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000 [ Video/Text ]

[ It took Malkus ages to work what should be a simple function on the phone. But soon enough his picture flashed over the network... For just a second, before his thumb obscured the camera. Much like an old man, he gripped the device awkwardly in both hands. ]

It doesn't seem to work. If I broke this I'm going to have hell to pay, oh goodness.

[ Well at least his voice was pretty clear... muffled and barely audible through his mask and that thumb covering the mic. ]

Well. Hellfire. I was going to... Maybe I can type it.

[ His thumb moved and revealed a look of concentration in the doctor's eyes as he fumbled with the keyboard. Soon enough an accompanying text message appeared beside the oblivious man's active video feed. He spoke the words slowly to himself as he typed. ]

what do folks need around here ? what is a hot commodity that may serve as say currency or a bartering tool as i may also need assistance one of these days

send message

[ Action/Audio 2 ]

[ Later in the day, Malkus can be found hanging upside down from his robes in one of the few trees in Hadriel's park. He seemed tired by now, but periodically let out a yell.

And if the man weren't clogging up the network enough, his voice rang out over the audio feed. ]

Help! I need aid! Help!
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[Aww, it's like watching babby's first network post. Because it is. Except the babby is a weird ass bird man.]

barter system works, but it really depends on what you need help with.
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you generally shouldn't have to GIVE anything in exchange for company. depending on what sort of company you're looking for.

[No, she's not implying... Well, everyone has their own little preferences. She has no room to judge.]

and why would you want to go there?
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yes can hear you.
take it you did not intend for that to be heard?