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003 [Video]

[For those familiar with Clinic, it can be recognized to be the backdrop for this broadcast; it's also probably easy enough to guess that Lance has just arrived there, because he's obviously drenched. It doesn't seem to bother him any, though, except for that his slightly ridiculous hair is now definitely long enough to fall into his eyes when wet, so he has to shove some of it out of the way before he can actually see the screen.

Despite being soaked he looks a little more vibrant and relaxed than usual, although in contrast his tone is quiet and sedate for the most part.]

Is the 'raining underground' thing strange even for here, or...?

[Because he hasn't been here that long and he's heard that it's snowed before, so maybe not? But the rain is totally not the point of this post, so he continues.]

But rain aside, I'd actually wanted to ask about the caves that branch off from the main cavern. I know they're supposedly difficult to navigate and filled with monsters, but have there been any coordinated efforts to explore them? And what sort of monsters exist in them?

[He does remember Maketh telling them there are paper records on some of the monsters at the Guard post, but as far as he's concerned that's really not too helpful. Besides, he'd rather hear that the general populace has to say, and talk to them individually on this.]
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No rain, as others have said. But we've had snow. Also that one time where Tranquility thought it'd be "cute" to convert the whole city into a fake beachside resort.

[Rey didn't find it very cute, though. Or fun in any way, because she doesn't know how to beachplay.]

As for the caves -- some of us have gone through them. They likely changed with every god resurrection, due to the fact that we'd been skipping planets with each one.

Monsters there are ones that have accumulated over time when a new type appears through the Door with more people. Hope just herds them away from the city do they don't bother us or some shit like that.
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[That's all she has to say about that. Things between her and Sans are still sour, at least on Rey's end. But she'll be damned if she brings that over to someone she just met over the network. Just... ugh.]

Yes, we'd been jumping locations with each god resurrection since the beginning, apparently. We only just recently found this out. [Pause.] Should probably tell the asshole who made the welcome guide to update his info.

[Mark that down on her to-do list.]

Presumably. Their numbers are finite, since the gods will sometimes ask us to exterminate the remaining population of a particular species in return for favors. Could keep a record of them, so we know.
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[The lack of personal invasion is appreciated, which is more than what Rey can say about Sans.]

Maybe, but you're not the first person who needed a brief history lesson since we found out about it. If nothing else, it's shit that people should know.

[It's still a bizarre concept to think that they've been hopping planets all this time, but Rey has since gotten used to the idea of bizarre.]

Probably because there are so many? [Audible le shrug.] Hope's made some requests in exchange for blessings and such, but as long as more keep coming in through the Door along with new people, wiping them all out doesn't seem feasible.

Confusion also claims that the tunnels were made to protect us, so the monsters might have something to do with that as well.


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[Rey tries to learn whatever she can, tries to ask the right questions when she is able. Unfortunately it isn't feasible to expect everyone to be attentive when the right answers crop up.]

Sounds like it was intended to keep out the things that killed the gods the first time. But yes, things probably would have been better if we weren't always on a "need to know" basis before. At least Sorrow seems to get that now.

[And that's why Sorrow is Rey's favorite.]