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Has anyone else experienced death here? Have you had any side-effects?

Not sure if I'm supposed to be waiting for the punchline or not. Guess Hope wasn't yanking our chains about revival.
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you've died?

[This would be the first time Rey's heard about revival. Oops.]
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sorry. must have missed you when digging.
do you feel any different after dying, or is it pretty much the same?

have died a few times before but not here so just wondering
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how is it your fault? it isn't like you chose to get buried.

so that's why you're asking if anyone else has died here.
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not an expert here or anything, but you probably shouldn't have done that.

you should also try to avoid killing yourself. it never ends well.
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suppose so. didn't realize that you couldn't die in this place.

or at least die and stay dead. how does that work?
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know a little more about this place now than yesterday, so that's something. haven't been here for very long before people got buried.
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been a quick study. suppose the only questions left are the ones no one has an answer to. i.e. how to get the hell out of this place.
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don't suppose these "gods" would have an answer for that?
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oh good, they're secretive too. love those types.

but not really, in case you couldn't tell from the text.