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[text - where the memes at.]

[look out cave, someone's excited and painfully new.]





[It's long... She's gonna cry. Anyway, there's more than just screaming to do on the internet, even if it's been way more time than any modern eighteen-year-old deserves. Well, for...her, at least. Some of her friends might have been content with screams and memes.]

Wheres the cave news site and a chargrt pls
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is it really the internet if it's only connected to a very limited local network?
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that works.

you didn't have it before but you used to? or you just know what internet and phones are?

[BOTH ARE PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS, OKAY. Some people don't know what she's talking about when she brings up those things.]
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[Well, that's interesting.]

apocalypse in what way? fire and brimstone or nuclear holocaust or...?
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what you mean like the undead "eat your brains" motherfuckers?
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we had some of those for a brief stint here. was less of an apocalypse and more fear throwing a tantrum with that one.
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with any luck it won't happen again.

[If it wasn't through text, it'd be obvious that Rey isn't holding her breath on that option.]

not often surprisingly. only when he really sucks at his job.
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evidently it's moving the city whenever we're being narrowed in on by some god-killing machines.

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it has its upsides and downsides.

[Not like her own world is that much better of an alternative, all things considered.]

technically we need the door thing that got us here to begin with, which most of them don't know shit about.
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[Hey that's fair enough.]

by "most" meaning sorrow was the only one who had any idea on how the damned thing works.
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sorrow hasn't because he thinks we're better off here - and in some cases he's not wrong about that.
they also need us because they don't stand a chance against their killers on their own. guess the problem is that we leave and they are good as dead.

as for which ones are dicks, that depends on if you're okay with personal bias or not.
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well no.
a couple of them are supposed to go out scouting soon but it doesn't look like he's going to be one of them.
but we're pretty much stuck with their bs with them.

alright, since you asked for it...

[Don't say she didn't warn you.]

hope means well but he's naive and you have to explain a lot of stupid shit to him. he's the one who resurrects anyone who dies and brought back his dead family. despite people treating him like shit, he still brings them back when they bite it so he can't be that bad.

fear is a coward and an idiot and also the reason why we got here to begin with. he opened an interdimensional door he didn't know how to close and here we are. he's also been moving the city this whole time without telling us so there's that bullshit.

rage makes weapons so she's useful. the downside is that she also likes making us try to kill each other with said weapons for kicks. if you want something to kill shit with, rage or her armory is the way to go.

delight is just about what you can expect from someone called delight. she's nice and you'll probably have half of the city wanting to cut you if you try to fuck with her or bum her out.

if you're looking to get any straight answers out of that lot, try your luck with sorrow. probably the most reasonable one. he's the strongest one and doubt anyone needs to explain why. he's a good egg.

on the other hand confusion won't tell you shit and is useless.
unless she goes into the caves then she might be a little less useless.

don't know much about tranquility but he seems ok. he builds shit so if you're in the market for something like that or need to chill the fuck out, he might help.

love can suck glowcloud cocks. it's very impressive.

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fine, abridged version it is then.

hope - not an asshole
fear - an asshole
rage - useful asshole
delight - not an asshole
sorrow - not an asshole
confusion - useless asshole
tranquility - maybe not an asshole
love - blessing grants you viral hepatitis and gonorrhea so DEFINITELY an asshole
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because if you need ANOTHER version then you're shit out of luck.
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