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I'm looking for a friend of mine. They went missing four days ago but they're still in the phonebook. So they're still here, right?

Their name is Chara. They're a kid like me, with brown hair and red eyes. They have a green sweater with a big yellow stripe on it. If you see them please tell me.

Chara if you read this

Please come home.
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do they have an ID set up on the network? name should still be in there if they're around.
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that at least rules out that they're gone gone.
will keep an eye out for you.
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no problem.
you need anything?
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feel free to stop by the speakeasy if you get hungry. have food and drink here.
not alcoholic shit.
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good. wasn't planning to offer it.
we do have juices tho.
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close. might have something apple-like.
since this place is short on apples to say the least.
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of course. you don't even have to ask.

[Good job, Frisk. You have inspired Rey to emoji.]
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[Oh, right. That's supposed to be a heart, isn't it?]

no problem. see you soon.

[She'll have a juice box ready for them whenever they get there.]
circumitus: ...and then i realized im still drunk. (thinking 'wow glad i'm not hungover')


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[One shaken juicebox Frisk will get, not long after they've settled themselves on the stool. She'll even complete it with a straw and a tiny pink umbrella for aesthetic.]

Here you go.

[She slides it across the bartop, towards them.] Long walk?