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five ✤ text

This is exhausting. You are all exhausting, with your constant need for food and water and not dying.

I could use a break. There are too many monsters in the caves, and keeping them in takes more of my power than I'd like. If you'd be so kind as to kill a few for me, I can offer you rewards in return, including some blessings. Besides, I'm sure you have some anger to work out after Fear's ridiculous stunt with the coffins.

And if anyone has any suggestions as to how I could conserve some power, I'd appreciate it. You don't need to eat every day, do you? That seems excessive.
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all that talk about conserving power, you sound like you're a machine or something.

[Which seems more likely to her than the fact that these people are actually gods.]
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same. to be fair though, people tend to break more easily.

bit of advice. if you want us to kill monsters for you, you probably shouldn't ration the food supply.
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would beg to differ, as one who's been put back together after falling apart a few times. [Granted, she's not entirely a machine, if you'd call her a machine at all.]

what all drains you, besides food and keeping monsters out?
can also help with the monsters. that's an option.
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would it help if there were a way we could become more self-sufficient with the electricity? hydro power maybe?

don't suppose there are any monsters with edible meat for food as well. could kill two birds with one stone.
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good. may be able to figure out how to get hydroelectricity running if there are the right things and people willing to do it. not really a one-person job.

will try to look for something that actually looks palatable out there then.