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ten ✤ video

[In the background can be heard the thudding, drilling noises that started early this morning and haven't stopped for a moment since. While they're still faint enough that it's possible to ignore them, that won't be the case for long.

Hope looks determined, but there's worry visible there too.]

They've found us. If you are on this side, with Fear and I, we need your help. I would ask you to venture into the caves around the city and collapse them - Rage will provide explosives for this, or if you have abilities that make it possible, use them. Go as deep as you can and destroy them on the way back in. We need it to be as difficult as possible for them to get here.

[He winces as a particularly loud noise echoes through the cave.]

It will be dangerous. There are still monsters in there. But we have no other choice - this is the only way to ensure our survival until Fear can transport us out. Thank you for your help.

[The video flickers off. Hope's responses will be brief and limited, as he is quite busy trying to keep everyone alive.]
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Collapsing the tunnels shouldn't be a problem, but it'll be safer for me to go in alone. Will give fair warning to anyone first in order to prevent unnecessary casualties while collapsing caves.

[Destruction has always been her forte. Teamwork, not so much.]
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Not like we have much of a choice. It's either all hands on deck or roll over and die.

Still, appreciate being able to do something.

[She isn't going to let this be the end.]