay, go ahead and have at it. I'll close this poll in a week or so, okay?

Oh, also- I hope you guys had some good dreams!!!
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Some of you just can't seem to stop being upset over my methods. While I'm sure Rage is more than happy to let this continue, I'm here to propose a compromise.

I've noticed that many of you feel fear while asleep. After a time, I've discerned that this is due to hallucinations occurring while you are immobile, and I've decided to allow you all to experience more of these frightful hallucinations.

I think that sounds workable. You aren't put into any real physical danger, and I still get power. And, if you can see one another's hallucinations then you'll have more people who frightened of the same thing, which makes my job easier in the long run.

A handsome compromise, yes? Good?



Mar. 23rd, 2016 05:55 pm
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[ Though she's had her hands on the communication device for months, Cecily still isn't entirely sure how to use it. Not well enough that it's taken her until now to send out a city-wide message, anyway. As a result, though, she texts as if she's writing a letter. ]

Her name may be 'Delight,' but do not forget that she is one of them. Do not forget all that they have done to us since our arrival and how little they know of us or care for our safety.
Most of all, do not forget the last time that they offered us something edible.
I promise that I am as much in need of a drink as anyone else, but I remember too well what their gift of food did for us, or, rather, to us.
I would not be surprised to find that their bar offers much the same danger.

Be well,
Inquisitor Trevelyan
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The upset children are right. Do not eat anything with meat in it. This is the last time I accept any help from the others.

Healing the bodies isn't so difficult - anyone I've given a blessing to can do it, and perhaps others who can heal, as well. Separating the spirits from the bodies is much more time-consuming and tedious, however. If you bring them to the altar of my temple, I should be able to do it. Otherwise, we'll find some other way to take care of these monsters.

I cannot believe I have to tell my colleagues not to feed you human meat. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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This is exhausting. You are all exhausting, with your constant need for food and water and not dying.

I could use a break. There are too many monsters in the caves, and keeping them in takes more of my power than I'd like. If you'd be so kind as to kill a few for me, I can offer you rewards in return, including some blessings. Besides, I'm sure you have some anger to work out after Fear's ridiculous stunt with the coffins.

And if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could conserve some power, I'd appreciate it. You don't need to eat every day, do you? That seems excessive.


Jan. 22nd, 2016 06:49 pm
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Has anyone else experienced death here? Have you had any side-effects?

Not sure if I'm supposed to be waiting for the punchline or not. Guess Hope wasn't yanking our chains about revival.
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This is idiotic. At this rate half of you will die, and it'll be up to me to fix it again. Here.

[Attached to the message is a file containing the coordinates of each coffin. There are only coordinates, no names attached.]

Before you start yelling, no, I don't know who is who. Don't waste your time arguing with me, I won't respond - I've used up enough power on this and Rage's resurrection already. I need to rest. Go save your friends.
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[The woman who appears on-screen does not look particularly angry, or even that getting angry is something she makes a habit of beyond possibly rolling her eyes when a barista writes her name wrong on a Starbucks cup. She's standing against a nondescript stone wall much like Hope was in his first broadcast.

After a moment, a mildly curious expression resolves itself into a perfectly pleasant smile that appears to be entirely sincere in nature.]

While I can't say I enjoyed having to be brought back at all, that was a wonderful welcome you creatures gave me and I wanted to thank you for it. It's like you couldn't even control how much rage you were expelling.

I see many of you have had a look at my armory, I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good work and I'll keep you as well stocked as you keep me.
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... Jesus. All right, since it looks like we're all gonna die anyway, I may as well do this now. I'm taking a vote - who agrees that Fear asshole is a complete dick?

Also, not that it really matters, but was anyone else in Vancouver before you ended up here? Humor me.
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My thanks for your offerings. I have been attempting to learn more about the Door, but I'm handicapped by the simple fact that I know nearly nothing about it.

[He sounds more than a little annoyed by that.]

However, in this case our desires align. I'll use the power you've given me to bring back one of my fellow gods, one of the ones who has passed away. I really have no idea who knew anything about the Door - Fear doesn't seem interested in providing me with any information at all.

[And while that might be no surprise, it still causes Hope to let out a long-suffering sigh.]

So I'll simply work with what I have. I could explain the amount of power needed for each one, the power they'll bring along with them, and how it all works - but I doubt you'll understand the intricacies of it all, and I have better things to do. Suffice to say that I can bring one of three back, the easiest ones to resurrect, and based on a number of factors, I can also provide a new structure for you. Here are your options.

Confusion would not be so terribly difficult to bring back. While somewhat unpredictable, I believe that she would be willing to assist me in creating a more fully outfitted clinic for all of you. A hospital is quite beyond my power, but something smaller would be possible, with some supplies provided as well. But perhaps you don't need that.

Rage would be the easiest to resurrect, but I have no doubt that she will be uninterested in giving you anything that would provide healing. Instead, I will propose an armory, outfitted with a variety of weapons. Some of you brought your own, but some didn't, and while I do try to contain the monsters quickly, it will never be instantaneous.

Finally, I could bring back Delight. She would be the most difficult, considering the lack of delight available here, but I think I could manage it. I also have little doubt that all she'll want to give you is a bar, or something of the sort. Something for leisure, and probably with controlled substances. That would be her style.

[He doesn't seem particularly overjoyed by any of the options, but then, Hope has never been terribly easy to read, past his general irritation with the world.]

Choose one: Confusion, Rage, or Delight. Whichever has the most approval, I'll spend my newly acquired power bringing back. If you don't choose, or if there's a tie, I'll make the decision on my own and you'll simply have to live with it. You have a week to decide.

Poll #17152 First God Resurrection
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9 (37.5%)

11 (45.8%)

4 (16.7%)

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[Kerrigan is standing in front of Hope's altar, at first she was just going to rant at the 'god' at his altar, but since he apparently uses this as well.]

Are you listening, Hope? You'd better be, because I'm not going to repeat myself.

This is a foolish request you've made. Hope isn't something you can just make happen in people, it's not inherently in any object or word. A loaded gun might give hope to someone backed into a corner, but it's an object of fear for the person on their knees with one pointed at their head.

Some people have hope, and with even a tiny, insignificant thread of hope can move heaven and earth to make things happen. Hope, real hope, is something you find in yourself, or in other people, and you'll lose it if you don't do everything in your power to hold onto it, to make it real.

[There's a long pause while Kerrigan thinks about saying something else, but in the end she settles for addressing everyone else.]

As for the rest of you listening to this, there must be better things to do with your time than to play their little game.
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Well, that's just- [Fear heaves out a giant sigh, pursing his lips at the end of it and glancing over his phone again, skimming through Hope's post.] -that's just cheating.

[But pouting never solved anything, so Fear makes a snap decision and quickly comes up with an alternative.]

Here, I'll tell you what: you come get things for me instead of that idiot. Find things that make you afraid, scare your friends with them, I don't care. Then, you put them on my altar, and I'll give someone my blessing.

It's much better than Hope's. Just so you know.
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[Hope still hasn't quite grasped human niceties, so he appears on the network suddenly, with no leadup and no greeting. As usual, he looks vaguely stressed and displeased.]

It has become obvious to me that I don't quite know how you creatures work. I need your hope, and unlike Fear I don't intend to bombard you with imagery just in case something sticks. Whether you like me or not, we're working together, in a way - without me, you'd all starve, without you, my power is lessened. I know you all so desperately want to go home, and without more power there's really no chance of that. So I have a proposal.

[He leans in, just a little.]

Bring me things that inspire hope in you. Place them on the altar in my temple over the next week or so, give me some idea of what it will take to draw hope out of you humans. If you can imbue them with more power - inspire hope in others with your ideas, work together, form bonds - that's even better.

As you all seem to enjoy being disagreeable, I do have more incentive then simply helping me out. Whoever brings me the thing that gives me the most power will receive my blessing. It's quite rare and valuable, it will impart to you the the ability to heal others for a certain amount of time. Since you all seem quite squishy and easily injured, I've no doubt that would be useful.

In addition, if I receive enough power, I'll waste some of it on a treat for all of you. So there's plenty of reason to help me out. Get to work.

[And that seems to be that. No farewell here, just Hope shutting the feed off. Feel free to ask him questions, if you'd like. He might even answer.]


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