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If anyone has information about the Door that is not yet public knowledge, now would be a good time to share it.

Additionally, if you are capable of fending off the types of creatures that appear in the Colosseum and have at least some modicum of intellectual capacity... or at least the ability to read and not touch things you've been told not to, I'm looking for assistance. Contact me.
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can help - both with information and the colosseum.

don't know much more about the former that isn't already known tho. just been looking to compile knowledge.
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sure. can compile a list of notes that we've gathered over time.

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shouldnt be a problem
but what's the equipment for?
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[Hey, a little transparency is nice.]

you think you've made something that can help find it?
guess starting with the colosseum at the right time isnt a bad idea. that's where everyone seems to come in at.
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[Interesting. If nothing else, it's more reason for Rey to come and check it out.]

no, you're probably right about that.
and the only one of them who knows the most on how the door works is more inclined to use it to keep us here.
[For reasons Rey herself doesn't entirely disagree with, but... you know.]

cant hurt to try.
provided it doesn't end up like hope and delight's efforts when they tried fucking with the thing.
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that one, yes.

[Rey has more fondness for Sorrow than most of the gods, but she also won't deny that he has faults in how he operates. Such as his willingness to encourage Hope to abandon them to the Null when the city had split in two.]

at first it wasn't too big a deal. random shit from people's worlds just popping up here and there.
not long after, tho, they opened it up again and a flood of people from various worlds came in.
some of them caused some


[For Rey, anyway, who was none too happy to sense IV's presence in the city.]

fortunately most of those from that week were shoved back to wherever they came from.
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can't speak for all cases, but it has proven possible that people can return to their worlds.
they can also return here all the same.

was brought back to the colosseum after being home a few weeks, but it seemed like not much time passed here during that absence.
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not really. dont know how it's possible for anyone to offer that peace of mind.
hell some people claim to have been drawn from home by similar worlds that had taken them just like this one has.

well wasn't able to bring the knowledge of this place back, if that's what you mean by unusual.
was gone for just a few weeks, tho have heard of others who've been gone for much longer.