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I appreciate the vote of confidence, though I do understand that it was more for Sorrow than for myself. Nevertheless, we will be undertaking an investigation shortly. Our main goal is to uncover any allies the Null have in the city - this should be no surprise.

However, I will admit that we have not conducted an investigation such as this before. Our kind never had any need to. As such, we would appreciate any constructive input you would like to give, as well as any assistance you may wish to offer. We have discussed this and decided on a course of action already, but Sorrow and I have agreed that some of you may have more experience with this sort of thing. It would be foolish of us to ignore that. We are listening to your suggestions.

However, please note that I said constructive input.


Sep. 14th, 2017 02:26 pm
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[ Curufin is standing in the bay of the pumping station on the north bank of the reservoir. The firefighters finished building and testing the the second of two tanker trucks the day before, and it is ready to be filled with its 11,000 gallons of water. You can hear the noise of the machinery in the background. The first tanker is already filled and ready to go. Outside, the firehouse and the ladder truck beside it are visible. ]

Firefighters and supporting crew, report in! We'll allocate our resources as soon as we know who's available and where we are needed.

And as we're a bit shorthanded, anybody who wants to join us, you are welcome to do so. Post in, and we'll find you a job.

If you want to report the exact location of a fire, or call for emergency help, this is the place to do it!
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[Hey, Hadriel. Guess who's back. Guess who's got the camera turned on her deeply scowling face.]

What the fuck did you assholes do to Delight's bar?! Seriously, I leave this shithole for like, a week, and y'all wreck the one good thing we had here?

[Nick is disappoint, son. The video ends with her shaking her head, staring out at the ruins of what used to be her second home in Hadriel.]
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[The person in the video might look familiar to some, if slightly more tired and banged up than usual. Still, despite the bruise on his forehead and the dark streaks of ash on his face and clothes his eyes are bright, indicating to anyone even slightly acquainted with him that he's about to say something ridiculous.]

Surprise, bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.

[His voice is a little weak but he delivers the line with all the sassiness it deserves, before suddenly offering a grin.]

Okay, so like maybe two people here got that reference, but I so don't care. I punched a shark, so I can make whatever meme references I want.

[That's how it works, right?}

So um... Who's still here, I guess? Or who's new? How long have I been gone, because it feels like no time and like, a long time all at once. Sort of.

[He blinks a few times, smile fading a bit, mostly because he's totally exhausted.]

I'm um... I'm Chris, by the way. Been here before and whatever so... Got the general idea. The sharks are sort of new, though. Fucking sharks, man.

[Really, what even.]


Feb. 5th, 2017 06:31 pm
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[The view is actually settled on his face for once. He's getting better at managing this form of technology. Instead of his room which is usually filled with pillows and a messy bed he's sitting on a couch. The room is rather barren and seems to be filled with only basic necessities. It's a little depressing for Tyki's taste but he's sitting comfortably on it like it is his own.

It's not. It's actually the current residence of Yu Kanda and he's here completely uninvited.

Now that things have settled down it almost feels like everything has normalized. Well, almost everything. I do apologize if my double has done anything rather damaging either to your residence or your person. I ran into him a few times but was unable to stop him. [Due to reasons he doesn't want to discuss. That would mean giving away his abilities.]

I have just two questions today. One, has anyone been to the bottom of the lake? Two, can anyone understand me? [The second question is entirely in Portuguese. It's more of a curiosity than anything.] And lastly, cigarettes. Annoy Hope for cigarettes and I will offer any favor I can whether it is hunting or trading if you are the one to succeed. In any case, I am bored and will gladly travel with you for company if you have anything to do. I do rath-

[Oh, sorry, were you speaking to the public? Kanda doesn't care. Enjoy that boot aiming right for the back of your head there, Tyki, because this was certainly the face of someone walking into intruders. He won't quite stab his couch, not yet, though his little hole in the ground doesn't provide much room in the way of fighting. He's very quick about getting onto Tyki and getting straight to the point. He doesn't care if his phone is still recording. Doesn't care if he catches the Guard's attention. He just wants the bastard out of his sancuary. Which, of course, is no longer such.]

Get off your lazy ass, get the hell out, and go do your dirty work yourself!

[He's moving quickly off the couch and onto his feet in case that sword does come into play and with a rather bright smile he's holding his hands out wide to make himself less of a threat.] Oh come now, Exorcist. I thought we could have a little chat~♥


Jan. 28th, 2017 04:42 am
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The heavy hammering of the Forge is music to my ears, but I have found myself missing actual song. Is there anyone amongst us who can sing? What of performing on an instrument? I have crafted harps before and I could perhaps manage a flute if that would be useful.

(He comes from a family that has more than a touch of talent in music - particularly where his uncle is concerned - but Celebrimbor has never been overly fond of his voice. He can sing and hold a tune, yet once you hear someone like his bardic uncle, you cannot accept mediocre.)

oo1 | text

Jan. 27th, 2017 08:39 am
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wheres chainsaw

[This message brought to you by an account that's been registered for almost a year and a half but has never actually posted to the network.]
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(cw: blood, casual misogynistic slurs, brief vague mentions of suicidal ideation and verbal/emotional abuse. replies may also come from [personal profile] wreckoning.)

[Nick has an out-of-place canary-eating smile on her face as she starts her broadcast with the camera turned on herself. She brings a lit cigarette to her mouth, inhales a deep lungful of smoke, and slowly exhales as she begins speaking.]

All right, since I know we got a bunch of genius philosophical types here, I'm taking a vote.

cut for length and all the cws. )


Jan. 9th, 2017 10:41 am
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This is Inquisitor Trevelyan.

[ Not that she's able to do any inquisiting here, but the title has long since stuck to her, despite Cecily's original complaints. ]

Dorian Pavus has gone, if you knew him, and--... it all makes me wonder, really, what the patterns are with the disappearances. A handful of our people have gone and not come back. Dorian came back, but without his memories of his time here. I came back with my memories. Has anyone been able to figure out any sort of method to it all?

It could be that the Door is just choosing without meaning, but it does seem that it can be more cruel to some than others, doesn't it?
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[It looks like Adam has taken one of the mopeds to pieces. There are engine bits carefully arranged around him, his hands still have traces of grease on them, and there are tools nearby. He generally doesn't use the network much, but - this seemed relevant.]

I guess these are the vehicles we were promised. They seem all right - probably won't go more than 25, but it's not like there's a real need for speed here. They run pretty well, though they're electric, so they'll need charging. And they're not too complicated, so if something breaks it should be easy to fix - I'd be fine showing anyone who wants to learn.

[He pauses for a moment, shrugs.]

Or doing it for you, I guess. But there's some... weird stuff.

[Adam picks up the carburetor, unscrews part of the covering, and pulls it off. Rather than what would be expected to be inside - normal moped parts, necessary to running it - out pops a spring-loaded, fake-looking snake, like something you'd hide in a can for a shitty prank.

Expecting this, Adam does not seem surprised, only vaguely tired and maybe a tiny bit amused.]

All the ones I looked at have something like this. They run fine, though.

[And, totally deadpan, as a service to those who might be unfamiliar with this kind of thing:]

They really shouldn't.

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Dec. 25th, 2016 11:25 am
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chris is gone

[And it's a testament to how close they'd gotten in Hadriel that she noticed so quickly. They shittexted and realtexted regularly, to say nothing of when she crashed with him after the demon thing. They've been through so much shit here. He'd been here longer than her. Now, of her friends from home, she's the veteran here, so to speak.

So here she is, doing her first official duty as such. Or whatever.

Goddamnit, nerdbrain.]

i know he had a lot of friends here. i'm sorry

02 ☛ TEXT

Dec. 2nd, 2016 01:36 pm
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I can't believe Hope is actually letting you mistakes pick which one of us he'll resurrect next.

Here's your stupid poll. Pick Tranquility.

This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 54

Don't mess this up.

View Answers

35 (64.8%)

19 (35.2%)

(Edited roughly five minutes later)
I'm supposed to remind you that Tranquility will do something about transportation since your two little legs are so stubby and useless while Love will probably give you some kind of hot springs which will help you relax and not get seizures from being so high strung or something.
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[The first thing is that the phone has been propped between two branches on a tree in the orchard. Ushahin needs both hands for the task at hand. He's trying to peel a piece of fruit that has a bright purple skin on it. The problem is that if he tries to use his good hand to peel, his bad one can't hold onto it firmly enough, so it falls. If he tries to use his bad hand to peel while his good hand holds, his crippled fingers don't have enough force to break the skin. He'll be trying both methods alternately as he speaks in his usual soft tone.]

I was thinking tonight. A dangerous pastime, to be certain, but what I was thinking was this. How many of us who have been brought here are good? [He pauses, trying to get his nails under the skin, and he fails.]

I would ask how many of you here think you are a good person but-- [And there goes the fruit again, falling out of his bad left hand. He sighs and picks it back up.] --I don't think many of us have that high of a opinion of ourselves. I know I don't. [He's shattered too many minds and killed far too many people to think he's still got a soul anywhere close to being pure.]

So I will ask this. How many of you think those who are here with you are good people? Your family and friends, how many of them are good souls? [The fruit slips from his grasp once again.]

Damn. [He's given up trying to do this the nice, neat way. He ends the video by using his good hand for support, then biting down into the peel, and using his teeth to tear it partially off. It's not the most dignified method of being able to peel the fruit, but at this point, he's too stubborn to give up.]
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I think that, um, with all those portals being closed, that's the last of the things that the Door brought through. I can't sense anything else, anyway.

Whew!!! What a crazy couple of weeks! You guys were all real troopers for hanging in there with us. I really thought we might be able to send you home!

I'd say "drinks are on me", but they kind of always are... so stop by for some drinks if you want! I've got some Delight shots ready to serve up too if any of you want to party all night with me!!! It's gonna be really fun, okay? We can forget all about that weird Door/demon/disaster stuff for awhile and just have a good time.

I'm already looking forward to it!
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[Nick hasn't been absent from Hadriel for very long in Hadriel days, but for her, it's been months since she's seen the all-too familiar walls of the colosseum, and finding herself within them once again feels nothing short of catastrophic. She's sure she's been angrier than she is now at some previous point in her life, but at the moment, she's having a hard time pulling such an instance from her memory. Shaking and tense, she turns to her phone.]

Which one of you fuckers brought me back?

[She knows exactly who and what are responsible for her being here; this is nothing more than a defiant swing in the dark.]


[Later, once the shock of being returned to Hadriel has begun to fade, Nick can be found right back at Delight's bar, serving drinks as if she never left. There are slight differences, for those who know her well enough to notice - her hair is grown out past her shoulders, and underneath the anger and irrational feeling of betrayal at being brought back after managing to make an escape, there is something like calm, an almost-peace that wasn't present before.]
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[Ushahin, unlike his previous communications, sends this one out around nine o'clock, about the time he thinks the most people will be heading for bed. There's a rustling sound of pages as he picks up the book he received here.] Do you all like stories? I do. I have received a book from home. It contains many legends and tales from my home. Tonight, I shall tell you one that has great personal meaning to me. It is called The One Who Walks Between Dusk and Dawn.

[His soft voice is at the perfect tone and volume to lull someone to sleep. Though with how this tale veers more towards the Grimm Brothers than Disney, it might pay to stay awake and hear the ending.]

Once upon a time, in a land called Pelmar, there was a prince who lived in a shining, prosperous city. He had everything his heart could desire, including a beautiful wife and son. The only thing that troubled him was the monsters that lived beyond the walls in the dark forest. They were the Were, a curious mix of wolf and man, and they often attacked the people when they traveled the road outside. The prince would often lead a band of men to slay the Were, but they were cunning beasts, and evaded him like smoke slipping through bare hands.
Storytime! )
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[Nick has been notably absent from her usual post at Delight's bar for the past several weeks, but today, as she turns the video camera of her phone on herself, the familiar sight of shelves of multicolored bottles lined up behind her indicate her location. That's right - she's back, and she is smiling as she holds up a tambourine and gives it a good shake. If you've met Nick even once, you'll know that she is made of sharp edges and not someone who smiles easily.]

Hey ... I dunno who left this here for me, but I wanted to say thanks. This is ... this is really great.

[The fact that she is openly addressing Hadriel with her thanks is perhaps a testament to how significant this particular item is for her, since gratitude doesn't come easily for Nick, either. Then again, if you know her well enough, you may notice something different about her entire demeanor - something softer, something warmer, something much less feral and hostile.]

Oh, and one more thing ... [She sets the tambourine down on the counter in front of her and gestures to the bar around her.] Thanks for not letting this place burn down while I was out ... "sick." Everyone knows this place is a shithole, and we only got so many not-shitty things here. Delight's bar is prob'ly the best one. Gotta hang on to what we've got, right?

[She grins again as she reaches over to cut the feed and get back to work. Perhaps you're there to place an order with her for something to drink?]
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[The video opens up to Ushahin. He's looking a little more ruffled than usual, though only those who know him well will notice the signs. He's breathing hard, like he just finished running, and keeps pushing his hair back with one hand. Every couple of seconds, his eyes dart off to the left. There's a rhythmic banging sound in the background.]

If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate some assistance. I seem to have found myself trapped by these creatures. Damnable thing aren't affected by my powers.

[It was a move borne of stupidity on his part. He'd known his powers didn't affect the dead and still he'd gone out. Now he was paying the price for it.]

I have found shelter in one of the shops for now, but I don't know how long it will take them to break through. If anyone can arrive in less than twenty minutes-- [There's a loud splintering sound and the video is dropped as he scrambles for something else to barricade the entrance with. He returns shortly, looking decidedly unnerved.] --perhaps it would be best to make that fifteen minutes. I would be greatly appreciative. If not, well...

[Eaten by zombies. What a terrible ending for someone who's lived as long as he.]
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It's gotten worse out there. Bar's closed until further fucking notice.

[Yeah, someone's a little on edge. But hey, it's just another day in the murdercave, right? There's a loud crash in the background, something that sounds like shattering glass, and Nick mutters something under her breath that is probably better left unheard for the rest of those listening to her broadcast.]

And just in case you were all snoozing through the last bunch of messages about this shit, these are zombies. We may only have these fuckers in movies and TV and shit where I'm from, but everyone knows you don't fuck around with them, all right? You get bit, you're done, end of story. So don't try to be a hero. Get to high ground and if you're stuck where you have to fight one, aim for the head.

[She's read The Zombie Survival Guide, OK.]

And Fear? Everyone knows this is your bullshit. You're still a huge fucking creep.

001: video

Sep. 15th, 2016 09:39 am
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Hi, everyone!

[For a video being shot in the middle of a zombie invasion, the redhead onscreen sure looks cheerful. Is it because she's in Delight's bar, or because she's having fun fighting the undead horde?

Both. And then some.]

I'm Faith, I just got here a few days ago. Lucky me, right? Well, no, I really am, 'cause a friend of mine from home's been here for months now.

[She shifts her phone so Kate appears on the screen, casually fighting a few zombies.

When Faith turns the camera back on herself, she is mid giggle.]

Anyway! We've picked up another roomie and moved into a house, and I think that calls for a party.

So! Delight's been good enough to lend the bar for it! [Hence why she and Kate are currently defending it from the undead.

Well, okay, no. They just wound up here, but Faith's pretty sure Delight appreciates people protecting her contribution to the city's entertainment.]

Now's not a good time, I know, but once these little bastards are gone, we should all get together and celebrate! 'Cause we survived, and 'cause I really do still want a housewarming.

So how 'bout... a week from today? If the zombies are still 'round then, I'll reschedule. [Because that's... how living here works...?] Oh, and if you can sing, d'you want to? Delight says some of you are good at that!

[She glances offscreen -- at Kate, probably -- then back at the camera, shrugging.] Time to get back to work. Let me know, yeh? I'll answer you soon as I can. Bye!

[She blows a kiss and gives a little wave before the feed cuts out.]


The city of Hadriel

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