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[Video] -- May 20th

[Sato looks very serious when he appears on the screen, and at first he's close enough to the camera that it's hard to tell exactly where he is. What is clear is that although he seems uninjured, there's a bit of fairly fresh looking blood on the collar of his shirt.]

Hello again, everyone. Sadly, I have sobering news to relay. You see, for several months now, I've been followed. Wanting to assume the best, I had hoped that whoever was simply too shy to approach. Or curious, perhaps.

Unfortunately, today the creature following me decided to make his move. I was viciously attacked in the streets of this very city. Of course... he was not successful.

[Sato changes the angle of the camera enough that the scenery is familiar to those who've been to Rage's temple to trade bodies for bullets. Except this time there's a small (and also familiar to some) figure dumped in an unceremonious heap of black and red spiky fur - and blood - on Rage's altar. Shadow is, quite certainly, dead.]

I would like to say simply that the Guard should spend more effort on trying to protect the citizens from dangerous creatures like the one I fought off today. I really would.

But I can't, because from the few words I heard, he was clearly sent by the Guard.

Is this fine with you, fellow citizens of this city? That you could be followed, attacked, perhaps even held hostage or killed, at the whims of a terrible organization like this? [He shakes his head sadly.] Please, tell me what you think of this. And be sure to tell them as well. For all of our sakes.
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[SIGH. It was only a matter of time...

[Rey is less troubled by a dead Shadow and more concerned with Sato's message, however.]

You're neglecting the part where you'd attempted a full on assault on the Guard. Am not defending the decision to send someone to spy on people, but it isn't like they didn't have probable cause.
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Not really. Have some friends who're in the Guard.

[She's remiss to even tell him that much, but it's bound to come across sooner or later. There's no protecting anyone with scrutiny if they're already targets.]
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Why do you want to know?
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And by "reasonable", you mean...?

[What? Letting Sato do what he pleases, blowing shit up and killing whoever?]
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[Okay, that's fair, though. Goddammit, Shadow.]


He really attacked you first?
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[The sad thing is, she does.]

And know him better enough not to be surprised that he would.

Did he say which Guard member supposedly "sent" him. [That much she finds hard to believe.]
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[Sigh.] Yes, actually.

[No sense in lying about it.]

If she had anything to do with it, then it's less likely that she sent Shadow as an "assassin". She'd have made a more effective strategy centered around what she knows you're capable of, rather than jeopardizing the whole mission by risking the life of a lone agent with brute force.

Wouldn't be surprised if he was acting on his own volition. He has a penchant for harming others. [Carlisle, Kain... now Sato, someone who no doubt very few, if anyone at all, would miss if gone missing.]
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[Sorry, Sato. She's a bit of a killjoy sometimes.]

Doubt he'll be in a talking mood then, but you probably won't have much issue with finding him again.

[Or him finding Sato, for that matter.]