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004 | Video | Whenever restrictions on Silent Hill are lifted

[ This feels a little too similar to the post she'd made so many months ago, asking people not to enter the gods' temples as she tried to wreck havoc on the city and upon them, but now her reason is different and it feels wrong. The last thing she wants to really do is help most of the gods—the majority of them could die and she would celebrate with a wicked grin and a glass of whiskey—but not helping them out right now would also result in her own death, along with those she actually cares about.

The video that comes to life shows off one Sharon da Silva, dark circles beneath her eyes, and dark bruising visible along her brow bone, hidden only partially by bleached bangs. Her expression is tight and serious. ]

Hey, Sharon da Silva, Heather Mason, whatever the fuck you want to call me here. I know shit is kind of getting shittier but I'm going to need those of you not heading into the caves to blow shit to smithereens to start wandering and looking for foggy areas to sit your asses in. I'd recommend you take a weapon with you because it's not going to be a walk in the park. In fact, I suggest you learn to use the flashlight on your phone because once the fog goes away and the siren sounds, it gets dark as fuck and then you can't leave.

There are monsters in the fog, in the darkness, and they're not just something you're hallucinating. In fact, they likely exist because you did something horrible in your life and deserve a moment of suffering. But, that's not what this is about: you saw Fear's post and you know that if he doesn't get enough of his particular emotion, we're all probably toast.

So, go do your civic duty. Be glad I'm doing mine.

[ Questions. Comments. Concerns. Ask away. ]
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[Marian doesn't exactly swear often, but this is one of those times. Actually ask her to go into the darkness? Monsters that probably exist because 'you did something horrible'? It's bad enough as it is.]

Go to hell.
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Shut up.

[Sorry, Marian, Mello happens to be on the "protect Sharon da Silva 2k17" squad. Also? His patience is stretched thin, brittle, ready to snap.]

She's trying to help, you idiot.
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[Lots of tensions running high, considering the circumstances of the last few days]

Is she? How bad is your Stockholm Syndrome that you blindly trust everything the entities running this place have to say?
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Yes. She is.

[And that's the end of that discussion, as far as he's concerned.]

There is nothing blind about what litte trust I have in what the gods are saying. Go back and read Fear's messages. Read all of them, from all of the gods. They're rattled, and I've been here long enough to see that that doesn't happen. If there's something coming that has even them scared, you should be too.

[Mello certainly is.]

I also know that Sharon hates them more than just anybody else here, and if she's calling for cooperation, that means the situation is serious.
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They're scared because they're parasites who think so little of their 'hosts' as to not provide a single useful detail to them. All we can do is feed them more? That's convenient, isn't it!

Haven't you noticed that they're continuing to be evasive in the face of direct questions? We're not even allowed to know even where this 'Door' is, and most of them have made it clear they have no interest in allowing us to leave.

[And somewhat more subdued but grimly serious:]

If we died to their enemies and the 'gods' were killed, at least nobody else would be brought here.
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I've been asking them those questions since the day I arrived. I'm well aware of their reluctance to provide meaningful answers. Don't confuse a willingness to compromise in an effort to survive with approval of their methods. Reality is seldom a black and white matter.

[And he's just gonna pause here for a sec and huff a disgusted breath out in response to the rest of this.]

I'd say that your short-sightedness is unbelievable, but it's not really so difficult to believe at all. There's no guarantee that some other entity wouldn't discover and activate the Door, either. And I don't want to die.

[Another pause as Mello allows the weight of the words he's just spoken to settle in. He was ready to die, back home. He'd planned for it, convinced himself he was prepared, that his life was a necessary sacrifice. He's died twice while in Hadriel, and the prospect of facing death a third time - a permanent time - fills him with a gut-wrenching sense of dread that he cannot shove aside.]

I don't want to die. Not like this. You may be fine with accepting an easy end, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to fight with everything I've got, using all available resources, right to my last breath.
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[Marian at least listens. The point about the Door would be moot if what the gods said was true, but she's not inclined to believe a single thing they've said after recent discussions. But in the end, her response is still disdainful, like she's talking to a child.]

You're going to fight with everything you've got, when you don't truly know who you're fighting or what you're fighting for.

You're the author of the guide, aren't you? Tell me, how much do you think the population of the city has grown in the time you've been here? How long can you live with knowing that you're doing nothing to stop others from being subjected to the same imprisonment and probable eventual death... or deaths, considering how these parasites like to play with us... No, worse than that, you're actively attempting to help them all out of your own selfishness.
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cw encouragement to suicide, i'm sorry about him 8|

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I know exactly what I'm fighting for.

[He's fighting for Sharon, and L, and Near. He's fighting for himself, and despite the fact that he's not fond of everyone else who lives in this place, he's fighting for them, too. Because none of them deserve to go out like this.]

A desire to ensure one's own survival isn't selfish, you nitwit - it's a fundamental principle of living. If you want to die so badly, go sit in one of the caves and wait for death like the coward you are. Better yet, I'll lend you a knife and you can just end your pathetic existence that much faster. Tell Hope not to bother bringing you back, I'm sure he'd be happy to accommodate.
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The only problem I have is the amount of support I see for the entities that ripped us from... where we were before...

[And, y'know, she might also be really really really scared of just about everything SIlent Hill has to offer.]
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[It's impossible to even take that seriously, coming from a teenager. If that's the choice you'd make... Marian will remember that.]

Just keep your monsters the hell away from me.
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[Much as Rey hates this as much as anyone else, Marian's response to it is hardly reasonable as well.]

What would you rather do? Sit tight and wait for those things coming our way to wipe us all out?
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Maybe taking our chances with them is better than living as hosts for these parasites for the rest of our lives.

[Maybe is the operative word here, but she's definitely feeling more strongly about this since seeing the gods' conversations recently.]
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Would rather not risk the lives of ["loved ones"] people here on the unlikely chance that these things would spare us. It's more likely we'd be the first to go so they can cripple their real targets.

Don't know about you, but am going to take the parasites over certain execution.
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