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Is this thing recordi- Oh.

[Nate isn't really that good at introductions nor is he any good at handling the SmartPhone capabilities of his new communications, but he's been trying, and as he once overheard a fancy guy quote at a black market auction: to try is to live.

(At the time he'd been checking the lot list and privately drawing conclusions about why Jack Rackham was given an inlaid cross, when a man four feet away started telling a story about how his shitty French was insulted by a crêpe vendor and he paid some thugs to rough him up later. Rich people, right? The worst.)

What started out as blurry footage of worn boots turns into slightly-more-focused footage of Nate's face. He looks well enough, if windswept, though it is evident he is somewhere far from ground level if the small buildings behind him are any indication.

For those of you who haven't met me yet, I'm Nathan Drake.

[Flawless introduction. Short and sweet.]

Just gonna throw a general question out there: is there a more...comprehensive version of the city map outside that mural? Does anyone go into the caves to try and get the lay of the land in detail? And, uh, follow-up: how opposed would anyone be to me updating that stuff?


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Not much point in mapping out the tunnels, seeing that they change. Guess that's to be expected since evidently we've been jumping planets this whole time.

[And Confusion did say that the tunnels were meant to keep those god-killing things out.]
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To be fair, a few of us have been here for over a year now and even we didn't know about that until recently.

Long story short, Fear evidently has the ability to move the city to different planets because they've been trying to escape the machines that killed most of their lot the last time.
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[It's not so bad. After Rey's brief trip back home, the idea of being here has become somewhat more appealing.]

Yes, to... pretty much all of that.

So you see why a map of the tunnels is just a waste of time. Someone already tried.
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Just telling you how it is. Don't really care what you do with your time otherwise.

[Have at it, hoss.]

No? Not really. We're here because we're the gods' only source of power. Without us, Hope wouldn't have had the strength to revive the others, and they'll probably just get themselves killed all over again by the things that snuffed them the last time.