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✤ II. (VOICE;)

[How long has it been since the former King of Light last addressed the public at large? Too long. Regis had resigned himself to silence when this fiasco begun and held steadfast to his silence until now. For those who know of him and remember the Caelum, Regis isn't the type to speak much in regards to the matters of Hadriel. He's not king here. It would make no sense for him to speak since this is not his kingdom nor his subjects but many of the people here, he deems as friends. They are friends and colleagues he's come to respect over the long months, many of which he honestly cherish like members of his own family.

That's why he speaks after holding onto his silence for so long. He knows he must do so in hopes of warding the chaos that is bound to brew. Unfortunately, this might spark quite the debate.

Do not be so quick to cut off your noses in spite of your face. [His tone is stern and sincere without a hint of mirth.] Your desperation will lead you to sorrow if you act with haste.

We mustn't fall prey to their schemes. If they seek a life, let them take it. We are not mere pawns to used as butchers.

[He's being quite cryptic & vague for a reason. Be mindful in how you answer. Regis is aware that certain 'people' might be listening.]
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[Rey is no stranger to the concept of being used as a butcher. For a long time, she's been a pawn as well. But her strings have since been cut, and she's free to act on her own accord. Which means that she fully intends on taking advantage of the situation where she can.]

Might want to watch how much you say here.

[Pretty sure the gods have always been vigilant, but who knows how much access the Null have to the network now.]
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You better, yes.

[More of a warning than a threat.]

Want to discuss it in private? [Or as private as things can be here.]
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[Knowing that how open this is even with the option to secure their conversation, Rey leaves her intentions cryptic for now.]

Speakeasy works, if you don't mind.
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[voice] -> [action]

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[Tardiness is no issue. Rey leaves it at that and bides her time tending to the bar in the meanwhile. It's quiet this evening, but good to be back here again after several days of playing out a silly fantasy.

[Besides, she needs the distraction.]

Want anything to drink? Have non-alcoholic stuff, too.
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[Some hours are quieter than most. Fortunately, she's made sure that right now happens to be one of them.

[And it isn't often that she makes tea, and Rey thinks about Regis' request for a moment. The gods have a rather different idea for what things like tea and coffee are, but it's all the same idea in the end. Hopefully.

[As she gets the whole deal started, though:]

You were pretty straightforward about where you stood with the Null.

[Just an observation and stuff.]
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Not at all. [Rey puts it so simply, her tones neutral when she speaks.] Would have you be less obvious about it, though.

[It's what she intends to do. She gets the Null's tactics. It's classic divide and conquer, and she knows those rules of war all too well.]