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Hey! So these questions may be sooooooo weird but I'm super curious!!

My friend was telling me a while ago about how she met some different people here, like a lizard (!) and stuff. That's kind of weird where we come from so I was wondering how many other people here aren't exactly human and from different places.

- Are you non-human / Do you know any non-humans?
- Where are you from? Like a different planet or world or something? How does that even work lol?
- Is there non-human stuff in your world? Not like animals and bugs, but aliens or stuff like that. Weirder stuff!
- Do they have phones and stuff where you come from? Cuz there's a looooot of people here who seem kind of tech illiterate.

Sorry if this is super weird. I'm kinda new and the only strange stuff my world has is zombies. Also even if you are a regular person you can answer the other stuff too, like getting to know each other!

( This may be information harvesting and a way to make sure Elise doesn't assume the sentient creatures in this place are monsters of the week she needs to smash. Or it's something way more innocent. Who's to say! )
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whats the deal with people coming from zombies?
swear we could probably make a headcount on those alone.
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havent been keeping a tally or anything, but youre far from the first person to bring them up.
back when fear overran the city with those fuckers some people felt the need to share their similar experiences, tho.

guess you can count yourself lucky to have missed out on that.
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no problem.

been here nearly a year and a half give or take?

[Shit. Doing the math now is just depressing.]
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that's what a lot seem to say.
it's really not that long.
might be too old to feel the difference, but it's like some think that this is supposed to be some short-lived vacation or whatever.
not that it isnt for a lot.
just seems weird.

come to think of it, there really aren't that many people here who've stayed as long.
and only a few left from the beginning of this whole mess.

came in about 3 months after the door shit started bringing people in here.
guess you can thank fear for that too.
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[Damn you kids with your hopscotch and your zombies and hoola hoops.]

well it wasnt really much of a home to start with.
didn't have anywhere to go anyway.
no big loss.

you read right.
good job.

whatever happens tends to vary on whichever god is most bored at the time.

other than zombies we've had people wanting to kill each other thanks to rage, honesty hour because of sorrow, some buried alive, others turned into wendigos from contaminated meat...

the list unfortunately goes on.
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pretty much the gist of it yes.

that's what happens when you have rage involved.
even with delight trying to lighten the mood, you can always count on rage to fuck that up.
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it's a little different for a lot of us. not everyone here have actual "gods" back home.

guess you could go to one of their temples and try any of those things (or all the above) to see for yourself. can't promise that it'll do you much good.

for the record, if you try this please capture it on video. for study.
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they do manifest physical bodies, tho. just not sure if any of that would hurt them, since it turns out that they're actually clouds.
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not really, but they probably wouldn't appreciate us using the one thing that we know might kill them.