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004 ✿ audio

So it's a tie.

[Delight sighs, not sounding quite her usual, delightful self. There's a scuffle, like someone pushing back a chair, and then Sorrow's voice echoes into the speaker, further off, like he's standing on the other side of the room.

'Then I decide. You all know my thoughts on the matter.']

No, [Delight counters, her voice wavering slightly. Arguing with Sorrow is always a little intimidating.] We all decide together. Tranquility doesn't want to go, and everyone else here is keeping something in place- everyone except for me.

[There's a brief silence. When Delight speaks again, her voice is hardened, resolute.]

I'm volunteering to go. They picked me. Send me alone or-

['You aren't going alone,' comes Rage's voice, protective and sure- from closer to the mic than Sorrow's had been. It's silent on Sorrow's end, something is decided without words, and Delight speaks a moment later.]

-alright, then it's settled.

[There's a slight pause, before Delight speaks directly into the mic again, her voice changing suddenly to be the cheerful and pleasant goddess that all some of you know and love.]

Did you hear that, guys? Looks like I'll be one of the ones going out! I want you all to be super happy for me the next few days, alright? I can do this for you- for all of us. And Rage is coming with me, and we're really tough! We'll be safe.

I won't let you down!
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You're not... not keeping something in place. That isn't true.

It's your choice to go, and, fuck. It probably should have been to start, rather than that fucking poll. If there were some of you who didn't want to go, then you should have told us from the start.

[That's the part that has Rey tripped up more.]
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[Rude, Delight. So rude.]

So then what was the point of the vote if everyone was willing?

Sorrow said you all aren't exactly adept in warfare, but some of us are. We aren't just batteries -- we can do shit to help if you stop treating us that way.
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[Oh god, Delight, don't swear. It sounds weird when you swear.]

And you volunteered because you think you have no value.

[That's a sentiment that Rey can understand herself, but it doesn't make it feel very nice when she sees someone else less deserving of it.]
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That's fucking bullshit and they're too stupid to know better! We could live without Love more than any of you -- you've been around longer and have done more for us, like giving an actual shit, than they ever have. If it's anyone that should go, it's them. Not you.
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Doesn't matter. It should have been them.

[Rey may or may not be a little bitter that that's how the poll turned out.]

This isn't supposed to be a combat-oriented mission, right?
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[No, never! The Love hateboner will live on.]

Then don't get killed. This place would be pretty shitty without you.