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The 29th, Video || No Patience Only Pain

[Frisk isn't looking so good. They aren't really looking anywhere, at the moment. Their skin is waxen, chest rising and falling with shallow breaths, the only indication that they're still here at all.

At the least, they're still in their mother's lap. Still being rocked back and forth slowly by a clearly devastated woman, who speaks to them so very, very softly. Tells them about how much she loves them, that they have to stay determined. There's something fearful in the way that she holds them; like she already knows how this ends.

She knows that holding them close isn't going to keep them there.

The camera, previously viewing the two from across the room, turns away. Quiet steps lead to a door, opening into an empty bedroom of an unused apartment. The door closes behind them.]

Frisk is dying. They always were willing to die for the people they love.

[Turning the phone round in their hands, Chara smiles down at the feed. It's not a happy smile.]

That's your fault, isn't it?

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[Seriously, fuck this whole week. Fuck Love and the cloud they rode in on. Rey is still recovering from being in the same position Frisk is in right now, but she has just enough energy to muster up frustration and anger, and it shows on her pale, glaring face.]

Take it neither of you are interested in extending the favor?

[Rey understands that that goat woman is their mother, but something has to be done, right?]
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It's too late.

[And really, doesn't Chara look like they're enjoying this? Smiling from ear to ear. They know who she is; know what she's done for Frisk- and oh, this must pain her.

Poor thing.]

They've spent too much energy keeping mother and I alive; even if you killed us now, Frisk won't recover.
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[Fuck this kid. Frisk's life isn't worth whoever the hell they are, smiling like that.]

Doesn't matter. If Frisk dies, so will you.

If not, will make sure you do.

[And if nothing else, it'll make Rey feel "better".]
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[Much anger. Very scurr. Wow. They set the phone down on the dresser, just so they can applaud. The sound echoes through the empty space.]

How valiant. I'll have to let Frisk know how good their friends are.
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[Rey watches the setting in the video, trying trying to make out any familiarity in the background. If Frisk does die, then this condescending little shit won't get to live for much longer.]

You do that. You won't have much longer than they do.